Source Your Abundance from Nature

By Keith Varnum 

Nature is the most abundant creator in the universe. Every plant spawns thousands of offspring to insure the survival of its species—and to feed six billion people every day! Nature teaches not only how to survive, but how to thrive—abundantly!

Throughout the history of humankind, Nature has inspired people to unearth fresh options for living more prosperous lives. Canyons reveal insights that guide folks to more satisfying careers. Forests stimulate realizations that lead people to more joy.

And Mother Nature provides other assistance—like talking animals and trees—that reminds us of unlimited possibilities! What gateways in Nature can you use to find the fulfillment you want in life?

Nature Teaches How to Succeed in Life

Nature reveals to us the easiest, most practical, do-able way to reach any goal. As a living guidance system, Nature models how to best proceed on your life journey with step-by-step suggestions. And, as you open to Nature’s gifts, you naturally reconnect to your intuition. Nature’s messengers will always tell you the most harmonious and efficient way to succeed and live in Universal Supply:

  • Spiders teach how to weave new webs to catch new dreams
  • Ancient oaks whisper the wisdom of bending to remain strong and hold your ground
  • The eagle suggests a higher vantage point to easily see the next step to take
  • Water demonstrates how to move effortlessly around all obstacles to attain your goals
  • Hummingbirds tell how to raise your vibration to have more fun in your life
  • The hawk shows you how to spread your wings to reach new heights
  • Rocks share how to build a solid foundation for your dreams

Change the World from the Inside Out

Being in Nature you can open a clear connection to your inner guidance to reclaim creative power in your outer world.

The Call of the Wild soothes the soul. Nature provides “medicine” for the spirit. Similar to the helpful guidance practices of astrology and numerology, Nature provides direction and comfort for people who are temporarily out of touch with their own intuition—their direct knowing.

Just as we are given useful clues about how to live a more inspired life through our nightly dreams, Nature’s compassionate messages provide us with direction, comfort, warnings, inspiration, guidance and encouragement.

What’s Your Vision?

Traditionally, indigenous people embark on a vision quest to reconnect to their spirit and intuition. Aborigines in Australia go on a vision quest-like “walkabout” that can last a day, a week or years.

Many modern folks use a vision quest to receive clarity about their life purpose. Others open to guidance concerning the next step on their life path. Still others seek to break free of old habits and patterns that aren’t bringing them true health and happiness. Like the native peoples, people tap into the raw vitality of Nature for counsel about moving through life’s challenges.

Practice Not Theory

Nature teaches “Doing,” not “Talking about Doing.” You learn by doing—interacting with the forces and elements of the natural world. The lessons are relevant, practical and lasting.

Nature can show you how to attract:

  • Outrageous abundance
  • The love your heart longs for
  • A job with soul and passion
  • Renewed vitality and health
  • Recharged personal creativity

Discover Your Heart Path

In the Native American tradition, a path with heart is a life being lived with integrity, passion and joy. Be an Urban Shaman. Discover the power and peace in following the guidance of the Great Spirit, the Tao, the River of Life.

Use Nature to:

  • Look and feel younger
  • Awaken your natural spiritual abilities
  • Transform conflict into harmony
  • Shift illness into wellness
  • Travel your own unique path to happiness
  • Transform natural sensuality into spiritual opening
  • Find your perfect partner for passion, play or profession

In Nature you tap unexpected new sources of strength, joy, ecstasy and inner peace. Nature Warriors live their passion, speak divine truth, create love with heart, and build karmic freedom portals with each footstep. You reclaim your inner strength and nature aliveness to make lasting life improvements.

Nature teaches you how to:

  • Tap into unlimited energy from the Earth to manifest your dreams
  • Transfer authentic connection to animals and plants to your relationships with people
  • Use the patterns of nature to predict and produce what you want in everyday urban life
  • Apply the secrets of water and wind to creating abundance in your wallet and bedroom
  • Utilize flow dynamics of Nature to unblock your body, work, emotions and love life
  • Respond to life’s challenges with more accuracy, grace and freedom
  • Find your advantageous Power Spot in any situation, endeavor or relationship  

Your reclaim your innate wisdom, inner strength, and natural aliveness to make lasting life improvements.


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