Empower Yourself at the Dream Workshops

Master Your Attention

Attention is the creative energy of the universe you use to fund your Dreams. You re-acquire the natural ability to flow your full personal life force solely into desired intentions, instead of into the distractions, obstacles and illusions of life. You also learn to recall your spirit from the places outside yourself where you have given away your power, so you recover more and more creative life current with which to manifest your heart’s desires. As your attention goes, so goes your life.

Live from Direct Knowing

You focus your newly freed attention on what you know for sure, from personal direct soul experience. Relying on other people’s life experiences and conclusions leads to confusion, conflict and complication. Listening to your direct knowing brings clarity, harmony and simplicity back into your life. When you try to create goals which you think or believe will make you happy, you encounter struggle, compromise, and sacrifice. When you pour your personal power into what you intuit is destined to make you happy, you manifest lasting creations with ease, mutuality and satisfaction.

Express Your Life Purpose with Ease and Joy

Focusing full attention and knowing on your own unique vibration, you re-experience directly the real reason you are here… the Dream that excites you, the personal blueprint that resonates in every cell of your body, the unique spirit that is you and the energy you came to express. When your intentions and actions are congruent with your soul design, your Dream unfolds organically without effort or programmed doingness. In this universe what is congruent gets the energy. What is not congruent doesn’t get the energy. When you consciously align with your heart path, you are in perfect harmony with divine will, the universal blueprint, and every living being, physical and non-physical, naturally assists you to manifest your true destiny.

Free Yourself of Veils and Limits

A veil is anything that gets in the way of you being free to experience life the way you consciously choose. Veils show up as unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, identities, conditioning, fears, illnesses and lies, covering up your essence, blocking your power and hiding your divinity. Veils are self-imposed, automatic devices deliberately designed by your real self to pace your Unfolding and keep you safe until you are able to consciously take over the same regulating, protective function. When you regain enough free attention and absolute knowing to be able to intuitively protect and manage your life, the veils lift naturally. The control these unconscoius, programmed patterns have had over you fades organically… from lack of sustaining attention, because they are no longer needed. You recover more of your awakeness, your sovereignty, your soul. Veils have only the power you have given them. When veils are fully appreciated for the beneficial service they have provided, they retire and integrate…their form dissolves. Their power returns home to you… as pure free life energy, available for you to use to create.

Open Gateways to Fulfillment

Using your own direct knowing, you open the doors you have shut to powerful archetypal spaces… qualities which are the essence of your natural state. You reclaim as your own the vibrations of Grace, Innocence, Universal Supply, Sovereignty, Alchemy, Eternalness, Oneness, Joy, Magic, Trust and Serenity. You recover these lost aspects or fragments of your soul. Through experiential inner journeying, you reconnect with your original joy and excitement for living and allow that energy to transport you into full awareness of your whole true self. You dance with the universe as an integrated, complete being.

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’

-The Talmud