Telepathy: “Hello, Is Anyone Home?”

By Sulana Stone

Talking heart-to-heart is a natural ability for animals and people. Individual birds in a flock change their flight path at the same time. You “think” of a friend the moment before your friend calls. Coincidence? No. It’s telepathy. The cosmic communication system. Free unlimited anywhere, anytime minutes—local or long distance. Forever!

So how can we skip the phone and use our telepathic skills to talk with each other? An Aboriginal tribe in Australia and a dog in Arizona have some intriguing answers for us.

Wisdom from Downunder

Aborigines who talk telepathically—independent of distance—indicate that many people lost this inherent talent when they began hiding how they really feel.

In the book Mutant Message from Downunder, we find clues on how to reclaim this natural communication skill. Marlo Morgan, the author, describes what she learned about talking soul-to-soul from an Aboriginal tribe who call themselves The Real People:

“Real People can use telepathy because above all they never tell a lie, not a small fabrication, not a partial truth, nor any gross unreal statement. No lies at all, so they have nothing to hide. Real People are a group of people who are not afraid to have their minds open to receive and are willing to give one another information. … Telepathy is the way humans were designed to communicate. Different languages and various written alphabets are eliminated as obstacles when people use heart-to-heart talk.”

Ellie the dog agrees with The Real People. This furry telepathic expert proved to me that talking with an open heart bridges any language barrier—even the apparent gap between animals and people.

The Dog from Hell

“The dog from hell!” That’s what I called Ellie. Each time I saw Ellie and her owner on my frequent walks in the desert, the nightmare would unfold. The devil dog spots me. She barks. As I get closer, she gets meaner. A threatening snarl emerges. Writhing lips expose glistening white teeth. Restrained by her owner with a thick leather leash, the demonic canine lunges for me time and again. This 70-pound terror scares the bejesus out of me on every occasion we cross paths!

Why does Ellie act like she wants to tear me apart? After a year of hostile encounters, I decide to talk with Ellie and find out why she’s behaving the way she is.

Does Telepathy Really Work?

How can I communicate with this savage beast? Surely not face-to-face. It’s too dangerous!

Can I reach Ellie telepathically, soul-to-soul? I decide to experiment. After all, what have I got to lose?

Tell the Truth

While sitting quietly, I focus on talking to Ellie’s soul—not to the monster personality she displays. Then I get in touch with what my heart wants to express. “Tell her the truth,” my soul whispers. “Ellie,” I speak to her being, “I’m afraid of you.” Next, I ask her why she acts so aggressively towards me and listen for a reply.

“I’m scared of you, too,” she replies honestly. “When I see you walking, your heart’s closed. I can’t tell what you’re thinking or feeling. So I don’t know what you’re going to do. I can’t trust you. I keep you away. I’m protecting myself.”

Whew, what a wake up call! Ellie’s right. I love walking alone in nature. When someone enters “my territory,” I get upset. I didn’t realize until now that instead of releasing the irritation, I hold onto the anger. And on top of that, I try to hide the upset from myself and others. I pretend to be happy and nice.

In order to hide my true feelings from myself, I have to shut my heart. When a person’s heart is closed, so is their intuition. A person with a closed heart is no longer sensitive and caring to the people or creatures around them.

Naturally, Ellie’s inner alarm goes off, “Warning! Warning! Closed heart approaching. Don’t trust this person!” Ellie isn’t fooled by the superficial smile I flash at her and her owner. No wonder she wants to keep me away!

Still in meditation, I feel how sweet Ellie really is. She’s not the demon dog she appears to be. With a sincere desire to have a peaceful relationship with Ellie, I tell her, “The next time I see you, I’ll open my heart so you can feel who I really am.” The cooperative pooch agrees that when I allow myself to be vulnerable, she’ll stop acting hostile towards me.

My Heart Opens

I see Ellie the morning after our telepathic talk. When I spot her in the distance, my terror begins to churn. After all, “the dog from hell” has tried to attack me dozens of times—in fact, every time I’ve seen her over the past 12 months.

Then I remember our pact: Ellie will stop being aggressive when I open my heart. In this moment, I decide to shift my attitude. Silently I welcome Ellie and her owner. Energetically I transmit, “I’m open. Vulnerable. My defenses are down. Feel who I am.” The message I’m sending is the same as when a dog rolls onto its back, exposing its tender throat and belly. My heart broadcasts the signal, “Let’s be friends.”

Success! Ellie’s affectionate response proves that the telepathic experiment worked. For the first time in a year, Ellie doesn’t bark. Instead, she wags her tail. She does lunge for me—not to attack—but to come over for a friendly pat. She kisses my outstretched hand!

The past year of dreaded encounters is over in a flash (of heart). The “four-pawed demon” vanishes. So does the “closed-hearted, untrustworthy stranger.”

Sharpen Your Telepathic Skills

If you’re ready to start using your telepathic ability, why not experiment with someone you’re already having a conflict with? What have you got to lose?

You can begin by talking to the person from your open heart to theirs. Silently tell them the truth about how you feel. Ask them why they act the way they do around you. Listen. Take action on what feels intuitively right for you to do. Then watch the power of the cosmic communication system—talking heart-to-heart—bring you more peace and happiness!