The Magic of Crop Circles

Crop circles are geometric formations of great beauty and power appearing mainly in grain fields throughout the world. Crop circles are natural emotional and physical stargates—doorways to soul awakening. Crop circles are a “2012 spiritual nudge” to activate our natural spiritual abilities. These special patterns trigger recognition of ancient, archetypal symbols that catalyze profound transformation.

In the workshop, you tap the energy of these patterns to free yourself from conditioning and limitation. You open to real love, prosperity, success, joy and vitality. You stimulate clarity and creativity. You play in the space of magic and miracles!

Through guided meditation shamanic journeys, unique music (including 500-year-old Tibetan Bowls), and advanced quantum technologies, you have a personal, firsthand experience of the electro-magnetic-chakra initiation people enjoy within crop circles. The vibrational vortex energy generated by these patterns frees your mind, body and soul, shifts DNA and cellular structure, and releases inner blocks, trauma, drama and karma. Enjoy spontaneous physical healings, intense energy surges, and mystical visions.

Theories abound concerning who or what creates these mysterious formations, ranging from Earth energy ley lines and atmospheric conditions to alien spacecraft. Whatever the source, it’s clear that the Earth (Gaia) as an intelligent being is trying to communicate with us. These patterns reflect the traditional symbols of spiritual Earth cultures: sacred geometry, mandalas, labyrinths, spirals, pentagrams, the ancient Celtic cross, and Indian rock art and medicine wheels. Crop circles patterns are like the DaVinci Code of Mother Earth: encoded, secret, hidden keys to awaken us to our true spiritual nature and destiny.

This playshop is part of The Return of the Roundtable. Bring a personal power object. Go home with wondrous new tools for happiness.

Keith Varnum has helped people enjoy and embrace the adventure of life for thirty years as a life coach, author, Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio show host, vision quest shaman guide, and international seminar leader. Keith has explored the magical phenomenon of crop circles for over two decades.

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