Free at Last!

By Keith Varnum

What is freedom?

The ability to feel whatever you choose to feel. Alive. Loving. Healthy. Prosperous. Filled with Spirit!

The ability to do whatever you choose to do. Relax. Chill out. Play. … Play music. Play sports. Play with friends. Play with your pet. Play with your dreams.

Time to Play

Would you like an extra 5 hours every day during which you can do anything you choose? During which no one will text you, taunt you, or torment you with “obligations?’ During which no one even knows that you’re awake and potentially available?

Slight Slumber

Right now in my life, I only sleep 2-3 hours a night. This slight slumber gives me 5 extra hours to play each day.

How did I go from needing “my 8 hours a night” to just a short nap? The secret lies in my newfound ability to feel good when I’m awake. To be able to experience only the feelings I like.

I discovered that if I really enjoy my waking hours, I want more of them! I find I want to sleep less, so I’ll be able to relish being awake for more time each day. And, voila! … I end up only needing to sleep a few hours each day.

Simple? Well, not exactly …

I did my research. I lived for many years with three different spiritual teachers—a Hopi medicine man, an Hawaiian Kahuna, and a samurai Zen master. Each man slept only 2-3 hours every night!

It was a challenge for me to believe that anyone could survive—let alone thrive—on this brief amount of snooze, so I’d covertly check on them in the middle of the night to make sure they weren’t catching an extra hour of shuteye. But sure enough, they were wide awake most of the night—and I never caught them grabbing an extra forty winks during the long day.

So (here comes a most helpful truth) I concluded that if they can do it, I can too! If any person can sleep only a brief interlude and be fresh all day, then so can I.

Simple? Well, not exactly …

The Catch!

Alas, I found I really didn’t want to be awake and conscious for 20+ hours a day! Why not?

Feelings, oh, so many feelings (play Barbra Streisand song here). Oh, so many unpleasant feelings!

I soon realized that until I found a way to feel good all day, I didn’t want to be conscious all day.

How the Hell?

How the hell was I going to be able to feel only the emotions I like—all day, every day? In my youth much of my day was a living hell. A living hell of rollercoaster feelings of doubt and depression rotating with angst and anger.

Get Me off the Coaster!

Again my mentors came to my rescue. Each in his own unique way would ask me:

“Do you choose beliefs that excite you?”

Personal Freedom is having a real choice about what beliefs—therefore feelings, therefore realities—you choose to create in your personal world. Beliefs regarding love, money, health, fun and spirit.

You have options! You can opt out of mass consciousness beliefs and realities that don’t serve your aliveness. You can opt into individual beliefs and realities that do serve your joy.

Conscious choice frees you from drama, trauma, karma—and Mama and Papa!

Envision a New Life

Powerful tools are now available on the planet to assist you to release the grip of the old, automatic programming and allow yourself to invent anew and unfettered. Proven techniques exist to help you withdraw your energy from the energy field of unconscious personal and cultural limitations.

When you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the collective consciousness, you can create and evolve in any way you choose. You are then free to experience fresh, easy ways of experiencing each moment, making an abundant living, and aspiring to health and happiness. Some of these useful tools are meditation, yoga, Matrix Energetics, or the Sedona Method Release Technique—just to name a few.

With these tools you can free yourself from the feelings that block your desire to be awake and alive! You can liberate yourself from fear and worry, grief and anger, shame and guilt! The very feelings from which we want to escape. The very feelings that make us want to sleep, sleep … and sleep some more!

Challenge Your Limitations

With the help of teachers and techniques, you can challenge your deepest-held, unconscious convictions about who you are, personally, socially, biologically and spiritually. You can expose your notions about life that feel like “facts of life,” but are actually only widely-held programmed beliefs. These subterranean, underlying emotional convictions about life determine how we experience each aspect of our everyday life. Disguised as “facts” these automatic beliefs filter our perception of every event and distort reality to fit into our rigid, preconceived framework.

The Glorious Truth

The liberating truth about these notions is that they are totally arbitrary. These culturally conditioned beliefs are fictions that—over time—have become fact. These convictions are tales about “the way life is” that have—through constant automatic re-telling—become accepted as truth. Rather than perpetuate these so-called “facts of life,” you can expose the illusions of socially accepted beliefs in scarcity, struggle and sickness. And free yourself to enjoy life!

Re-story Your Future

How do you free yourself? You can start a fresh conversation about what it means to be a human being. You can craft a new vision of yourself that is more creative and compassionate. You can walk out of your limited world into an adventure of infinite possibilities!

Reclaim Your Natural Power

What keeps you safer than a gun, a gated community, a 12’ high wall, or the most advanced technology? What is more secure than a bank, a vault, an army, or geographical isolation? You!

Your personal power. Your clarity. Your intuition. Your choice of what to believe—and therefore, feel—the way you’d like to feel every moment.

The End of Seriousness

You don’t have to live with sadness, guilt, worry, fear or anger. Where did you get the idea that life was so serious?

Seriousness is highly overrated in our society. We’re taught that you have to be serious to be heard, get things done right, and survive in this precarious, tough world.

In fact, the opposite is true. The lighter we touch the limited world of mass consciousness, the more we are able to create whatever we choose.  The freer we are of our past, our programming and our old patterns, the easier it is to thrive on this planet.

… And to want to stay awake all day to enjoy the journey!