CD 5 



Explore the mystery and play of opening to other dimensions

Enjoying a Near-death Experience

After he rolls his car over and dies in the accident, Keith meets with his “Council of Elders.” The Council gives him a choice: start over in a new body or pick up where he left off in the old body. At the hospital doctors aren’t sure they can even close the deep gash in Keith’s face. They tell him he’ll need years of plastic surgery to restore his appearance. After the help of angels and Reiki, Keith beats the odds again.

Angels Celebrate Keith’s Rebirth

Once again Keith is tricked into spiritual growth. This time it’s the new age process of Rebirthing. And, surprise! … once again the unexpected and delightful occur. In his home Keith is surrounded by grace and hundreds of angels for three weeks. Then Keith Rebirths the employees of his natural foods company, and the company’s sales and size triple!

Who You Gonna Call? … Ghostbusters!

200 years after the Revolutionary War, a ghostbuster, Alana, frees the traumatized spirits of soldiers who were killed on the battlefield of Concord, Massachusetts. Alana beseeches Keith to help communicate with her teenage brother who just committed suicide. With childlike innocence—not really knowing what he’s getting into—Keith allows himself to be possessed by the tortured spirit of Alana’s brother. How does Keith get out of this one?

It’s Never Too Late to Say, “I Love You”

Keith had a rocky and distant relationship with his father. After his father dies, Keith feels he’s missed the chance to have a loving relationship with his father. Yet when his father appears in spirit form, Keith discovers it’s never too late to say, “I love you.”

Intuition Demands a Leap of Faith

As Keith is waiting for his cab to take him to the airport to fly to Hawaii, his 75-year-old mother calls to ask Keith to fly from Phoenix to the East Coast. She’s just been told by her doctors that she needs unforeseen emergency life-and-death surgery. Keith feels a strong obligation to his 20 workshop participants awaiting him in Hawaii. Of course Keith wants to be there for his mother in her crisis, as the doctors say she may not survive her surgery. Yet, when Keith consults his intuition, his intuition clearly tells him to go to Hawaii. Despite intense mounting guilt, Keith follows his heart to Hawaii to facilitate the workshop. Find out what happens days later when Keith finally gathers the courage to call home to find out why his intuition told him to abandon his mother in such a time of need.

Mr. Rogers’ Puppets Explain Death to Children

The media was filled with images of grief after Robert Kennedy was assassinated. Using balloons and puppets to lighten the spirits of children, Mr. Rogers presents a view of death that’s radically different from the media.
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