The Plant Fairy Speaks

By Keith Varnum

Every blade of grass has its angel who bends over it and whispers “Grow, grow!”

– The Talmud

“How can I cultivate communication with the nature spirits of trees, animals, wind, birds, rocks and plants?”

“What approach or attitude opens the door to seeing and talking with elves, fairies, gnomes, angels and Ascended Masters?”

People often question me about how they can deliberately develop a personal connection with nonphysical beings in other dimensions of reality. Since this form of communication unfolded naturally for me, I’ve never had a good answer. My process was invisible to me. Finally, so many people came to me expressing a sincere longing to see and talk with angels, nature devas and spirit guides, I felt compelled to find a way to help them. So I asked my inner coach the same question my many friends asked me:

“Why is direct connection to beings in other dimensions a natural ability for a few people and yet seemingly impossible for so many others?”

A piece of the puzzle revealed itself to me during a casual early morning conversation in San Francisco. The previous day, I’d asked for intuitive guidance on how people could foster multisensory perception in order for them to have direct personal communication with diverse nonphysical realms. The following morning, I was eating breakfast with a dear friend.

Lois is a delightful, adventurous, spunky woman well into her eighties. At one point in the conversation, she shared how she’d been opening up spiritually for sixty years, but was still unable to see or talk with her spirit guides—St. Germain, Jesus and Sai Baba—or with angels and nature spirits.

“So many times I’ll feel a warmth akin to a presence in the room with me. The connection gives me a vivid sense of serenity and comfort. But that’s as far as it goes. I’m still not able to make further conscious contact with the energy or entity.”

Questioning her further, I learned that she enjoys a distinct resonance with plants. She can sometimes feel an energy emanating from her plants, but is never able to see the plant’s aura or subtle body, or to have a dialogue with the spirit of the plant.

“Keith,” she implored, “How do I do it? How can I connect with my guides and my plants in a more conscious and meaningful way?”

Her expression and words were so poignant. I could feel how significant this issue was for her. Then, at that very moment, a faint glow began to radiate from the little houseplant she had on the breakfast table. As Lois continued to express her desire and longing to interact more directly with nonphysical friends, the light at the center of the plant shown brighter and brighter.

I knew the light was the deva, the nature spirit, of this plant. Upon my recognition of its presence, the fairy deva shone so brilliantly it almost hurt my eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, this dramatic light demonstration was a direct response to Lois’ prayers and desires. I speculated to myself,

Pointing to the brilliant glow radiating from the heart of the plant, I exclaimed, “Well, there you go! There’s your answer.”

Lois said nothing. She simply sat there with a puzzled look on her face, staring in the direction of my outstretched finger. “What answer? I don’t see anything unusual. I don’t understand what you’re pointing at!”

She didn’t see the light. She saw nothing!

“What about that light there, Lois,” I coached. “That deva, that fairy, that glow?’

She strained and squinted. She still didn’t see anything unusual.

I urged, “Do you sense anything? Do you feel a presence, a warmth, any unusual
sensation at all?”

Discouraged, she sighed and responded, “No, nothing.”

By now I was perplexed and becoming extremely frustrated. I asked my inner knowing, “How can I help her?”

            The plant spirit spoke right up:

            “Ask her: ‘If you saw me, would you tell anyone?’”

I took the deva’s cue. I softly inquired, “Lois, if you saw the glow of this deva right now . . . if you communicated with it in some way . . . if you had any definite interaction with it at all . . . would you tell anyone?”

“No, absolutely not!” she replied immediately, abruptly sitting up straight in her chair. “I’ve gotten in such trouble talking about things like that. You can lose friends that way.”

Lois’ reply was so terse and fearful, I realized instantly why she never experienced spiritual visions, multisensory awareness or communications with other dimensions. The barrier was her own unconsciously held, internal, emotional belief system. She believed if she communicated with the nonphysical world and people found out, they would think she was a foolish old woman. Lois was afraid people would say she was crazy. This, in turn, would cause her an enormous degree of shame. Lois was in denial. Unconsciously, of course, as with all denial. She was actually refusing contact, blocking herself from opening to the connection she so desperately longed for in her life.

Now I understood. I thought to myself, Each of us is in charge of what kind of spiritual experiences we can and do have. By the receptivity level of our own unconscious, emotional beliefs, we determine how much we can open to the full array of all the possible dimensions and aspects of life. We are the keepers and creators of our own magic and miracles. 

I shared my insight with Lois. She definitely saw how she psychologically hindered her own ability to have the spiritual experiences for which she so longed. I assisted Lois to feel, release and integrate her strong emotions about publicly expressing her natural spiritual abilities.

Lois was a trooper! She went deep inside and experienced her emotions as “sensations,” instead of calling them “fear,” “shame” and “loneliness.”  Holding her emotions within a neutral, generic framework such as “sensations,” “energy” or “vibration,” she was willing to open to and fully feel these energies she normally identifies as specific emotions. When she didn’t define or name the sensations she was feeling with a “negative” label, she didn’t resist feeling the emotion. When she approached the feelings in an emotionally uncharged way-as “vibration,” she was willing and able to fully experience and embrace the energy of each feeling.

Fully feeling the energy of an emotion allows the energy of the emotion to fully express itself. When the energy of a feeling is given the space—the acceptance—to fully express itself, it is complete, done, fulfilled. The energy of the emotion dissipates by the act of being integrated-embraced-back into our neutral field of energy, our creative life force. The feeling is no longer a block or hindrance to our intentions and actions.

After a short while, Lois was much lighter and a lot freer of the vibration generally called “fear.” In fact, she remarked that the sensation she used to label “fear,” now felt like excitement! She felt very open to the possibility of developing her innate spiritual skills no matter who found out about them!

The last time I connected with Lois, she reported she’s seeing a distinct glow around certain flowers in her garden. She’s also feeling a definite, strong presence and a long-desired tranquility when speaking to her roses. Last week, a daffodil actually talked back!

And, she no longer keeps her magic to herself. She’s told two friends so far. And they don’t think she’s a crackpot. In fact, they’d like to learn themselves how to converse with plant spirits.

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