Passion, Play & the Power of Possibility





1st Day:    Passion & the Return of the Heart Dragon

 Laughter, Love & the Way Home


 In this session you:


Access multi-dimensional fields

Activate and align your subtle bodies

Stabilize your connection to Infinite Inner Source

Get back your power to be happy, healthy and fulfilled

Strengthen your connection to the Earth’s energy field

You clear your energetic field of unhelpful influences and forces:


Retrieve and reintegrate Lost Aspects of your Soul

Re-establish your alignment with Present Time Consciousness

Integrate the Shadow Aspect of yourself


You learn how to override:


The 2 Joy Bandits: guilt and blame
The 4 behaviors that sabotage inner and outer prosperity
The 3 major archetypal patterns that block your spiritual progress


And much, much more…



2nd Day:               The Prosperity of Play


How to Connect with the Angel of Grace


On this day you:


Master new energy frequencies of transmutation

Set new intentions that will enrich your life at the deepest level

Gain the clarity and power to accomplish whatever you choose

Develop innovative skills and techniques that keep you on track


You discover:


The 4 words that will change your life

6 gateways to the deepest inner transformation

7 keys to transform your life passion into a prosperous profession


You learn how to:


Heal with Sound & Vibration

Open Star Gates to travel between dimensions

Tap into the Miraculous Pool of energy used by Jesus and Buddha

Get an immediate answer to your prayers



3rd Day:                     The Power of Possibility


Shapeshifting: the Ultimate Magic



Leaping into a new paradigm, you apply what you’ve learned to your personal life


You discover how to tap Morphic Fields to provide unimagined resources


You reclaim the power to:


Talk to nonphysical teachers

Initiate spontaneous healing

Travel out-of-body

Explore parallel realities


You master the Use of:



Time Travel

Stopping the World

Dialogue with the Ascended Masters


You release the Miracles inside you by:


Cleaning your Etheric Aura

Mastering Spiritual Alchemy

Unleashing your Kundalini energy

Initiating your Christ Consciousness


You go home with:

Practical 1st steps for activating miracles in your life

The ability to use your Multi-sensory Perception

Secrets of Health & Longevity