Are You Part of the Wake Up Crew?

By Keith Varnum

Many people living on the planet right now have volunteered to accept the opportunity to play teaching, healing, inspirational and leadership roles during this current planetary transformation. These assignments have been accepted by each individual’s soul prior to birth. Most folks have a kind of amnesia concerning these agreements. The energy fields of natural Power Spots have the capacity to awaken an individual to their destiny agreement—to stimulate recognition of their deeper purpose in living.

Connect with Your Destiny

Power Spots in Nature have unique energetic characteristics and qualities to assist people in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development—and thereby enable them to fulfill their life purpose. Such places express an irresistible spiritual magnetism on the hearts and souls of the people who resonate with them. These sites have a magical ability to lift the human soul above the problems of daily existence into an awareness of the Great Spirit and our specific connection to The Grand Plan.

Stalk Power Spots

Power Spots play a very potent role in the quest for one’s Self. A Power Place is anywhere you feel centered, grounded and connected with Primal Life Force. Power Spots can be geographical locations, a positioning in a room full of people, or a precise moment in time when it is most advantageous to act. Designating a certain place and time as a focus of strength is ultimately a subjective, individual act of empowerment.

Boost Your Aliveness

Being grounded and connected makes us feel more safe and centered. The safer we feel, the more courageous, able and willing we are to perceive the truth of what is so. The more accurately we perceive the world around us, the better we deal with things in our life. The better we handle our world, the more fun it is to be present. The more consciously we show up, the more alive we feel. The more vibrant we feel, the more awake we want to be. The more awake we are, the more accurately we see what’s really going on, the better we deal with life, the more exciting and exhilarating it is to be conscious. This spontaneous process quickly snowballs in a wonderful direction of waking up fully to our natural wisdom.

Uncover Your Essential Self

You can use the natural physical world to reveal the true workings going on underneath the surface appearance of all form. In Nature the deceit of Illusion is exposed, and you glimpse the core reality within the outer physical shell. The inter-dimensional veils between the visible and invisible worlds are gossamer-thin in the silent, timeless spaces of Wilderness, permitting easy access to other dimensions of life.

Nature offers a safe, nurturing environment for deep introspection, self-discovery and soul retrieval. Clear intention to awaken—combined with the isolation and solitude of a place of timeless harmony, balance and tranquility—stimulates a dynamic, alchemical odyssey. When you delve deeply into your relationship with the Earth and your God, you let the Land teach you greater intimacy, clarity and personal integrity.

Free from the confining shackles of the modern world, you uncover a new vision of your life. You learn to trust the physical universe to fully support you as you follow your own unique path. You find your way back to your heart and soul, and reclaim the strength and clarity to stand in your personal truth.

Seeing the Secrets of Life

“Seeing” life reveals its secrets. When you “see” beneath the surface appearance of events—instead of simply “looking” at the outer presentation, you tap into the realm of true wisdom. The same essential dynamic of unfolding moves through every aspect of life—natural and human. You see the same patterns of ebb and flow, catalyst and change, destruction and transformation, in the sphere of sexuality and spirituality, science and emotion, thunderstorms and arguments.

As you begin to perceive the similar recurring patterns of energy flowing through all life behind-the-scenes, you begin to experience “the river running through it all.” When you get still enough inside—mentally and emotionally, you can feel the common thread of spiral movement that flows through all life and gives animation to all things. You get a very tangible sense of how all creation operates. One who has mastered life is one who has mastered the way life flows. Nature is our best teacher of the way life plays.

Break on through to the Other Side

Breakthrough and transformation can come through an intuitive, respectful reunion with Wilderness. You experience a palpable time warp between the everyday world and the timeless soul oasis of the lost Wildness. The Ancients Ones, alive in the vibrations of the Land, call to you to meet and play with your extended family of kindred spirits. You absorb the wisdom of knurled trees and majestic, ancient temples of dark moss forests. You cleanse and purify your body and soul in clear, spring-fed pools. You hike though a rainbow. You soar with hawks upwards into the clouds to a new appreciation of the infinite scope of your spirit. You hear your inner voice speaking to you in the whisper of the wind and the howl of a timber wolf. “You” disappear into the expansive night sky.

You can lose your “self” in the mystery and magic of ageless vortexes guarded by ancient forests. You can find your “Self” in the raucous rambling of untamed creeks and canyons. Hidden behind the grandeur of serrated, jewel-toned cliffs; the awesome, wild beauty of graceful trees; and the serene sound of rushing mountain streams lies the living consciousness of Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth. These transformational treasures are ready to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Walk the Way of the Warrior

The Nature Warrior walks the path that matters most, the path of spiritual purpose—the journey that leads us Home. Spirit Warriors live their passion, speak the divine truth, create love with heart, and build karmic freedom portals with each footstep. The Wilderness pilgrimage is a cosmic journey into your own soul, into the depths of your own knowing through its natural reflection in the world around you. You explore the fluid, flexible nature of the physical universe. Guided by the precise, practical mirror of the outer natural world, you open to loving without fear and enjoying without judgment. In Nature you tap unexpected new sources of strength, joy, ecstasy and inner peace.

Play a Bigger Game

Expand your playfield. This Earth-Human connection can be a two-way street. Natural Power Spots are particular geographic locations where a unique energetic dynamic allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between the planet and humans. People are served by the dynamic energies radiating from the sites. And, in the same manner, the presence of Earth healers at Power Spots transmit an essence of love, strength and gratitude to the planet. This deep appreciation sparks waves of vital energy that stimulates the planet’s entire energy field, and becomes a deliberate practice of planetary acupuncture. With pure conscious intention, a human being with a loving heart functions as an acupuncture needle to move stuck energy of the Earth.

Renew Yourself and the Planet

This sharing of human chi builds a bridge to a new paradigm and re-kindles conscious awareness in the lost relationship between the planet and its human inhabitants. Combined with other folks with the same unifying intention, you can seed a future of cooperation, community and co-creation between all forms of life—planetary, animal, elemental, human and divine. Merging with Nature you learn how to become an active player in healing your own spirit while at the same time healing the body and soul of the planet.


Keith Varnum shares easy and effective ways to apply Earth’s wisdom to bring more prosperity, meaning and balance to your life in his Sedona Vision Quest.