Crack the Code

Keith Varnum offers workshop to break free of cultural spell

Keith presents new, breakthrough techniques for walking out of our limited world into limitless possibilities.

The primary emphasis for the whole three days is on the “Grand Scheme” and specifically how each person fits into the whole picture. Keith describes the workshop, “Our micro role is totally connected to our macro role in life. We explore personal issues in terms of how our individual plan for personal development jives with and integrates into the Universal Plan. We reveal exactly how our personal evolution plays a crucial and necessary part in our ability to contribute to planetary evolution.   “We stalk this knowing as a shaman, i.e. with fierce determination and desire within the divine direction of Spirit. We set the intention with honesty and passion and then surrender the intent to Spirit to guide us intuitively in following the path to our destination.”  Keith explains that the intent of the workshop is to get direct experiential answers to the following questions:

  • What is each person’s unique role in the Collective Plan to awaken the planet?

  • What part did each person choose to play as a voluntary member of the wake-up crew?

  • When did each person enlist? Why did each choose to take on their unique assignment?

  • What did each individual decide to co-create with other members of the same soul group?

  • What are the special talents each person has been developing during this period of forgetfulness?

  • What specific actions and activities can each person pursue to lead them to the opportunity to offer their individual piece of the puzzle?

The workshop is based on the premise that once a crack is made in the prison of our cultural conditioning, a person sees the light of truth shining through the crack, enlightening their perception of other inconsistencies and misrepresentations. The process is full-proof and fail-safe. People only see what they are capable of handling emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

As people experience the grounding and strengthening effect of connecting with the truth of what is real and solid, they gain the security and power to see more… and then more… and so on down a path toward real freedom of choice and energy sovereignty. It only takes ONE of the workshop tools to hit home, burst a bubble of illusion and crack the Matrix for this process to be activated. This begins the path to liberation and the liberty to do, be and create what a person chooses in life.

Rather than wait until the everyday course of life brings up coded life events that prompt an awakening, the workshop concentrates known encoded triggers into three dynamic days in order to reach a critical thrust and break free of the pull of collective conditioning. This encoded approach is just one of many strategies and tools that will be presented over the three day workshop.

Keith Varnum has uncovered a world-wide, systematic, hidden scheme of coded cultural triggers. These clues and prompts, disguised within our everyday life, have the effect of awakening people to a direct awareness of their personal role in the evolution of the human species.  Research has revealed that these coded triggers are the key to activating natural spiritual powers lying dormant in all persons.  Keith has discovered that the key to unlocking the truth about human purpose and power was deliberately buried long ago within the social structure and matrix of Western society.

Keith has discovered that our human ancestors encoded specific phenomena into common culture to re-connect people at the right time to their true heritage, history and natural inheritance. Empirical studies carried out by Keith demonstrate that human intuition secretly directs the course of a person’s daily life in the direction of naturally encountering these coded prompts and gateways. These coded stimuli are the brilliant, built-in mechanism designed by our species to awaken people from the cultural spell of spiritual amnesia at the appropriate time. On the level of collective consciousness, humans decided to hide their unique qualities and evolutionary contribution from themselves, as well as others, until it is time for each piece of the puzzle to be revealed and played openly.

Humans chose long ago to not discover and use their inherent meaning and power until they were clear enough to use it wisely… clarity gained through experience, understanding and compassion. The group’s research indicates that, because of the present ecological and social state of affairs on the planet, now is the time for many persons to claim their rightful inheritance. Ancient, natural spiritual abilities are now available to people at this time for the very purpose of escaping the Pull of Programming. These skills, and the knowing of how to use them, are alive within each person, encoded within each person’s deepest core. There is within each person a built-in yearning of the ages to bring forth the wisdom that lies dormant within, and to use personal passion and purpose to co-create a more free, nurturing, sustainable world. The process is fail-safe. Only those who are naturally ready will recognize the coded signs and messages intended to awaken new awareness and abilities.

Stories, symbols, sounds, shapes, stones, syllables and secrets
form the encoded waymarkers we left for ourselves

Examples of coded cues:  Camelot, Avalon, King Arthur, Merlin,
Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, Sananda, Pegasus, dolphins

It’s not the meaning or content of the cues that catalyses the awakening of people’s inner wisdom. It is simply the fact that each clue is encoded to automatically trigger a shift in awareness within people’s consciousness and memory. Each code embedded within stories, sound and symbols is a time capsule carrying a time lock that is triggered into action in response to specific planetary alignments, global events and personal blueprint schedules. Since humans are equipped with the unique ability to feel emotions, these various prompts engender strong emotional, physical and intuitive reactions. With that reaction comes a strong sense of knowing, of remembrance. With practice and intention, people can become very sensitive to the intuitive, emotional and physical feelings that accompany encoded phenomena. The Earth Mission Codes not only carry each person’s mission, they carry each soul’s true history.

Critical Mass for Humanity Is Imminent
Personal and Universal Clues Jumpstart Snowballing Process

Test trials by Keith indicate that the evolution of human consciousness follows a natural process of catalysis, leading to automatic communication, snowballing to critical mass. Once the awakening process is activated by coded clues, resonance occurs in the human interconnected energy field. When enough of people learn something new and valuable, every person receives the new information and skill.

Research shows that to jumpstart the process all that is necessary is the initial activation of one person’s internal Universal Memory. Once this re-member-ing with original design begins, the rest of the blossoming unfolds, personally and socially, in natural stages directed by internal timing.

As people make use of each newly uncovered, natural spiritual ability, their lives become easier, more enjoyable and exciting. People clearly begin to see the benefits of encoded activation. They attract abundance, money, love, resources and opportunities more quickly with less effort. Being so solidly supported, people feel more anchored and connected to the world and to their creative power. Feeling more capable and grounded, they feel more safe and centered. The safer and stronger a person feels, the more courageous, able and willing they are to see more of the truth of what who they really are and what is actually transpiring on the planet. Their regained strength and clarity also allows them to recognize even more coded prompts. Their natural spiritual abilities are activated even more. This encoded process of awakening accelerates even more into a vortex of self-perpetuating momentum.

Some coded phenomena are personal – unique to each individual. Many coded prompts are more universal and archetypal, e.g. the Berlin Wall coming down, the Scrooge story, Martin Luther King’s speech. Some symbols, images, sounds, words and artifacts trigger a great number of people. Some prompts are so archetypal that they serve to catalyze insight in almost everyone.

As personal and universal coded cues awaken more people to a more aware state, mass consciousness quickly shifts into an upward spiral of higher and higher awareness. Connected as we all are in the Unified Energy Field, each new level of awareness communicates instantaneously to the rest of humanity causing an immediate leap in collective consciousness across the species and planet. When enough people are singing their own special song, sharing their own unique story and speaking their individual truth, a critical mass will be reached where all humanity will shift into the next stage of planetary and personal expression, enlightenment and ease.

Critical mass for the next stage of human evolution will occur much the same as the syndrome called, “The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome.” On a remote Pacific Island last century, the day one monkey washed a native sweet potato in the ocean for the very first time anywhere, monkeys on islands hundreds of miles away began to wash their sweet potatoes in the sea water. In the 1930’s when a certain number of birds in England learned how to open the tops of milk bottles left outside on the porch by milkmen, suddenly birds all over Europe began to do the same thing. The speed of the transmission of the new behavior defied any possibility that one bird passed it on to another and so on. And the English Channel added a further barrier, as these were not migrating birds, but smaller than a sparrow. Early last century, one Australian rancher electrified his fences to keep his cattle from trampling down the fences. The instant his cattle quit trampling the fence because of the electric shock, cattle for thousands of miles across Australia quit going near their fences.

The Great Forgetting

By our own design, since birth we have been kept in the dark about who we really are and what our true nature and destiny are as humans. The most significant omission has been the truth of our natural, spiritual wisdom and power. The Aborigines of Australia call this collective loss of true memory “The Great Forgetting.

Official Scientific Cover-up Exposed

Investigative research has uncovered that the scientific establishment world-wide has officially suppressed, ignored and forgotten massive archeological evidence that human civilization on earth is at least 100,000,000 years old. Over the past two centuries researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that humans like ourselves existed on earth for thousands of millennia. Packed away, out of sight, in locked, basement storerooms within the world’s great universities and national museums lie a fully human skeleton, carved stone mortar and pestle, forged metal objects of advanced design, gold chains and iron pots that date over a million years old. Most people were told in school and by cultural “authorities” that civilization on earth is only 10,000 years old.

Why would those in authority cover up humankind’s true heritage? … because this physical evidence conflicts with the dominant conventional, establishment views of human origins and history. This “knowledge filter” has left the public with a radically incomplete set of facts for building their ideas and reality about their true history, nature and destiny

Indisputable Physical Evidence Is Powerful

Researchers have discovered that certain historical and archeological physical facts have a profound effect on a person’s body, consciousness and memory. It is the fact of physical evidence that shakes a body and being to the core and makes a wide enough crack in their personal cultural programming to awaken them to their own direct re-collection of their past…and present. People report that the presentation of factual physical evidence of ancient advanced civilization begins an inevitable process of unraveling the tightly woven spell of Western cultural conditioning.

Physical evidence can’t be denied like ideas, theories and concepts. Physical evidence can’t be intellectualized away when it doesn’t fit the dominant, establishment party line. Enlightened human consciousness arranged for our ancestors to leave physical evidence behind to guide people on their way home to the truth. Like the archetypal story of Hansel and Gretel, the eternally connected human spirit left a trail of pebbles on its Journey to the Present for people now to use to retrace their steps back to their true Past and to their True Nature. Physical evidence is but one of the coded cues consciousness embedded in the human adventure to wake people up at the predestined time. Other equally powerful prompts exist in everyday life.

10 Great Reasons to Know Your True Past

1. Make More Money

Becoming aware of the many different ways humans used to prosper on earth reveals new options and possibilities to make a good living.

2. Build Lasting Creations

A more accurate understanding of how we created getting where we are now allows you to create more solid, permanent achievements in your life.

3. Reclaim Spiritual Skills

Re-connecting with your true past automatically re-connects you with your natural, spiritual skills because humans openly expressed their spiritual abilities in ancient civilizations.

4. Use Your Ancestral Support System

You can draw upon the support, wisdom and energy of your ancestors, your Greater Self, as Cincade did in the movie, Amistad.

5. Tap Advanced Knowledge

You can tap into the vast wealth of information accumulated by the spiritually and socially advanced societies that have preceded us.

6. Boost Your Effectiveness

Being aware of the whole picture, you can more effectively assist yourself and others in this time of radical planetary transformation.

7. Gain Sharper Perception

As you awaken to each untruth we have been fed by Modern Society, you’re in a clearer place to see how life really works and to better create what you want.

8. Increase Your Vitality

True vitality erupts with the excitement that flows from discovering how your unique gifts play an integral role in the evolution of the planet.

9. Heighten Your Creativity

You can tap directly into the muses who have inspired artists and inventors since time began.

10. Deepen Your Serenity

Experiencing directly that there is a Grand Design, and accepting your unique function on the wake-up crew, brings a very deep sense of purpose, peace and fulfillment to your life

Reviews of Encoded Movies

The Matrix

This provocative film depicts how most people are not aware that their mind projects its own reality (the matrix). As our hero begins his stealthy journey to freedom from the matrix of our collective consciousness, he discovers just how skillfully the mind and personality protect their false reality. In this hero’s journey, the power of openness, passion, and love ring true-to-life in their ability to break down matrix illusions.

American Beauty

The myth that people can have a better life by living out the “picture perfect” American Dream is a promise made by our culture that keeps people looking in the wrong direction for true joy and meaning. How many people are still trying to create the perfect marriage, lover, job, body, house and car…so they’ll be happy? Crack the spell with this movie!

A Sample Quiz of Encoded Prompts

This simple quiz is a small taste of the kinds of facts and coded input that trigger Greater Awareness and Cosmic Memory. The intellectual content of the material is secondary to the vibrational impact of recognition. Please notice any changes in your body, energy and outlook as you contemplate the myth and reality of each issue. Play the game experientially. Have fun!

Myths of Cultural Conditioning


1. Civilization began about than 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.

2. American Indians lived short, wretched lives of constant disease and hardship.

3. Modern Western Civilization is not necessarily the best civilization ever on this planet.

4. Modern technological innovations give people more free time to enjoy life and produce art, literature, philosophy and explore the cosmos.

5. Fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) are not the world’s only major source of energy available.

6. American Indians and other hunter-gatherers lived difficult lives of continuous work and struggle to just feed themselves from day to day.

7. Science is an objective process for discovering the truth.

8. Bigfoot exists.

9. Textbooks and museum displays give an accurate picture of human history and origins.

10. All the evidence shows we evolved from apes.

11. Only special people, naturally endowed at birth, can communicate with nature devas and the spiritual realms.

12. The U.S. Government does not control the U.S. Dollar.

13. The more material goods one owns, the happier one will be.

14. We earthlings are not alone in the universe.

Answers – Truth or Consequences

1. FALSE  Signs of civilization, such as gold chains, iron pots and stone walls, have been found in coal deposits hundreds of millions of years old.

2. FALSE Traditional Native American culture was essentially free of the stress, depression, crime, unhappiness and neurosis so prevalent in modern Western society. Indians lived longer and healthier lives than most modern Americans.

3. TRUE There is ample evidence of very ancient and present-day indigenous societies, with a much higher degree of social and spiritual satisfaction than most Westerners enjoy.

4. FALSE Every empirical study of both historic and modern cultures finds that the more complex and hierarchical a culture is, the harder and longer the people in it must work and the more frantic and stressful their lives.

5. TRUE Many major alternative fuels are readily available, including free energy production from hydrogen, cold fusion, wind, sunlight and other sources. The world’s supranational corporations block the development of these sources by buying up the patents to these methods.

6. FALSE Native Americans and other tribal peoples worked only 2-3 hours a day and had the rest of the day as leisure time to contemplate art, play and the mysteries of life.

7. FALSE Science is full of politics and power plays. Evidence that doesn’t fit the establishment views gets screened out.

8. TRUE  Scientists and other trained, reputable observers have reported thousands sightings of living ape-manlike creatures in all parts of the

9. FALSE Textbooks and museum displays are propaganda devices for promoting favored ideas to the public.

10. FALSE  There is abundant evidence published in scientific journals by respectable scientists that anatomically modern humans like ourselves have existed for millions of years on this planet parallel to the development of apes.

11. FALSE  Ancient (before the rise of Western civilization) and present-day “primitive” people (before contact with Western culture) commonly experience the Earth as a living being, communicate with nature as a conscious friend, and interact with fairies, sprites and nature spirits.

12. TRUE  The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the federal government. It is a private institution that prints and controls the US Dollar, stamping it with its name, “Federal Reserve Note.”

13. FALSE  In all sociological and psychological studies, there is no correlation between more material goods and an increase in a sense of happiness or well-being.

14. TRUE There is extensive archeological and scientific evidence of human interaction with intelligent beings from other worlds and dimensions.


Exposing Myths Frees Attention

By Keith Varnum

Recently I asked spirit for assistance in how to get across the practical relevance of exposing cultural illusions. I received this answer from spirit:

“All human quest for happiness is a search for the power (ability) to provide physical security and spiritual well-being. People seek power in the form of money, love, property, laws, customs, insurance, approval, sex and medicine. These forms are the ways people try to secure a reliable energy source to provide for all their needs.

To the degree that you expend your time and attention looking for power energy where it doesn’t exist is the degree to which you can’t spend this same time and attention looking for energy where it does exist. To the degree you quit seeking power energy (love, money, security, health) where it doesn’t exist is the degree to which you begin to find power where it does exist… from a reliable, infinite source…from within you, Nature and Spirit.”

Immediately, I realized why the exposés of certain myths of our culture had such a profound effect on me. Each time I was rudely and painfully awakened to the facts behind a fallacy of Western Culture, I was, in effect, freeing myself from the unconscious spell of cultural programming. I was freeing and forcing myself to look elsewhere for the false energy that illusion had been giving me. And in doing so, I discovered real, solid, lasting sources of nourishment and personal power.

Hundredth Monkey Syndrome Drives Human Evolution

Critical mass for the next stage of human evolution will occur much the same as the syndrome called, “The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome.”

On a remote Pacific Island last century, the day one monkey washed a native sweet potato in the ocean for the very first time anywhere, monkeys on islands hundreds of miles away began to wash their sweet potatoes in the sea water.

In the 1930’s when a certain number of birds in England learned how to open the tops of milk bottles left outside on the porch by milkmen, suddenly birds all over Europe began to do the same thing. The speed of the transmission of the new behavior defied any possibility that one bird passed it on to another. The English Channel added a further barrier, as these were not migrating birds, and they were smaller than sparrows.

Early last century, one Australian rancher electrified his fences to keep his cattle from trampling down the fences. The instant his cattle quit trampling the fence because of the electric shock, cattle for thousands of miles across Australia quit going near their fences.

New Research Reveals Time is Vertical

Latest scientific and spiritual experiments have discovered how time actually operates. Time occurs vertically not horizontally. Time is holographic, not linear. With this discovery, researchers have found that accessing true human history and heritage becomes much easier.

Through getting adept at traveling through time vertically, one’s Akashic Record is available to know by direct experience. Everything that has ever happened and will ever happened to everyone is knowable in the infinite Vertical Moment. From the Still Point of Power in the Present, all parallel lives, alternate personal realities and possible futures (and pasts) are within reach.

These experiments also reveal that personal and planetary awakening is assured. Human collective consciousness has planned it already. It’s already happened in Vertical Time. Coded material is implanted in people’s paths as they tread through their lives on earth. The triggers to activate a person’s breakthroughs in awareness are encoded in that person’s life design.

By learning to travel through the vertical time tunnel people can more easily access the knowing of where and when they have planted their encoded prompts. They become aware of the whole layout of the game they have constructed for themselves. Awakening becomes a conscious, fun treasure hunt with one’s self being the treasure, as well as the seeker, the guard and the one who hid the prize. With easy time travel, people can tap their Past for clues, consult with their Future Selves for hints, and view their Parallel Lives to see how they are taking advantage of cues in those lives.

Truth Leads to Freedom

Studies have shown that learning how differently humans lived in ancient, pre-Western cultures, and how native tribes live now frees a person’s mind, heart and spirit in many profound ways. Absorbing the true diversity of human cultural values and practices, people have reported coming to these realizations:

There are innumerable beneficial ways for humans to live together.

The Western model is an arbitrary framework of values and practices that is resistant to change and evolution.

Modern Western Civilization at 500 years of age is very young in comparison to many ancient cultures that lasted hundreds of thousands of years.

There have been many civilizations on earth that were much more advanced technologically, socially and spiritually than Western society.

Many indigenous cultures that still exist have much of value to teach us in the West.

As people see through each illusion, their energy field automatically withdraws further from the energy field of the Unconscious Cultural Agreement. As a person’s awareness field becomes free of the conditioning of Western Civilization, they are released to grow and evolve at their own pace in their own way in accordance with their own heart.

“Well, I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and civilize me and I can’t stand it. I been there before.”

– Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain