Create Magic with the Matrix!

The Quantum Field at Your Fingertips!

Keith is a Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Matrix Energetics plays in a new paradigm using the science of subtle energy & quantum physics.

It couples the power of active imagination and focused intent to produce instant, physical, verifiable effects in real time. It’s not a technique but a consciousness shift.

It’s a fun, exciting new approach to transforming anything in your life.

Benefits of a Matrix Energetics Session

  • Expands your awareness
  • Anchors you in the Present Moment
  • Connects you with a deeper understanding of life
  • Empowers you to be in charge of your own happiness
  • Improves physical, mental and emotional vitality
  • Increases creativity and decision-making skills
  • Establishes an inner experience of joy

Matrix Energetics is a teachable approach that has a physical & observable effect every time.

This transformational tool is designed for all to play, learn & experience amazing new possibilities.

You work with the Light Energy Field to make actual, observable, permanent changes instantly.

Today, this revolutionary process is changing the lives of thousands around the world.

In a Matrix Session You:

Clear out the causes of all physical and emotional patterns

Create quick, dramatic and permanent results

Supercharge any technique or system of healing

Take skills home with you to use with yourself, family, friends & clients


Matrix Energetics sessions can be in person or by phone or by Gong:

No telephone charges for you in the U.S. or internationally via Skype


WOW! Energized and Peace-filled. What a glorious combination! That’s how I’m feeling (still feeling) more than 48 hours since my Matrix Energetics session. Sooooo very glad I decided on a private, one-on-one session with you. To all who read this: If you want to give yourself a profound, lasting gift, do book a Matrix Energetics session with Keith!!! YES – it really is that phenomenal. – Rose VanSickle, Phoenix

For Life-altering Matrix Energetics Session:

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