Activate Your Ascension Now!

The Game of Hide and Seek is over!

Everyone wins. As we screamed as kids, “All ye, all ye, All in free!”

Ascension is about the growth of the Soul and the expansion of Consciousness. It’s about falling in love with yourself and releasing all the fears that inhibit the full expression of who you are. Ascension is about regaining your self-respect in the full knowledge that you are a magnificent being of Light who knows the power of love—and who lives that knowing every moment of the day.

The Decision for Union

Through your choices you have set into motion a shift that reverberates throughout the entire Universe.  Humanity is awakening now and reaching for a higher truth in all areas. This global Awakening is only now possible because of the choices you have made thus far. The energy is now available for those who want to Ascend. Some of the information on “how’ to Ascend has been misplaced or hidden. This Soulshop reveals the lost roadmap home. You:

  • Clean your Etheric Aura
  • Release your fear-based beliefs
  • Stimulate your Kundalini energy to rise
  • Initiate your Christ Consciousness
  • Increase your Universal Healing Potential
  • Complete construction of your Light Body

Be a Pathfinder

You now stand at the door to your next stage of evolution. You are closer than you realize. As you evolve to higher levels, you also set the tone for other people to follow. For this reason all eyes are now upon you with great anticipation. Those humans who choose to lead the way in the Ascension adventure are actually “mapmaking”— acting as pathfinders for others to follow. 

Ascension Is:

  • Coming Home!
  • Discovering your God-Goddess within
  • Accessing higher spiritual dimensions
  • Gaining the full use of your creative powers
  • Playing a conscious role in the Divine Plan
  • Taking your place in Assembly of Ascended Beings
  • Becoming an instrument of Universal Wisdom & Grace

Your Divine Purpose

We are all Divine Beings with a Divine Purpose. We are all here to learn the lessons we have not yet learned or perfected in other lifetimes. 

“Ask and Ye Shall Receive” And you must first ask! As soon as you request how to discover your Divine Purpose, you have taken the first step toward having it revealed to you. Don’t expect the answer to come to you in a blinding flash of instant insight. Instead, look for gentle nudges of intuition and incidents of synchronicity that happen far too often to be labeled as mere co-incidences.

The tools of this workshop help you open to knowing the details of your Life Purpose. To stimulate your “Remembering,”  ancient alchemical exercises are shared to:

  • Ignite your Creative Passion
  • Strengthen your energy circuits
  • Align you with your Divine Purpose
  • Magnetize the Partnership you deserve
  • Build an Inner Peace that transcends fear
  • Attract a career that makes your Soul sing

Free Choice Is Honoured

You can accelerate this natural evolutionary process by consciously choosing to commit to your Personal Ascension. Spirit will never force us to accept love, joy, and inner peace. Your free will choice is always honored.

Let the Sleeper Awake!

Human beings are born in touch with the Divine. One of the most attractive things for adults about infants and small children is how completely present they are. There is little or no thought about the past or future, just a glorious, innocent experience of right now. We know in our hearts that this experience does not have to vanish with childhood. In this playshop you return to childhood Innocence and Knowing.

Practice Shaman Rites to:

  • Invoke Spiritual Alchemy
  • Create wealth through the Prosperity Process
  • Clear your emotional patterns at the cellular level
  • Reunite the right & left hemispheres of your brain

“With A Little Help from Our Friends”

Many visitors from other dimensions are on hand now to assist us to Ascend. People who have mastered 3rd dimensional reality are often called “Ascended Masters.” The Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy we work with in the soulshop are Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and Sai Baba. 

We go to the Great Hall of Records to meet with and gain assistance from these Higher Beings and your own Council of Elders—spirit guides, angels and spiritual mentors. You open to connecting with these friends whose greatest happiness is to be of service to us.

Take Off with Hawaiian Huna Breathwork

Breath is your Life Force Energy. Breath is your direct connection to Source. Through Huna Power Breathwork you clear your dense energy blockages, release all fear issues at the cellular level, and open to the higher radiant love and light energies. 

The Breathwork develops your ability to manifest your desires faster by clearing your Auric Field and transmitting your intentions into the Universal Realm while being in the Superconscious Meditative State. This ancient practice activates your Vibratory Energy Centers—Charkas—by clearing your karmic issues at the vibrational level. 

Breathwork takes you beyond the mind through the power of the heart. The process initiates Inner Awakening by opening your Spiritual Heart wider. You learn to center yourself in love rather than embrace fear. You overcome your current issues and start fresh with new vibrant energy directed with positive intentions of love, prosperity, joy, passion, freedom, clarity and perfect health.

How Do We Ascend?

We Ascend by choosing to stop “descending.” By ceasing to give our creative attention to emotions that lower our vibration, we transmute the anger, hatred, guilt, blame and shame into compassion.
Your Emotions Are the Fuel

Feeling is important to the act of Ascension. Ascension cannot occur without releasing that which no longer serves—including the dense, descending emotions.

Emotions are the main language that Soul understands. No emotions equals no communication with God-Goddess-All That Is. And people wonder why their prayers seem to go unanswered! It’s because without feeling, one lacks the very component necessary to interact with God-Goddess.

How can people appreciate Nature—a beautiful sunset, beach, redwood forest or snow-capped mountain—if they do not feel? Authentic love and joy comes from Soul dancing with Soul. And Soul can only be experienced dancing in form through feeling emotion. In the workshop you’ll learn how to enjoy and transmute your emotions as “energy-in-motion.”

Access Ascension Portals

In this Soulshop you gather understanding, Illumination, in order to pass through the dimensional portal into the 5th dimension. Ascension is an ever-expanding process of attaining greater knowing of What Is, thereby finding “keys” of energy that open even more portals to even greater discovery. As you explore this upward spiraling adventure, you embark on time travel and become a Multi-dimensional Being.

Ascension is about enjoying this Earth journey. Join us in cities across the country.

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