Interview Questions for:

Keith Varnum, Inner Coach: Outer Power

1. What is the “Inner Coach”?

2. How does the Inner Coach give us “Outer Power”?

3. What is the main message of Inner Coach: Outer Power?

4. How is this book different from other books on the same subject?

5. What life challenges can the Inner Coach help with?

6. Who can benefit from tapping their Inner Coach?

7. Why did you write this book?

8. How do we manifest our dreams into reality?

9. Can you discuss the many different ways different people connect with their Inner Coach?

10. Can you use your Inner Coach for all life situations and problems?

11. Why should anyone read this book?

12. Where does a person start in opening to the power and wisdom of their intuition?

13. How did you develop your ability to use your Inner Coach to create what you wanted in the world?

14. What changes in your life do you attribute to following your inner guidance?

15. Does communicating with your Inner Coach require any change in religious or spiritual beliefs?

16. Who taught you how to connect with your Inner Coach?

17. How has your book been received so far?

18. How can people contact you to find out more about communicating with their Inner Coach?

19. How does a person get a Free Empowerment Tape to help them unfold their dreams?