Walk the footsteps of the Ancients

Native Traditions of Sedona

Explore the mystery…capture the majesty!
Time-proven tools to attract love, health & wealth
Gain clarity of purpose, power and passion

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A Celebration of Sacred Time

Awaken the shaman within!
A magical journey through timelessness
An ancient way for happiness today!

Medicine Wheel
Shamanic Journeys
Native American Ceremony

A Celebration of Sacred Renewal

  • People wanting to move forward on their spiritual path
  • People wanting more fun, love and meaning in their life
  • People facing change looking for skills to help themselves or others
  • People wanting to gain insight, access deeper levels of awareness

Whether you want to make changes in your professional and personal life, Native Traditions supports and empowers you to find your own solutions and move forward.

Get Answers through Native Ceremony

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you at a crossroad point in your life?

Are you unsure of your purpose or how to fulfill it?

Native Traditions provides a bridge, a transformational link, from the present day routines of life to bold encounters with your rich native heritage and strength.

Native Traditions applies traditional spiritual teaching to everyday modern challenges—inspiring us to live in harmony and cooperation with natural and celestial forces.

Native Traditions teaches you how to get full benefit from Sacred Sites—and how to activate these vital energies back home. You connect to the Great Spirit. You see your life clearly, face fears, let go of the past, and find a guiding vision for your future. You release outmoded ways of being and open to new beginnings. You allow this land to gift you with peace, empowerment, emotional release and joy!

Each of Us Has a Song

Each of us has a calling, a unique voice, a song we must sing … a vision we must enact. Each of us has the capacity to live a life of joy, to contribute to our people and make the world a better place. A special dream lives in each of us—a passion that would make us more alive, fulfilled and freer.

Among ancestral ruins and cathedral granite peaks, you will encounter your true Self through ritual, ceremony and shamanic practice—as well as relax by the turquoise waters of crystal springs. You unearth the empowering stories and myths that still linger in these ageless places.

Bathe in the Soaring Splendor of Red Rock Country

Feel yourself become one with the beauty that surrounds you. Discover a new way to honor all life and welcome the gifts that Sacred Land offers. Embark on a rewarding adventure that merges myth, mirth, meditation, native medicine, and Mother Earth.

What we do …

Native American Ceremonies

Native peoples used simple, powerful traditions to stay happy and healthy—and flow easily through life transitions and challenges.

  • Build an Ancestral Altar
  • Become a Sacred Earth Walker
  • Take a Journey of the 5 Senses
  • Go on a Shamanic Soul Retrieval
  • Make your Personal Medicine Pouch
  • Activate kundalini energy in Sacred Pools

Explore Sacred Sites

Labyrinths! Cliff dwellings!

Vortexes! Indian ruins!

Learn about the living spiritual forces of each Sacred Spot and how they can benefit your own search for truth, beauty and goodness. Use the earth energies for personal transformation. Allow this land to gift you with solitude, peace, empowerment, emotional release and joy!

Become a Human Mandala

Create your own Labyrinth

Practice Wisdomkeeper Rites

Feel the Ancients at Indian Rock Art Petroglyphs

Medicine Wheel Adventure

Weave your own Web of Life
Make & walk a Cosmic Wheel of Destiny
Receive inspiration, clarity & guidance
Apply the power of The Four Directions
Learn to travel the “Wheel of Life” wisely

Vortexes are vibrational portals known to promote healing and inspiration. A vortex is a Power Spot of intense magnetic energy coming from the earth. Use the earth energies for personal transformation.

Sound Healing

Receive the gifts of Wind Medicine through the Sacred Sounds of Native American flutes, chants and songs. Make music with rattles and drums made from natural elements.

Meet Your Spirit Animal





Journey to the animal spirit world to talk with your Power Animal—the ally that is guiding you right now. Tap into your Power Animal’s wisdom to gain insights into your life and its meaning, direction and purpose. Animal Totems help us align to our true purpose while reconnecting us to the earth and her people.

Animal Totems are revered in both indigenous and religious traditions and are the primary storytellers within the creation myths found around the world. These animal spirits–or “animal angels” as Plato called them—have mysterious and magical powers with which to help humanity.

Power Animals address the issue of power in our lives—what situations we give our power away and why and where we need to take our power back. They teach us what authentic power is and how to use power effectively. Power Animals also gift us with health, protection and good fortune.

The Earth Medicine Walk

The Earth Wisdom Walk is a purification encounter between Self and Earth—a mystical journey through nature to reveal the myths you’re currently living—and the results they’re manifesting in your life. You heal—and the Earth heals! It is at one time both self- and planetary-acupuncture.

Meet your Elemental Allies

The Spirits of Sun, Wind, Water and Earth invite you to co-create with them. You open to a deeper and larger aspect of your being. You build and strengthen your bonds with nature. And nature playfully assists you to make your dreams come true.

A Taste of the Desert

Delight your senses sampling cactus honey, prickly pear jam, sweet mesquite pod cookies and natural veggie bites made from native desert plants. You’ll discover which plants can be used for medicine, clothing and tools—as well as meals. You won’t believe how many ways you can use one plant!

All the Sedona Adventures can be designed by you as customized tours for 1-50 people.

You choose the dates. You choose the activites.

Native Traditions of Sedona

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Short, easy walks
No need to rent a car
Free rides to/from Sedona/Phoenix
Low cost lodging or free camping

Individual, group and children outings available
You can create your own dates that fit your schedule
Will customize ceremonies to suit your interests

Multi-day backpack camping trips are also available. Please inquire.

Free time to enjoy all that Sedona has to offer:


Native American crafts

Sweat Lodge ceremony

Grand Canyon treks

Psychic readings

Horseback riding

Hot air ballooning

Jeep & helicopter tours

Bi-plane & train scenic rides

World-famous art galley visits

5-Star Spas: healing massage, facial

Enticing restaurants in all price ranges

Your Guide

Keith Varnum

Keith has spent 30 years opening people professionally and privately to the transformative power of Nature. His first-hand experience and authentic, supportive space acts as a bridge for others to enter these realms more easily and confidently. Keith has dedicated his life to helping people grow, heal, play, succeed and embrace life. He’s applied his approach to personal dynamics as a life strategy coach, international seminar leader, therapist, acupuncturist, gardener, author, filmmaker, radio talk show host, owner-chef of two gourmet restaurants and vice president of the country’s largest natural food company. When not exploring consciousness in the canyons of Arizona, he travels around the world assisting people to open to life’s wonders and surprises in his Sedona Nature Adventures and Dream Workshops.


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Benefits of a Sedona Adventure

What Happens on a Sedona Adventure?

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What People Say about the Adventures

Sedona Vortexes Made Simple

Corporate Adventure Training 

Click here for the Sedona Nature Adventure:

A spectacular outdoor vision quest where you employ the physical universe as an accurate, liberating reflection of your own consciousness. Double your chances of getting the message from Spirit by reading the outer signs from your inner guidance. Transform lessons absorbed in wild spaces into concrete results in the urban canyons back home in order to enrich your work, relationships, health and finances. Learn to use Nature to create the love your heart longs for, a job with soul and passion, recharged vitality and health, the courage to find life purpose, renewed personal creativity, and the clarity to make wise life choices. Easy walking along tree-shaded streams in 3 magical canyons, motel or camping at night.

Click here for Ancient & Magical Sedona:

Personalized Mystical Explorations

Create your own dates to fit your visit

Tailor ceremonies to suit your interests

Individual, group and corporate outings

People come from all over the world to Sedona to explore Sacred Sites—these profound Power Spots of earth’s magnetic magic. Learn about the living spiritual forces of Sacred Spaces. These forces are about who you are and could be. It’s the only destination that matters—the healthiest, happiest you! In the Red Rock splendor of Sedona, ancient gorges offer cool streams, activating waterfalls, towering cliffs and lush meadows. Stir a sense of wonder about the world around you. Awaken and quicken to new potentials and creativity. The adventure that will change your life.

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