There Is Only One Story

PART I – Starting Fresh All Over Again

My Friend the Ascended Master

PART II – Opening to Possibilities

Advice from Beyond the Grave

Stopping Time

Traveling Out of Body

Behind the Scenes in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

The Secret Teachings of Helen Hayes

Meeting My Inner Coach

Multidimensional Journeys with Extraterrestrials



The Lost Art of Levitation

Talking Plants

PART III – Finding the Way

Eye to Eye with a Whale

Speaking Your Truth

Choosing Innocence

Hot Tubbing with Angels

Possessed by a Spirit

Guns and Gurus

A Glimpse of Eternity

Calling the Bluff on Death

Hide and Seek with Nonphysical Guides

The Mind Creates Its Worst Fear

Reading the Signs the Inner Coach Gives Us

E.T. to the Rescue

A Cult Classic

The Seven Sacred Pools

Saved by Neptune

PART IV – Following the Inner Coach

The Magic of Synchronicity

Visiting the Folks in Hell

A Medicine Man’s Warning

The Prophecy of the Great Spirit

It’s Never Too Late to Say I Love You

A Cure for Cancer

Appointment with Destiny


Cops and Robbers of Time

Playing in Parallel Realities

How the Hopi Create Their World

Conjuring Up Sid Caesar

The Fickle Finger of Fate

Saved by the Kosmic Lady

The Message of the Wild Stallion

The Magic of the Present Moment

The Plant Fairy Speaks

Enjoying a Near-Death Experience

Indiana Jones and the Volcano

Tapping Primal Life Force

Getting Our Power Back