Tell a Better Story about Yourself

By Keith Varnum

Every time we open our mouths, every time we write a line of an email or text message, we’re authoring our current story—and fashioning our future! Through the meaning and vibration of the words we use, we’re attracting the next events of our lives. We’re energizing our current reality—and creating our new world right in front of us, moment by moment.

New or Used?

The key question you may ask yourself is:

“Am I re-creating the same, old, tired storyline—or am I telling a new, more exciting and fulfilling tale?”

We can barely overestimate the power of our words—and the vibration from which they emanate. This vibration attracts the exact same mirror image of itself in our world—immediately!

If you carefully observe the vibration you’re in at any given moment, and then notice the events that occur soon afterwards, you’ll get a sobering demonstration of the dynamic creative muscle of your everyday words in action.

Once you track the exacting connection between the words we inhabit and the world we inherit, you’ll choose more carefully the words you use!

Same Old, Same Old!

A recurrent phrase spoken all day in the coffee shops and bars of Boston helped me become aware of the words we use—and the worlds we create. It was the common, local rejoinder: “Same old, same old!”

One day, the five hundredth time I heard this comeback, I was jolted into a staggering awareness:

“On, my God, in the guise of a friendly, innocent social response, these well-intentioned folk are re-creating the identical, boring, tired existence every day by repeating this command to the Universe each day: “Same old, same old.” People ask them, “How are you today?” And by the vibration and meaning of their reply, they’re unwittingly ordering the same old life selections every day!

The Universe Is Listening

Every time someone asks us, “How ya doin’?” … it’s also the Universe asking, “What will you have? What do you want today to be like?”

You might say, “Oh, I know about the power of words.” Do you … really? Have you changed your choice of words? Do your carefully watch the vibration you’re in when you speak and write?

Personally, I’ve also “known” all about the power of words for forty years—and yet, it’s only recently that I’ve discovered how immediately impactful that power is in my everyday life—in terms of my everyday joy and success.

Take a Test Drive!

Please don’t take my word for it. Find out once and for all—for yourself—the true might of your words.

For three days, run a fun experiment. Document what you say and write to people. And note the vibration you’re in when you speak and write. (I find it helps to tell your friends what you are exploring and you get their support and assistance.)

Amazing Correlation!

What I find in my ongoing daily tracking of my words and vibration is a shockingly exact correlation between what I speak/write/vibrate and what I attract in my world!

In fact, I’m on a constant vigil now, choosing my words and vibration with conscious care. Why? Because life goes better with better words. Life flows smoother with a smoother vibration.

Want Some Helpful Hints?

Here’s a few of the helpful hints I’ve learned about how to speak and write to re-tell a more fun and abundant life story for yourself:

1. Consciously choose to use every statement you speak—and write—as an order you’re placing with the Universe for a specific experience. In general, use words—and vibrations—that energize the realities you prefer.

2. Focus on the positive way to express your views or goals. Talk about what you like (instead of what you dislike), what you prefer (instead of what you don’t want), and what excites you (instead of what turns you off). Emphasize what is working in the situation (not what isn’t working). For instance: “I enjoy when I speak from my heart” instead of, “I hate when I’m in my head.”

3. Use words that feel exciting and passionate to you. The vibration of excitement attracts the reality you prefer. Use descriptive adjectives or qualities that stimulate enthusiasm in you when you say and write them. The vibration and energy of exhilaration is what will attract your dream mate or house.

4. Talk about what you choose to attract, instead of what you don’t choose to attract. Because the words (vibrations) with the most emotional charge will be most effective in attracting the corresponding reality, use only words (vibrations) you prefer to energize into manifestation. For example, where is the energy—emotional charge—in these statements? … “I choose to not have any more pain” or “I’m out of debt.” The charge is on the words “pain” and “debt!” Say instead: “My body feels great!” and “My finances are free and clear!”

5. Speak, write, see and feel your intentions in the present tense as much as possible. Now is where the creative juice is. Be wary of energizing the future by stating your dreams in the future tense, always out there to happen at some indefinite, yet-to-come time. “My life is full of abundance now.” rather than “My life will be full of abundance.”

6. Focus on the end result, not the means to that end. Keep your words and attention on the vibration of enjoying the situation the way you prefer—rather than on “how, when or where” it has to come into your world. Focus on living in the perfect house for you, rather than insisting you need the money first in order to buy the house. Focus on enjoying an abundant cash flow—rather than asserting that abundance has to come through winning the lottery.

7. Zero in on the essence of the end result, the ultimate goal—rather than a narrow, rigid, fixed form or way in which that intention has to show up. Focus on the essence you prefer, not the exact form. Energize the qualities you prefer in a relationship, house or job—rather than limiting categories or details. Do you really care if the perfect mate for you has blue instead of brown eyes if the person possesses every other characteristic you prefer? Do you intend a spacious, luxurious comfortable living space—or does it have to be a “four bedroom, split bath, colonial house?”

8. Center on the feeling you choose to have—rather than the means to that feeling. For instance, is what you really intend is to feel secure—or do you have to live in a gated community?

9. Feel what it will feel like to have your goal. Feel the vibration, aliveness and energy of your goals as deeply and fully as you can on every level. Involve as many as your senses as possible to imbue your creation with as much feeling or energy as possible, what it will be like to smell, taste, physically touch, or even hear your dream or some aspect of your goal. That’s why when we’re really excited in anticipation of our goal, we often say, “I can taste it!” Photos can make your goals more alive and tangible/real/concrete for you.

10. Use the more accurate and powerful words have, intend, enjoy—instead of “want, need, desire, wish.” When you declare, “I want more money,” you have actually already created the state of “wanting” the money. When you pronounce, “I need more money,” you’re already in the state of “needing” the money. More effective statements are: “I intend to create $50,000 or more on or before July 1, 2008” and “I have at least $50,000 by July 1, 2008.”

11. Or use the words prefer or choose instead of “desire or want.”  “I have all the money I choose to have”—rather than “I have all the money I want.”

12. Avoid absolutes that are seldom true. Be more effective in manifesting by being accurate. Use the words sometimes, often, usually, instead of “always, never.” For example, “He’s sometimes late” rather than “He’s always late.”

13. Use the phase It might be helpful to instead of “should” or “have to” when talking to others or yourself. Do you really prefer to have the emotional baggage and judgmental connotations that comes with the words “should” and “have” in your vocabulary?

14. Assume the future can, and will, be different. Expect the future to be better. For example: “I know this situation can work out.”

15. Be specific but not limiting. Request $50,000 or more or at least $50,000  instead of limiting yourself to just “$50,000.” Say On or before July 1, 2008  instead of a rigid “on July 1, 2008.” Be open-ended, flexible. Don’t limit possible outcomes by being too defined or restrictive in your dreaming. You can always use now as the most potent timeframe!

16. Tell a story that expands your enjoyment of life—and yet feels possible, realistic and grounded to you. The more real the dream feels to you, the faster it will manifest!