Magic, Miracles and Healing

The Hidden Mystery of Life on Earth

Opening Your Amazing Spiritual Powers

 Real Life Adventures of Keith Varnum

We live in an interactive, responsive universe that is designed to fulfill our deepest dreams … if we would only play along! Master the skill of responding to the messages that are meant to align you with your soul’s unique and exciting Earth adventure! Synchronicity is pure physics. The quantum mechanics of meaningful coincidences is constantly working for us. Our personal magnetic field of energy is always attracting exactly what we need to create our heart’s desires.

These stories demonstrate how to successfully navigate through the myriad of life choices by using the precise guidance system provided by the mirror reflection of the outer world:

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Keith Varnum: Magic, Miracles & Healing Set


 CD Set of 6 CD’s  $39.95


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Keith Varnum: Magic

Through Keith’s hair-raising exploits, discover how spirit gets you out of trouble when you follow your heart. Learn the secret of the 7 Sacred Pools. Relive how angels save Keith from certain death in a blizzard. Explore the hidden mysteries of Hawaii.


Keith Varnum: Manifestation

4 true tales illustrate how you can create what you want in life. An ancient Medicine Man materializes out of thin air. “The Kosmic Lady” rescues Keith’s career. Intuition saves Keith from 2 earthquakes. Learn how to attract a celebrity in Central Park.


Keith Varnum: Spiritual Powers

Empowering stories demonstrate how we all possess amazing natural spiritual abilities that can be deliberately developed in creative and fun ways. Keith has a wild close encounter with Extra-terrestrials, talks to plants and rocks, and levitates!


Keith Varnum: Alternative Universes

Stories that show how to bend time & space for fun and entertainment. Keith pops in & out of Present Time. Keith survives a 600 foot fall off a cliff. E.T. to the Rescue. Time jumping to heal a cut finger. Keith helps his brother thwart death by cancer.


Keith Varnum: Adventures with the "Other Side"

Explore the mystery & play of other dimensions. Enjoy a Near-death Experience. Angels celebrate Keith’s rebirthing. Calling on the “Ghostbusters.” It’s never too late to express your love to departed loved ones. Mr. Rogers’ puppets explain death to kids.


Keith Varnum: The Mystical Nature of Reality

Meet a parade of magical characters behind the scenes of so-called reality. Indiana Jones meets Exploding Volcano. Keith heals himself of blindness. Behind the Scenes in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Leaping into the arms of Neptune. The plant deva speaks.

About the recording artist:

A vibrant filmmaker in college, at the tender age of 19, Keith Varnum went totally blind before he could launch out on his own. The prognosis of doctors that Keith would be blind for the rest of his life catapulted him into the adventure of his life! On this journey he regained his eyesight, studied with oriental spiritual masters, shamans, kahunas, medicine men and women and discovered the secrets of all healing, transformation and success.

Keith tested these practical secrets in his 35-year career as an author, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, personal coach, therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, sound healer, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, gourmet chef, vision quest guide, vice president of a multi-million dollar company and international seminar leader with “The Dream Workshops.” Keith dedicates his life to assisting people to live their dream! He helps people grow, heal, play and embrace life.

Traveling the world, Keith has successfully assisted 1000’s of people to fulfill their heart’s longing. From finding a soulmate, a career you love and opening to abundance to being healthier and happier, he lovingly and playfully presents tools that actually transform lives.