Reap the results of the
Quantum Shift








Master healing and transformation founded on the laws of light energy physics, consciousness and focused intention:

• Find your joy
• Release the causes of physical & emotional patterns
• Create fast, dramatic and lasting benefits
• Supercharge any technique or system of healing
• Hands-on methods to practice on yourself & friends

         Play in a new paradigm

And ride the wave of moment- to-moment new information.

We enter the Unified Field of Consciousness. The space-time continuum. The Wave. Oneness. Grace. Home.

We are spirit expressing in physical form. Light beings in a mantel of matter.

We come together to access a reality that is fluid, flexible and infinitely malleable.

Instant change is possible

Dreams manifesting is inevitable

This fun and transformational playshop is about you—and your happiness and vitality!

Personally experience exciting new approaches to personal awakening.

Explore the infinite possibilities of transformation through energy healing.

The Quantum Shift adventure is open to anyone seeking abundance, aliveness, fun, miracles and spiritual ecstasy. We help each other manifest our deepest dreams. Our get-together is very interactive, lively and heart-centered. You practice with others who are creating what they want in their lives.

Our approach is scientific. And mystical. And entirely magical!

We open doors to new awareness, new playgrounds, new delights.

Once someone’s glimpsed the City of Light, you can’t get ‘em back to the farm! The game is too exciting. The adventure too electric. The journey too enticing.

The Matrix is the master blueprint of the Universe. The energetic infrastructure of the world we live in. Our human structures aren’t built with wood and nails. Our physical world is created with energy and beliefs. Condensed energy is the basic construction material. Our beliefs nail this energy in place. The result is the Matrix.

Play creatively with the Matrix and you can re-construct your world!

How do you enter the Matrix to change your world?

This is the main purpose of all scientific and spiritual endeavor. This is the intent of every complex experiment and ancient ritual. Cracking the entry code of the construction of the Universe is the goal of all modern technology and of all sacred tradition.

This is the focus of the Quantum Shift adventure!

We play with many approaches to vibrational healing, including Matrix Energetics, the Sedona Method, 5 Sacred Tibetan Rites, Brain Yoga, and many other simple and surprising transformational modalities.

We help you grow, heal and embrace life in all its wonder and delight. Now you can attract a great relationship, get a better job, make more money, and manifest a deeper understanding of life.

You’ll leave each day feeling lighter and more optimistic about yourself and life’s challenges.

Quantum Shift creates a unique and dynamic environment in which anything is possible!

You shed your preconceptions and limitations to enter a highly supportive playground for your consciousness.

You’ll also get to know each other and share your own gifts. Feel free to invite friends. This is an enriching and entertaining journey for everyone!

You are officially invited to come and play with the Possible and surf the Surprise.

All outrageous requests will be entertained and energized by the Universe.

No borders. No boundaries.

Infinite probabilities. Limitless transformation.

Fun and Fortune await your Divine Presence

As the host, I, Keith Varnum, will share my forty years of practical wisdom gained from living with Eastern spiritual masters, tribal shamans, Hawaiian Kahunas and Native American medicine men. I’ve tested these practical secrets in my career as an author, personal coach, therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, sound healer, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, gourmet chef, vision quest guide, vice president of a multi-million dollar natural foods company, and international seminar leader with my Dream Workshops. Keith is a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner. Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing and transformation developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett.