Benefits of the Sedona Nature Adventure

You absorb the unique gifts of every element of Nature:

  • Eagles reveal how to lift yourself to higher realms of vision

  • Hummingbirds share to raise vibration & touch the world lightly

  • Rocks share how to build a solid foundation for your dreams

  • Flies show you what’s really bugging you in your life

  • Ancient oaks whisper the wisdom of flexible, bending strength


  •       You learn to:
  • Tap into infinite energy from the Earth to manifest your dreams

  • Extend connection to animals & plants to relations with people

  • Use patterns of Nature to produce what you want in your life

  • Apply secrets of water & wind to create wealth in your wallet

  • Utilize flow dynamics of Nature to unblock your body & love life

  • Respond to life’s challenges with more grace and freedom


  • Why People Quest:

  • To mark passages: coming of age, midlife or spiritual shift

  • To heal and release past emotional wounds

  • To move through grief and loss, addictions or illness

  • To celebrate transitions: marriage, divorce, career change

  • To find work that has more fulfillment and meaning

  • To reconnect and renew with the Self and the Earth

  • To discover personal, unique, natural talents

  • To fund a deeper contribution to the community of Life

  • You return to Your World with Power and Clarity

We’ve taken the universal elements of a rite of passage in designing a program for people living in our modern society. You return home transformed by the healing strength of Nature. Your reward is to re-enter your life bringing your unique talents and opened heart back to family, friends and community.


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Sedona Nature Adventure

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