Corporate Adventure Training

Real Situations  * Real Tools *  Real Solutions

The Corporate Adventure Training is an effective, experiential training that combines modern business science with time-tested indigenous techniques of native and ancient peoples.

The primary mission of the Adventure Training is to install lasting improvements in Individual Performance and the company Bottom Line.

From the roots of indigenous cultures, Keith Varnum has uncovered precepts that grow and re-spirit companies, strengthen groups and empower individuals.

The successful traditions of native peoples provide a model for maintaining an openness to the world of possibilities – an invaluable aid to sound, far-sighted decision-making and success.

Learn by Doing

The Adventure Training focuses on adventure-based, experiential learning activities that promote personal empowerment, leadership, communication, problem-solving and team-building. We link the outdoor experiences to everyday business challenges to make them relevant, practical and deeply embedded–and therefore, lasting.

The Pragmatic Power of Nature

Nature demands we seek the easiest, most practical, do-able way to address any endeavor, which develops a keen eye in a person to see profitable, effective strategies and shortcuts back at the office.


Why Go with the Adventure Training?

  1. Results are immediate and easily applicable to every work situation on every level of an organization.

  2. It’s flexible. You can target the training to meet the needs of executive teams, small work units, specific departments or the whole organization.

  3. It’s customized for you. We tailor the training to ensure that the material is relevant to your specific situation to produce the desired results.

  4. It’s adaptable to a half-day, one-day format or as an integral part of a multi-day agenda.

  5. It’s cost-effective. You won’t find a better return on your investment for lasting results.

  6. This program has a very high payback in relation to its cost.

  7. It’s guaranteed. Guaranteed return on your investment that you can see or your money back.

  8. It’s lasting. People learn effective skill development that’s permanent.

  9. It’s hassle-free. Relax, we handle all the details.

For more information about this exciting and effective program, contact Keith at:

[email protected]   800.736.7367


 Multi-day backpack camping trips are also available. Please inquire.

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