Call of the Wild

By Sulana Stone 

When a feather falls at your feet, it means you are to travel on wings of curiosity.
Don’t be afraid of strange lands or a language you don’t understand.
The feather means freedom.
Why else do you think the bird gave it to you?

– Poet Nancy Wood on Native American Wisdom 

You come upon a snake in your path while ambling through the desert. What is the appearance of this snake saying about your life?

You watch a hawk gliding back and forth, skimming above the tops of bushes. Finally locating a thermal current, she effortlessly rides the uplifting air higher and higher until she disappears from view. How can the medicine—the message—of this hawk help make your life easier?

You find bugs in your house. What communication are the insects trying to give you?

A tree falls blocking your pathway through the woods. What does this “sign” tell you about the development of your professional life?

Wild Things . . . They Make Your Heart Sing! 

The Call of the Wild soothes the soul. Nature provides “medicine” for the spirit. Similar to the helpful guidance practices of astrology and numerology, Nature provides direction and comfort for people who are temporarily out of touch with their own intuition—their direct knowing.

As a living guidance system, Nature does more than illuminate your way through life. Nature models how to best proceed on your life journey with step-by-step suggestions. And, as you open to Nature’s gifts, you naturally reconnect to your intuition.

Just as we are given useful clues about how to live a more inspired life through our nightly dreams, Nature’s compassionate messages provide us with direction, comfort, warnings, inspiration, guidance and encouragement.

Even the US military realizes the beneficial uses of Nature. The Army Ranger Special Forces gives their troops specific instructions on how the energy of trees helps people survive in the wilderness. When troops are tired, hurt, thirsty, hungry or lost, they are instructed to find the oldest or tallest tree—then sit, aligning their spine against the tree truck. Troops are taught that the tree will re-energize them, heal wounds, satisfy thirst and hunger and help them to reorient themselves in the woods.

How Do You Use these Gifts of Nature?

You apply these communications to improve every area of your life: health, work, finances, and relationships. Nature can also provide a deeper understanding of world events.

You can ask for clear and undeniable signs from Nature to guide you:

What can I do to make myself healthier? Should I stay in a job I don’t like or quit? How can I pay the bills? How can I put the love back into my primary relationship or is it better to move on? What’s the best step I can take to “grow my business?” What can I do about the conflicts going on in the world? What can I do when it’s time to make a decision and I’m unclear about what to do? What can I do when my emotions are running the show instead of my intuition? 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Go back to your roots and discover how your own eternal soul talks to you through Nature. Use “wild things” to guide and comfort you in times of war or peace, lack or abundance or confusion or clarity. Nature’s messengers will always tell you the most harmonious and efficient way to succeed. 

The next time you need assistance in any area of your life, take a walk in nature. Ask for guidance. Ask for clear and undeniable signs to reveal your next step. What shows up to give you a message is no coincidence. Observe. Listen. Get still. Then apply what you learn. If you don’t take action on the message, you won’t receive the gift. 

So, let’s see what gifts Nature’s messengers have for you from our opening adventure with “wild things!” 

The snake in your path is bringing your attention to a major transformation in your life. Ask yourself where you need to make a change or recognize where a change is taking place.

The hawk is telling you that you will be lifted up effortlessly. Keep moving. From a higher vantage point, you’ll easily see the next step to take.

Bugs! The little pests! What’s bugging you in your life that you’ve been trying to ignore? Once you deal with this annoyance, the bugs will disappear. Really.

A tree blocking your path is telling you you’re going down a path full of obstacles and hardships. Ask your intuition to point out another way. Changing direction will save you time and money and help make your business more successful.

Receiving guidance and interpreting messages from Nature is a natural ability. The more you request and act on clear and undeniable signs from your living guidance system, the easier you will be able to respond to life’s challenges in harmony with the greatest good for all. 

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