The Sovereign Self Workshop

Are you settling for less than what you really want in life? 

A revolutionary new workshop shows you how to create the life you always wanted and never believed you could have. This workshop presents tools the facilitator, Keith Varnum, has personally used to breakthrough widely-accepted limiting beliefs about life, death, money, health, love, spirituality and security.

“There is nothing certain in this world except death and taxes!” Oh, how well we argue for our limitations! But how inevitable are death and taxes?  . . . or sickness, scarcity, struggle or strife?

Attractive options do exist in this world of which most people are not aware. Ancient and indigenous peoples enjoy a world where death as we think of it does not exist. And there are financial alternatives to heavy, rigid taxation.

Yes, options. You can opt out of mass consciousness beliefs and realities that don’t serve you. You can opt into individual beliefs and realities that do serve your dreams.

Do You Choose Beliefs That Excite You?

The Sovereign Self workshop presents options for the discriminating believer and the discerning creator. Personal Sovereignty is having a real choice about what beliefs—and therefore realities—we choose to create in our personal world—regarding money, love, security, health and fun. Personal Sovereignty includes and goes beyond biological and financial freedom. True Sovereignty also encompasses political, social, legal and spiritual independence.

“Celebrate the new millennium by gathering together to re-story our future, individually and collectively,” states Keith Varnum, the facilitator of The Sovereign Self workshop. “We’ll start a fresh conversation with our universe about what it means to be alive, to be human and to be abundant manifesters. We’ll assist each other to co-create a new vision of ourselves and our society that is more creative and compassionate. We’ll co-create a future from our passion, not from our past.”

Do You Challenge Your Limitations? 

This dynamic workshop challenges our deepest-held, unconscious convictions about who we are, personally, socially, biologically and spiritually. The seminar exposes our “transparent beliefs,” the notions about life that feel like facts of life, but are actually only widely-held beliefs. These subterranean, underlying emotional convictions about life determine how we experience each aspect of our everyday life. Disguised as “facts” these unconscious beliefs filter our perception of every event and distort reality to fit into our rigid, preconceived framework. The liberating truth about these convictions is that they are totally arbitrary. Our beliefs are fictions that over time have become fact. Our beliefs are tales about “the way life is” that have—through constant automatic re-telling–become accepted as truth. In this workshop, we expose the illusions of time, money, food, struggle, sleep, disease and death.

“The Sovereign Self’ playshop challenges the very structure of collective reality, the socially accepted nature of the physical universe. Keith shares, “We’ll unmask the bandit that has stolen our personal power and collective joy. We’ll expose these “facts of life” for what they really are—fantasies of a culture that has forgotten who wrote the script of life. We’ll help each other to re-connect with our Original Vision, the game plan we originally designed for soul’s expression as a human on earth. Together we’ll energize our new, freely-created personal stories for the New Millennium.”

Can You Envision a New Life? 

Powerful tools are offered to assist you to release the grip of the old, automatic, arbitrary programming and free yourself to invent anew and unfettered. Proven techniques are presented to help you withdraw your energy from the energy field of the unconscious personal and cultural agreements. When you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the collective consciousness, you can create and evolve in any way at any rate you choose. You will envision fresh, different ways of making an abundant living and of aspiring to health and happiness.

7 Benefits of Sovereignty

1. Enjoy life fully 

Sovereignty is having what you choose (want and need) when you choose to have it. In truth, it is our natural state. When we’re aligned with our true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort or doingness. You don’t have to be a victim of fate, destiny, karma, social conditioning or even your own life plan. No matter what oaths, vows, decisions or personal laws you’ve committed to in the past, you can re-draw your life blueprint in the present. In this holographic universe you can access the space where you created all agreements—and change them! Learn powerful, effective tools for re-writing your life script in an immediate and lasting way. Take charge of your own adventure and re-negotiate your soul contract on your terms. Master the present—and your future!

  • Create the perfect means for your heart’s expression
  • Respond intuitively to the present, instead of reacting emotionally to the past
  • Let your intuition guide you to the vehicles that allow your spirit to sing its unique song 

2. Receive from life fully 

International seminar leader and visionary Keith Varnum presents new, breakthrough techniques for walking out of our limited world into limitless self-reliance. As Varnum states, “All human quest for happiness is a search for the power (ability) to provide physical security and spiritual well being. People seek power in the form of money, love, property, laws, customs, insurance, approval, sex and medicine. These forms are the ways people try to secure a reliable energy source to provide for all their needs. To the degree that you expend your time and attention looking for power energy where it doesn’t exist is the degree to which you can’t spend this same time and attention looking for energy where it does exist. To the degree you quit seeking power energy (love, money, security, health) where it doesn’t exist is the degree to which you begin to find power where it does exist—from a reliable, infinite source—from within you, nature and spirit. In the seminar, you quickly realize the benefits of self-generation in your daily life:

  • Attract abundance, money, love, resources and opportunities more quickly with less effort
  • Connect to Universal Supply to have all the skill, love and resources required to create the life you desire
  • Restore your natural ability to recognize the people, opportunities and resources that lead to a soul-satisfying life 

3. Give to life fully 

“Sovereignty Feng-Shui” – the art of harmoniously guiding the flow of energy and events in your life. You can’t give to others what you don’t possess. As you open to receiving abundance, wisdom, power and real love, you can then share these treasures with the world. Plus:

  • Enjoy increased vitality, balance, grounding, relaxation and, thus, creativity
  • Drop Self-defining Limits—uncover the unique, special talents hidden behind your old self-image
  • Unite with the Life Force of the physical universe—build balance and decrease sickness and accidents
  • Recognize Personal Power Spots—act from the right space with the right action at the right time 

4. Respond to life fully 

Become a “Change Master!” To thrive in the new millennium, we must also become more capable of handling change more than ever before. The current environment of accelerating evolution is not a temporary aberration. We aren’t going to return to a sane, stable world any time soon. It’s smart to accept that change and chaos are natural and normal, and will play a significant role in your life for some time to come. As indigenous peoples put it, we must become “Change Masters.” Change Masters not only welcome, invite and celebrate the flux of ever-evolving life, but also consciously drive and direct these rhythms. In the playshop, you learn to adapt the world to you, rather than you adapting to the world.

“The Sovereign Self” helps you focus on what you can control in dealing with life—your vision, attitude, approach, energy level, confidence and sense of humor. It’s clear that if we are to navigate safely and gracefully through this critical transition period in history, we must make a radical break with the past, and look at ourselves and our world with fresh eyes. This breach entails a fundamental shift in thinking and perception—a shift in human consciousness as profound and far-reaching as any in our history. Assume command of the unlimited natural vital flow within yourself and get enough power to fund your own Dream and have plenty left over for family, friends—and fun!

  • Learn to steer change to your advantage
  • Manage and accurately predict the fluctuations of the contemporary world
  • “See” the flow of energy in a family discussion or business meeting
  • Unblock obstructions and inefficiencies in your personal and professional life
  • Orchestrate the magic of humor, laughter, play, spontaneity and serendipity

5. Heal your life fully 

Become a modern Urban Shaman. Practice strengthening your connection to Source while dissolving the veils that separate you from the healing power of deeper reality. The body/mind/spirit is designed to heal itself and feel good. Learn how intention moves energy. Learn to apply Nature and ancient native wisdom to transform your everyday modern life:

  • Allow the Inner Healer to work its magic to align and purify your being
  • Learn the spiritual science of spontaneous healing of any condition or situation
  • Practice Natural Re-charging—trigger the body’s innate harmonizing immune system
  • Take advantage of Organic Life-Pacing—enhance vitality and decrease downtime
  • Tap ancient Native Wisdom—ground and center yourself in the self-sustaining, healing River of Life

6. Create in life fully 

Decide to express your passion and learn how to get paid well for it. Destine your prosperity by developing your natural skills and gifts. Open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world. Break out of the rut to generate new possibilities. Break the molds inherited from our parents. Break up the tyranny of narrow definitions. Break free of the traditions of the tribe:

  • Transform out-dated practices and paradigms
  • Self-facilitate your own personal evolution
  • Awaken to fresh choices, options and solutions you never saw before
  • Open the door to find the easiest, most practical, doable way to deal with any situation 

7. Express your life fully 

Discover who you are and what you are really here to experience, explore and embrace this lifetime. Create your life as a joyous adventure:

  •  Re-seed a renewed sense of peace, well-being and wholeness
  •  Undo old routines and habits of thinking, perceiving and responding to life that no longer serve you
  •  Choose to be “innocent—free—of preconceptions, prejudices and the past
  •  Develop your ability to hear, trust and act on internal guidance instead of external stimuli

When Things Go Right

What keeps you safer than a gun, a gated community, a 12’ high wall, or the most advanced technology?

What is more secure than a bank, a vault, an army, or geographical isolation?

You. Your personal power. Your clarity. Your intuition. Your conscious connection to the forces that—in reality—drive the events in the world. You don’t have to live with worry, fear or anger about war, terrorism, a fluctuating stock market, or the loss of health, job or relationship. When you truly understand what actually keeps you safe day-to-day in the world, you will choose to cultivate your Sovereign Self.

Things go right when you live from your Sovereign Self!

Choose to live life fully—in harmony and abundance—now!

Learn how to protect your freedom and prosperity in a timely, powerful workshop designed for people who know there’s a higher, more advantageous path.

Give yourself a Sovereign Paradigm Shift!

Return to Sovereignty

You are in grave danger!

At any moment—you may be loving, laughing, alive—

you may accidentally find God!

– Rabindranth Tagore

During many years of observing others and myself searching for fulfillment, I’ve noticed an essential ingredient is often missing. I call this ingredient sovereignty—self-sufficiency, self-generation or total independence from outside sources. Without this quality in its authentic form, no one I know has been able to achieve the happiness, health and peace they are seeking.

Throughout the years of assisting others and myself to feel truly joyous and free, I’ve watched people try to ignore, deny, invalidate or rationalize away the importance of sovereignty. I’ve witnessed friends and other people attempt to fake it, substitute for it, and try to steal and borrow it from others. All these efforts have been in vain. Their time, energy and intention would have been put to better use by focusing on allowing this quality to become a solid personal reality.

In my experience, a true, conscious state of sovereignty is absolutely critical for genuine, lasting satisfaction during the Earth experience. If you’re not entirely clear as to the nature of this state, it’s not surprising. In deliberate accordance with our personal and collective design, there is a subtle, pervasive individual and cultural prohibition against tasting too deeply the nectar of sovereignty.

Throughout history, this cover-up has been very successful and almost completely impenetrable. There is a good reason for this. When you authentically recognize the fundamental truth of your own sovereignty, the gig is up! The ego’s charade of imminent destruction is exposed as a lie and, in fact, as an impossibility. This revelation is a death knoll for the aspect of you that tries to destroy your joy by threatening you with disapproval, disagreement, disease and destruction. This part of you that doesn’t want to “give up the ghost” (illusion) is variously referred to as the ego, mind, intellect, conditioning, programming, personality, identity or persona. This aspect of yourself bought into the tribal collective agreement, mainstream mass consciousness, that you are ultimately vulnerable to body and soul annihilation if you don’t tow the party line, as dictated by . . . who else? . . . the ego.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. One of my spiritual mentors, Lester, was fond of musing:

“The thing people fear the most is non-survival. And non-survival is the only thing that can’t ever happen to us.”

You are an eternal being, whether you like it or not—whether you are aware of it or not! Sovereignty is the personal recognition of your everlasting, eternal permanency!

Sovereignty isn’t a concept, idea, principle, possibility, option or creation. It doesn’t need to be affirmed, declared, visualized, asserted, defended or manifested. The immutability of your sovereignty doesn’t depend on whether you believe in it or not. It is a fact of your existence, an inescapable, immutable reality. Your awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of sovereignty may come and go to one degree or another, but eternalness never waivers as your fundamental, inalienable true nature.

Sovereignty is knowing you are the ultimate source of every experience you have in your life. You know for certain you are a sovereign being when you generate your own energy, love, power, health, wisdom, clarity, security, peace and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Lester often reminded me, “You only know that which you can do!” In order to operate on a practical basis as the creator you are, it’s crucial to tap directly into the universal life force in a real, tangible, lasting way. You need to connect fully with the fire within, with the essence that nurtures the fullness of your being.

One very effective and immediate way to access your true nature and power is to shift your identification away from thinking (believing) that you are only your human personality, that you are only a body, and that you are separate from other people and other forms of life. As your creative attention shifts from who you think you are to who you truly are, you experience the total security and certainty of your basic essence. Our true essence is an eternal energy field of consciousness. This energy field of consciousness is connected with all life and gives us the freedom to create whatever we choose.

It’s helpful to be aware that this shift of attention cannot be just a mental exercise. A wholesale re-identification of your entire being with the everyday reality of self-generation is required. This re-identification has to be fully integrated on the emotional, spiritual, biological and molecular levels. And it’s crucial for you to create direct, firsthand, tangible, demonstrable and repeatable evidence that you can, in fact, manifest and attract all the love, safety, energy, well-being, joy, peace and abundance you desire in your life.

The benefit of giving yourself this factual personal validation is that this firsthand evidence takes sovereignty from the realm of the conceptual to the reality of the practical. When you can prove your sovereignty to yourself repeatedly, at will, on your own terms, in your own way and in your world, then self-generation becomes real for you.

One very useful resource you can use to validate sovereignty for yourself is tapping into the accurate, comprehensive recall of your inner coach—intuition. Your intuition is the aspect of your consciousness that can remind you accurately, without ego filters and bias, of everything that has ever happened to you in your lifetime. Using intuitive, meditative, shamanic soul journeying you can guide yourself to reconnect with peak moments in your life when you personally experienced the vibration, energy and reality of sovereignty. These are moments when you knew with certainty your true nature of power, passion and creativity.

In this way you can re-light your pilot light and stoke your inner fire to burn more brightly. As you come alive again within, you naturally remember how to continuously fuel your own courage, safety, power, prosperity, compassion and happiness. As you begin to vibrate at the frequency of sovereignty in your everyday life, you attract and experience more of the direct personal evidence that makes the state of sovereignty even more authentic and lasting for you. Like vibration attracts—and creates—like vibration.

The more experientially convincing it becomes to you that you are in charge of your own energy and survival, the more you will keep your creative attention focused on the realness of your own sovereignty. As more attention is focused on your true personal power, less attention is available to slip back into energizing old patterns of dependence and helplessness. Old fears of victimhood, insecurity and abandonment diminish and eventually dissolve from lack of sustaining attention. Threats of your personality’s limited perspective become less and less convincing. It becomes less crucial to control other people or the environment to make sure you get enough love, energy or safety. It becomes less necessary to resist or defend against others trying to control you or steal your energy. It becomes less imperative for you to withhold, hide, alter or disguise your true feelings, desires and excitement for fear of upsetting or threatening somebody else’s world.

As you reclaim your natural power, you become self-sustaining. The whole process of truly owning your sovereignty snowballs in the direction of freedom and abundance. The more time you spend in the vibration of sovereignty, the easier it becomes to keep all your attention there. Soon, you find yourself living every day in an ocean of infinite supply. You possess all the clarity, wisdom, power and joy you previously searched for and found so fleeting. All your awareness is nurtured daily by this direct experience of being completely connected, loved, energized and supported on the Earth in a very practical way.

From this authentic inner security emanates the courage and strength to be who you really are. This honest expression keeps your creative attention flowing to what is naturally right for you and truly gives you happiness. You have all your personal power available to fully energize your soul’s innermost impulse to express and create. Your attention flows unhindered—without distraction, detour or derailment—into funding your heart’s deepest desires and fulfilling your fondest dreams. You have returned to your natural state of sovereignty.

Sharing who you really are—and all your natural spiritual abilities—with the world is the ultimate act of love. Being self-generating, you are able to allow all other inhabitants of Earth to do whatever they choose. You can offer others the space to be just as they are. You become capable of giving the greatest gift we can bestow on another being: unconditional love, total acceptance.