Dolphins and Whales:

Gateways to Healing and Transformation

By Keith Varnum

CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS – On a cold, dark, overcast day thirty years ago, a ray of warmth and light shown into my world from a most unexpected source… the eye of a giant Humpback whale. In my young twenties and already old with disillusionment at the state of the world, I was trying to escape my despair by spending an afternoon at sea on a small boat. Without much hope of success, I had been asking whoever might be listening for a sign of something worth living for, some indication that there was light at the end of the tunnel of this struggle of a life I had been enduring. That afternoon, my prayers were answered by none less than the largest living creature on the face of the earth.

Lying despondent on the deck of the boat, disappearing into my mental malaise, I suddenly found myself staring into the eye of a being the size of a large office building. My gaze was locked into the penetrating gaze of this mammoth animal who had surfaced from the depths just enough to peer over the bow of my boat right into my face. Our eyes were only three feet apart. There was no distance between our hearts. Our souls were already one. I immediately dissolved into the depths of this being’s essence… a vast inner sea of spacious emptiness, allowing anything and everything, embracing all that I was and so much more than I was even aware of then. My mind went silent. My inner turmoil disappeared. I entered into a sanctuary of profound, gentle union with my own self in the form of a huge ocean creature.

In a very real sense, I have never left that sanctuary. I have carried with me to this day that feeling of deep, complete acceptance that I received from the whale. That taste of my true natural state has inspired me ever since to search for ways to incorporate that knowing into every aspect of my life and being.

The welcoming embrace of the whale for me that afternoon was not an isolated incident. More and more often in the last twenty years around the world, whales and dolphins have been initiating contact with humans. As dolphin research expert, Timothy Wyllie, points out, “There’s an awful lot of water out there… the dolphins and whales don’t have to interact with us if they don’t want to.”

My dramatic experience of wholeness and expanded awareness being with the whale was also not uncommon. Most people report regaining a natural, healthy state by being in the presence of dolphins and whales and being enveloped by the transformative emanations from these benevolent creatures. Cetaceans, dolphins and whales, are constantly connected with the universal vibrations coming from Source. Because they emit these vibrations abundantly and freely, dolphins and whales have a profound impact on humans in their vicinity. In their presence, people experience vast increases in energy, vitality and awareness on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Dolphins and whales are intelligent friends who live (by expressing the) qualities we value… harmony, joyfulness, good health, beauty, wisdom, supple movement, grace and respect for mutuality and freedom. Dolphins and whales are at One with nature and the universe. They live in a state of love that suspends judgment, anger and retaliation. Their exuberant celebration of life is a call to humanity to explore its collective potential and individual capacity for deeper compassion, more authentic self-expression and more profound spiritual unfoldment.

In addition to the spirit of cooperation, peace, simplicity and love that they demonstrate, dolphins and whales teach their human friends to expand their mind, release limiting thoughts and feelings, and open to the wondrous world of the unknown that they are gladly revealing. Timothy Wyllie shares that “I love being with the dolphins, but they are challenging companions. They teach me how to let go… how to surrender to my own fear… how to reach the light by going through to the other side.”

Dolphin and whale interaction helps people go beyond our old limiting social and cultural beliefs and assists us to realize that we’re capable of a lot more than we think we are. Their ability to use more of their physical, sensory and intelligence potentials reminds us that we can do use more of ours. For instance, humans use only a very small portion of their brain capacity. Dolphins and whales encourage people to use more of their brain by using tonal language to stimulate their brain cells, as well as the cells of the rest of their body.

Playing with these wondrous creatures, people find they leave behind the linear belief system of three dimensional time and space, entering an altered state in which there are no time constraints and everything occurs simultaneously. Cetaceans naturally play in multiple dimensions. They are simultaneously experiencing life in the ocean and life in a holographic, vibrational world of multi-level subtle realities in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Swimming with dolphins and whales in their multi-dimensional universe, people easily access empowering childhood memories, enlightening past lives and exciting visions of their future.

The cetaceans serve as practical and inspirational examples to humans of the possibilities existing beyond limited human belief systems. What these advanced sea inhabitants are doing is exactly what humans will be doing in the near future in this next century. Humans have the same physiological and mental capabilities to do likewise. In their presence, people connect with a direct knowing of their multi-dimensional nature and their greater identity as galactic, cosmic voyagers. Merging with dolphin/whale awareness, people open to an appreciation of our human role as conscious co-creators with other species in the evolution of the Cosmos.

Cetaceans communicate in a way that requires an entirely different mind set than the human cognitive-thinking model. Cetacean brains are larger and more complex than humans. The largest brains on the planet are those of the whales. Rather than words and sentences, dolphins and whales communicate through vibration, through sonar and synchronized movement, through acoustic images, sounds, feelings and group-energy fields. A lot of their sounds are beyond our ability to hear, yet nevertheless, they still affect our bodies and vibration.

They use a system of echo-location, acoustic imagery. The returning of sound vibrational signals give a three-dimensional picture, which in some ways is more sophisticated than human vision. For example, if a dolphin encounters a sunken ship under the water and wants to share that discovery with another dolphin, the dolphin will re-create, and send to the other dolphin, the exact same vibrational patterns it receives back from the sunken ship. The friend will experience the exact same three-dimensional picture that the first dolphin experienced directly returning from the ship. Thus, dolphins communicate through sharing direct experience, rather than through a symbol (word) to attempt to represent their direct experience, as humans do.

Dolphins and whales feel vibrations, create holographic works of art all around them, and then play in them. Because their sound waves actually penetrate objects, dolphins and whales are believed to be able to “see through” physical objects with their sonar in the manner of an x-ray. Dolphins check out people with their sonar and strategically apply their energies to the areas in need of healing. Dolphin behavior and communications can assist humans to develop new and more effective healing and living modalities for themselves and the planet.

The success of dolphin and whale society is based on certain vibrational frequencies, which we label as love. As people are able to create that frequency in their bodies by contact with cetaceans, they naturally draw to themselves more of the same vibration, great happiness, as well as people and things already existing in that frequency. After swimming with dolphiins and whales, many people go home with the decision to change their lifestyle into a way of living that will support and promote that same vibrational feeling.

These cetaceans operate out of a different paradigm than the human race. They have not been raised in a culture that requires primarily linear, rational, one-dimensional thinking. They employ other ways of accessing valuable information about their world. Cetaceans work with the electromagnetic grids of the planet, using these underwater pathways for worldwide navigation and to send messages for thousands of miles beneath the sea.

Humans can learn from the ways of the dolphins and whales and enrich human life. As people and cetaceans swim into the future together, they can co-create a world filled with peace and fulfillment, communities around the world living in harmony and once again able to be in constant contact with each other through telepathic and vibrational means.

As people learn to merge their individual energy fields and atomic structure with the harmonic frequencies of the dolphin and whale sounds and sonar, they meet and master new aspects of human consciousness and life force. As the cetaceans teach, it is by activating and aligning their golden, spiraling, inner spheres of energy with the Universal Rhythms of Life that allows humans to traverse new realms of consciousness, well being and cooperation with each other and all forms of life.

When people go into the water and swim with the dolphins and whales, they are never the same again. They can not go back to their old way of life. People remember that they are meant to have more. They realize life is intended to be lived more deeply, fully, passionately and joyously.

Living simply doesn’t mean living without. It means living with a certain vibrational frequency that attracts everything that’s vibrating in that same frequency. It’s the message of the dolphins and whales… and of all great masters. And it really works!

Dolphins and Whales Are Telepathic

Dolphins have the ability to communicate without speech or making sounds. They communicate as one with “pod- mind.” They read the thoughts and emotions of whoever they are with. In scientific experiments, dolphins in separate, physically-isolated tanks were able to communicate to other dolphins the correct lever to operate to get fish. In their society, there is no concealment, everything is known, and there is a strong sense of understandaaing and caring for each other. As humans also evolve spiritually into naturally telepathic beings, secrets plus the distrust, conflicts and separation that accompany secrecy, will become outmoded.

Dolphins Teach Spontaneity and Change

Cetacean expert Joan Ocean writes that “In my interactions with dolphins, it’s important I remain open to the unexpected, treat every exchange as unique and resist any inclination to carry over previous interpretations into the present. Dolphins insist on this freshness by continually changing their behavior. The minute I think I see a pattern and know what’s coming next, they behave in a way different from anything they’ve ever done before! Dolphins require me to accept reality as constant change and to live spontaneously in the present without depending on beliefs from the past.”

Benefits of Swimming with Dolphins

  • Instantaneous healing of physical maladies
  • Dramatic lifting of depression and despair
  • Awakening of autistic children and adults
  • Increase and balancing of bodily metabolism
  • Decision to change unnurturing ways of life
  • Increased ease in letting ago of fear
  • Demonstration of communal cooperation
  • Example of social harmony and ease
  • Enhanced enjoyment of spontaneity
  • More strength and agility in swimming
  • Profound sense of peace, love and bliss
  • Ecstatic tingling and waves of energy
  • Access to childhood memories and joy
  • Glimpses of past lives and future events