Inner Coach: Outer Power aka How to Be a Miracle Maker

The paperback Inner Coach: Outer Power & the ebook How to Be a Miracle Maker have the same content, but with different titles!

Inner Coach: Outer Power – paperback

Be the extraordinary human you really are!

48 True Tales to Trigger the Memories

of Your Own Paranormal Adventures

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Inner Coach: Outer Power paperback (How to Be a Miracle Maker ebook)

This ground-breaking book reveals the extraordinary creative powers within you that can heal your body, expand your love, and attract phenomenal abundance into every area of your life. Talented storyteller Keith Varnum shares a practical manual that shows you how to be an everyday Miracle Maker!

Fresh and captivating, chock-full of riveting escapades, this inspirational book chronicles how the author develops his inner guidance to lead him to unexpected power and wisdom. And you discover how you can do the same to conquer your greatest fears, soar above the ordinary, and reach all your heart’s desires.

The book’s 48 true personal stories illustrate how miracles flow when you listen to your inner counsel. At 19 after Varnum cured himself of blindness, this extraordinary visionary began teaching others how to heal themselves and fulfill their deepest passions. Drawing from his broad exploration as a healer, acupuncturist, urban shaman, filmmaker, personal coach, vision quest guide, corporate VP, and international seminar leader, Varnum describes in down-to-earth terms how following intuition can uncover hidden secrets of previously unimaginable human ability.

The author demonstrates the real-life use of the seemingly implausible potentials of quantum physics—such possibilities as alternate realities, time travel, near-death experience, out-of-body journeys and levitation. These mind-boggling true stories will expand the way you think about yourself and your ability to transform your world.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best-selling “Conversations with God,” calls this book “so captivating that it can shift any reader beyond time and space.”

Relish the stories that convey the lessons that can be learned from nature—plants, animals, rocks, water—and from nonphysical beings. Get the thrill of peeking into other dimensions! And the author’s lively sense of humor renders the tales even more enjoyable

The book is for anybody who wants more love, yearns for a fulfilling job, or seeks a purpose beyond the mundane. It can unlock a reservoir of motivation to uncap a free flow of miracles into your life.

If you want a greater awareness of your unlimited potential, if you want to wake up to the extraordinary truth of who you are, if you want to read entrancing, entertaining real-life stories—then this book is just what your heart ordered.

The Secret Life of Your Soul

You possess amazing creative powers to heal your body, expand your love and attract phenomenal abundance! And you have a built-in, inner guidance system to unlock your natural gifts with ease and wisdom.

The Meaning of Life—it’s not what you think!

The book helps you to remember how to:

Talk to nonphysical teachers
Relive other lifetimes
Use your multisensory perception
Open to spontaneous healing
Travel out-of-body
Experience miracles

Uncover the truth about:

Time travel
Near-death experience
Parallel realities

What people say about the book:

“Keith is a “real-deal” miracle-maker, magician, healer & teacher. Reading his book is at once hugely entertaining, expanding offering new possibilities & grounding giving effective, practical wisdom. Each story penetrates deeply inside, as Keith weaves one of his own life-experiences, with often hilarious, always real personal reflections & realizations about himself & the adventure of life. This is a profoundly nourishing, inner-shifting invitation & guidebook supporting each person to live their own authentic life-journey. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

– David C, Montreal

“Phenomenal person! I started the path of all my studies with his teachings and sessions and using them everyday. With this book anyone will enjoy being a miracle maker!”

– Dilek Topaloglu, Florida

“I am reading your new book and am totally enjoying it. It’s interesting because I feel like you are right there telling me these stories. I know that you’ve told us many of them previously, but like you with age and wisdom, I’m able to hear them in a new context.Thanks”

– Libby Royer, Florida

“I just finished the ebook ‘How to Be a Miracle Maker’ (paperback Inner Coach: Outer Power) and I consign it to the same category as ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ I’m about to push it on all my friends. Deliciously deep and wise and wonderful! (Also a WHOLE lot of fun to listen to 🙂 Thanks a huge leaping lot for being willing to BE…and to break through bedevilling boundaries!”

– Robert, Sedona AZ


THE 1ST CHAPTER of both formats of the book:

My Friend the Ascended Master

This book is the story of my personality’s relationship with my inner coach. My story begins where most people’s stories end—when the child enters society.

Of course, a person’s inner coach story never ends. However, a person’s awareness of what is happening on the nonphysical, multisensory level often comes to an abrupt halt if that inner awareness is not nurtured. This premature shutdown to experiencing the full consciousness of our true nature is the fate of most people. The closedown usually occurs in early childhood, just about the time we are entering the world of adults in preschool or kindergarten. We’re told to “put away the things of childhood” by the people nearest us. Our parents, relatives, friends and teachers have already hidden from themselves their abilities to see nonphysical reality—angels, fairies, invisible friends, spirit guides, deceased Grandma or Grandpa at the family dinner table or the shimmering glow around loving people. Because most parents no longer remember the magic and power of their own extrasensory perception, the natural multisensory abilities of children in our Western culture are usually suppressed for the sake of social acceptability.

This cutoff from expanded consciousness would have been my fate as well, if it weren’t for the valiant and persistent efforts of one Ascended Master named St. Germain. Throughout my childhood, this loving nonphysical being visited me at night right after my parents tucked me in and before I went off to dreamland. His presence filled me with a warm sensation. I discerned him as a faint pulsating light in the corner of my bedroom. In later years, as I got comfortable with his enveloping energy in my room, I was able to perceive the form of his body and the features of his face. Eventually, I conversed with him as one talks to an old friend.

St. Germain is a nonphysical being referred to as an “Ascended Master.” Ascended Masters are human beings who have mastered and ascended the influence of their human emotions and the limitations of cultural, psychological conditioning. When this mastery reaches a certain level, these regular, physical people ascend from the limitations of the physical universe and become nonphysical beings with multisensory and multidimensional awareness. Other Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mother Mary and Sai Baba. These wise and experienced friends make themselves available to people through meditation for spiritual guidance and counsel. (By the way, the “St.” is simply part of St. Germain’s name; it does not mean he is a saint in any religious sense.)

My spiritual mentorship with St. Germain has been a constant in my life since childhood, although it took me a long while to evolve my relationship with him into a conscious exchange between equals.

At first, I experienced my mentor as a kind of guardian angel, comforting me with soothing vibrations by night and saving me from human danger and disaster by day. In my youth, I was especially aware that a divine force intervened many times to prevent injury and accidents during my teenage driving years.

In my twenties, as I became more accustomed to extrasensory phenomena and my own spiritual nature, my connection with St. Germain became more conscious. I developed my self-esteem and courage to a degree where I interacted with this awakened being as a good buddy and confidant. This is when my training for my life’s work began in a deliberate and detailed way.

On every nocturnal visit, St. Germain would show me aspects of my inner coach game plan, the scenario my real self had laid out for my future. As my friend described coming events, I observed these prophesies as an “awake vision.” I witnessed scenes of my future self—speaking to large groups of people, practicing various healing arts, and teaching yoga and other meditation techniques. St. Germain told me how these events would come to pass and how I could prepare myself for my chosen destiny. However, usually by the next day, I’d unconsciously water down the reality of our meetings, disguising our lessons as vague memories. Or I’d shake off the nighttime visitations as provocative, enlightening dreams—but dreams, nonetheless.

For years, I felt blessed—and hounded—by my friendship with this helpful counselor. I was enthused—and scared—by my soul’s enlightened plan. Because I didn’t yet have a way to deal with the fear, I often resisted the counsel of my ascended buddy.

Searching for some understanding or explanation of my nightly visits, I tried to discuss my connection to St. Germain with friends and family. All I got back was an incredulous look that screamed, “You’re kidding, right?” Quickly I resigned myself to keeping this wondrous part of my life a private matter.

During my youth, I experienced many extraordinary events, which I share in this book. These miraculous occurrences were exhilarating, yet terrifying. I carried a lot of doubt about my capacity to psychologically handle multisensory realities and my worthiness to receive miracles. With hindsight, I see that it simply wasn’t time for me to own my personal power and wisdom. Nor was it time for me to begin the public expression of my gifts. Then something so undeniable happened that I was no longer able to pretend my exalted friend and prophesied destiny were a fantasy.

Orlando, Florida, was the perfect setting for my awakening. What better place for magic to thrust itself permanently into my life than the home of Walt Disney’s “Magic Kingdom.” The experience began when a new acquaintance, Jerry, asked me to dinner during a human potential workshop we were both attending. Proud and confident, Jerry was a self-made man, a successful entrepreneur. A former NHL hockey player, he stood tall and stalwart, still brawny from his days with the Detroit Red Wings. His firm jaw and rough-cut features struck an imposing profile as we discussed very mundane, comfortable and safe subjects such as business and sports. As we sauntered outside after the meal at the hotel restaurant, Jerry proposed we trek down the street to a 7-11 convenience store to purchase some spring water. The market was barely visible about a mile down the busy thoroughfare. I glanced at my watch for the time. Since it wasn’t late, I said, “Sure, why not?”

As we took our first step in the direction of our destination, Jerry casually inquired, “What do you know about St. Germain?”

His question struck me as totally out of the blue. Even though we’d met at a personal growth seminar, Jerry and I hadn’t touched on anything even faintly metaphysical in our supper conversation. Now he was asking me about the most important, yet secret relationship of my life.

When our feet hit the ground taking our first step, we were standing in front of the 7-11 convenience store—over a mile away from the restaurant! We had gone that distance in one step! Instinctively, we both looked at our watches. No time had gone by! When we went inside, I double-checked the time with the store’s wall clock. It also verified that mile-long journey from the restaurant to the store had occurred in a matter of seconds! We bought the water. In stunned silence, we returned to the hotel the normal way—we walked. Our return trek took about twenty minutes.

Back in my hotel room, Jerry spoke first, “Did you notice anything unusual on our walk to the 7-11?”

Of course, I had, but my mind was still spinning with the inexplicable wonder of it all. I mumbled under my breath, “It seemed to me, it didn’t take any time to go from the restaurant to the store”.

Jerry was also in a state of shock and disbelief. “I know. I checked the time when we got to the store. Zilch. Nada. No time had gone by. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“You know, Jerry, I have on rare occasions experienced time contracting and expanding in my life.”

“I have too, but not like this. Man, we went a mile in a split second! And, Keith, I don’t remember the trek to the store either. There were at least six streets to cross, each with a traffic light. I certainly noticed crossing the streets and waiting for the lights to change on the long way back!”

“Me, too. I can’t recall walking to the store at all. It was like just POP! and we were there, standing in front of the store. The time jump happened right when you asked me about St. Germain.”

That was it. St. Germain’s name was the key, the secret password, that literally opened the gates of Heaven on that balmy night in Florida. A soft, golden light began to fill the hotel room from one corner. From the other side of the room, a piercing violet light reached out to encircle us.

Both radiating energies felt safe to invite into my space. Jerry also slipped into a calm, relaxed posture on one of the beds.

“Do you see that yellow glow in the corner?” he asked me.

“Yes, do you see that purple light over there?” I asked right back.

“Yes, it feels extremely familiar, like I know it, like I’ve felt it before,” Jerry replied.

“Yeah, I do recognize the feeling, but I can’t tell you from where,” I agreed.

Soon the source of the two pulsating glows became all too apparent. The beams were emanating from two old friends coming to visit. Their calling cards were the lights radiating from the corners of the room. They were trying to announce themselves gracefully.

We should have known who it was. Given the portal we’d just gone through—the instant, one-mile jump in time and space at the drop of a name—who else could have pulled off such a stunt?

As my new friend and I simultaneously took a deep breath, we found ourselves fully aware of sitting in the presence of our oldest and dearest spiritual mentors, St. Germain for me and Jesus for Jerry. Jerry had encountered Ascended Master Jesus several times over the previous years—in a childhood lightning strike during which Jerry was unconscious for hours, and, later in life, in meditation and prayer.

Once we identified the sources of the emanations, Jerry and I felt very comfortable sitting with St. Germain and Jesus in the hotel room. The intimacy was intense, but ecstatic. St. Germain and Jesus conversed with us very informally, as casual friends, with great affection and humor. The masters spoke to us about our individual missions on Earth this lifetime and about our relationship to each other, to the Council of Ascended Masters and to God. In intricate, colorful detail, they painted the pictures of our futures: my friend and I would each teach our inner wisdom to large numbers of people around the world. Jerry would lecture and convey his truth in a more traditional, formal way. I’d develop a more egalitarian, flexible manner of presentation.

For an entire week our nonphysical mentors met with us in the hotel room each evening. Much of what they said I’d heard before from St. Germain, but never when I was in such an awake state. Jerry and I were very present and alert for each evening’s session. Previously, we’d both veiled over our meetings with our cosmic buddies, discounting or disguising the encounters by the next day. However, the fact that we met with our esteemed friends for several evenings—and that we were so conscious during these meetings—made these visitations impossible to deny or forget. Jerry and I have retained full recall of the information and the aura of grace that was bestowed on us that week.

Another factor in our lasting retention and acceptance of these extraordinary events was that it is now, finally, time on Earth to remember—to wake up, to know.

During the concluding evening’s conversation with our two enlightened friends, I discovered the meaning of a curious message that had been floating in my consciousness since my youth. Never before did I have a clue what the recurring soul memo meant. Finally, I knew in my heart the true import of the enigmatic phrase:

We are the failsafe seeds to ensure
the creation does not go on forever.

Repeating verbatim this inner message, our mentors reminded us of the design of our shared destiny with all of humanity. They elaborated:

“Within each of you humans is the failsafe seed of knowing how to undo this particular creation—this creation of being unconscious, of forgetting who you are and why you are here on Earth. Within each of you is the seed of knowing your unique plan and special purpose—your personal contribution to the unfolding of the collective plan. The seed of knowing is within you and when given the right environment at the predetermined time, the seed will sprout and grow.”

For Jerry and me the right environment and time were there and then in that hotel room. Our instantaneous one-mile leap in space had catapulted each of us into a new stage of personal, spiritual blossoming. This new arena was to be a public one. Events played out from that moment empowering Jerry and me to move into conscious public sharing of our distinctive skills and wisdom. The rest of this book is the story of the unfolding of my particular soul expression—from inner preparation to outer presentation.

And St. Germain has always been there behind the scenes, looking after me, coordinating my spiritual experiences, keeping me out of trouble in most cases, and getting me out of trouble when I follow the dictates of my outer personality instead of my inner coach.

You, too, can open to a divine dialogue and fun friendship with nonphysical teachers. They surround each of us all the time. To get the ball rolling all it takes from you is an invitation from the heart. When you find yourself in a quiet, relaxed, receptive state, simply ask for a communication, connection or exchange from your spirit guides. Give permission for their assistance. Welcome their love and encouragement. Your inner coach will show you how. Your natural instincts know how to do it.

The interaction may begin as a sensation of warmth in your body or a faint glow in the corner of the room. You may sense a presence within you—or outside of you somewhere in your physical space. A new color, symbol or sound may show up in your meditation. A book or song may catch your attention. Our nonphysical friends use whatever avenues they can to reach out and get through to us.

The following stories offer some hints on how to begin your only true journey on Earth—the path back to your real self. You’re always in contact with your spirit friends, even when you’re not aware of them. You, too, have had extraordinary experiences since the day you were born. Allow your True Memory to return. Open yourself to the magic of your own multisensory awareness and let the good times roll!


This true story is an excerpt from Inner Coach: Outer Power (How to Be a Miracle Maker)

48 firsthand stories reveal the amazing creative powers within you that can heal your body, expand your heart, and attract phenomenal abundance into your life. Fresh and captivating, Keith shows you the practical, everyday use of levitation, alchemy, multi-dimensional travel, near-death experiences, out-of-body journeys, parallel realities and time-tripping. Spiritual teachers unveil their secrets to happiness. Ancient shamans impart how to manifest an easy flow of money. Angels illustrate how to heal the body instantly. Nature devas share keys to attracting soulmates. Spirit guides demonstrate how they can save your life in a crisis. Using his vast exploration as a healer, mystic, acupuncturist, urban shaman, filmmaker, personal coach, and seminar leader, Keith helps you become a real Miracle Maker!