The Real Miracle of a Vision Quest

By Sulana Stone


Unusual events often occur on vision quests. Especially when you follow your heart. And when you get back home, real-life changes occur! This personal story truly demonstrates how lives can dramatically change after a vision quest.

For many years I’ve guided people on vision quests. And I feel honored to have witnessed a wealth of magic.


People often go into the wilderness to have a breakthrough so their lives will change for the better. Since their life isn’t as fulfilling as they’d like it to be, they’re looking for a way to live that’s filled with more magic, purpose and connection. For a lifestyle that invites fun, prosperity, love and good health.


Time for a Boost of Magic


Intuitively I know that on this particular adventure, my life needs to shape-shift. The excitement and magic I once felt is on the wane. My spirit needs a definitive boost!


A great “booster” is a Medicine Wheel Ceremony. This powerful ritual activates what people desire and releases old patterns that are no longer useful. People often choose to make changes in their finances, career, health or relationships.


I decide to further activate my career as an animal and nature communicator. My goal is to open to clearer messages from rocks, plants and animals. 


Part of the ceremony involves going into nature to find items that represent aspects of our lives that we want to transform. We then bring the items back to the Medicine Wheel where we “play with the energy” in order to make adjustments in our lives.


So I take off to find representatives of the rock, plant and animal kingdoms. The rock and plant items are quickly found. Yet after looking far and wide, an item from the animal kingdom remains elusive. I create plan B. There are plenty of rocks available, so plan B is to find a rock that looks like an animal. After much searching, plan B bites the dust. Plan C is born: designate a plain rock to represent the animal kingdom. Picking up a plain rock I head back to the Medicine Wheel area.


“Stop, in the Name of Love!”


“Stop!” I hear. The silent command is from my heart. “You can find something from an animal,” it whispers. Finding a feather is possible, I muse. Even scat (poop) will do. My heart re-energizes my desire to find an item from the animal kingdom. Then I totally surrender to the state of: “whatever happens, happens.” Ten seconds later my eyes drift to a deer leg … 14 inches of furry forearm and hoof. I’m stunned. It’s magnificent! I begin to shake uncontrollably with the energy that’s pouring through me. After several minutes of integration, I head back to the Medicine Wheel area cradling the deer leg next to my heart.


In the Medicine Wheel, we begin a meditation. In the meditation I feel myself as a deer. Soon my family of deer surrounds me. I experience their gentleness. Kindness. Flexibility. And strength. As their strength pours through my body, I gain the deep understanding that the Spirit of Deer will assist me to be the type of animal and nature communicator that’s truly in my heart. I realize that deer are especially sensitive to the vibrations of rocks, plants, sun, wind, water and all animals. I know I will be totally supported and given helpful, healing messages for people. Messages that will assist people to be happy and prosper in their lives.


It’s Only Just Begun


The true intent of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony is to create real changes in people’s lives when they get back home. And changes are abounding in my life!


Several new ways open up for me to make a living doing what I love. And my connection to the animal kingdom kicks into high gear.


Following the Signs


First, during the Medicine Wheel ceremony I get a strong intuition to check into being a foster home for dogs until they find their forever home. The day after I get home from the vision quest, I find an internet ad for foster homes where I’m paid a daily rate plus all expenses (food, vet, supplies). They respond to my email right away. Hours later I have my first foster pooch, Irish.


Irish is an emotionally mixed up lab-Chesapeake Bay retriever mix. In rehabilitating Irish, I use all the skills I’ve learned from doing animal communication. The woman who hired me is so impressed with my progress with Irish, that I become her “dog rehabilitation person.” Fast-forward a couple of months. I’m working with my forth rescue dog. The other three pooches already found their “forever” homes.


Pet Ceremonies & Pet Loss


Second, a few weeks after the vision quest, a neighbor asks me if I sell pet bereavement cards. Since no one has ever asked me that question in my life, the inquiry grabs my attention. The value of her question is that it opens me to a possibility that I might work with people concerning pets who are in the process of dying or have already passed over. Synchronistically, a day later a friend asks me to assist with a ceremony for a pet who passed over. Another first!


Third, my intuition suggests I create ceremonies for animals. Ceremonies celebrating all the aspects of life (welcoming new pets, naming, birthdays, anniversaries, moving) … and transitions (giving away a pet, death). A “pet ceremony” business is born!


Forth, a woman on the other side of the country finds my animal communication website and books a coaching session. She wants a session to deal with the feelings around her dog who died two weeks earlier. Again, another first!


Fifth, an acquaintance I haven’t heard from in ten years calls because she wants assistance in deciding if it’s time to euthanize her ailing 16-year-old cat.


Vision Quest Booking


Sixth, a couple schedules a vision quest. More magic is in the works! Yippee!


Changes are Afoot!


My life is changing a lot since the vision quest. And to keep “the flow” going, I “revisit” the energetic space of finding the deer leg and how I felt in the Medicine Wheel. And I listen more to the whispers of my heart. It’s truly guiding me on thrilling new adventures filled with meaning, joy and prosperity.


My deer leg totem now reminds me just how real and transformative magic is!


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