The Times They Are a’Changin’

By Keith Varnum

It’s a little corny now to quote this old rag of Bob Dylan’s. However, as a teenager the lyrics and spirit of the song lit a spark of recognition in my heart when I listened to it over and over again. The song’s refrain was not a cliché then. To me, the song was a call to arms—a call to come back Home into the arms of Aliveness and Flow. A call to embrace natural change, growth, expression, expansion—instead of fighting the natural evolution of all living things.

Listen to Your Heart

James Stephens reminds us, “What the heart knows today, the head will know tomorrow.” My youthful heart knew that Dylan was heralding a universal truth and a specific cultural prophesy. The sensitive songwriter “felt” what was coming down the pike. In his lyrics he was forecasting—and celebrating—the current radical opening that is taking place on all levels of American Society.

The American Dream is now taking flight, but not in the form our parents envisioned—with their new cars, ever-larger, self-defrosting refrigerators, and ever-more-advanced tech toys.

No, the Dream has the wings of Heart guiding it. We’re not going toward the picture postcard of every single person owning their own separate house and fenced-in yard. We’re sailing into the sunset of One House for us all. One Mind. One Heart. One Spirit.

Pay close attention to the lyrics of U2’s song, “One.” Let the message of the song’s energy wash through your body. Listen to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Let the vibration of his voice wash through your being.

Comin’ Home

Each of my spiritual teachers also foretold of this time of Homecoming, Re-union, Re-membering. Becoming a member of our one true family again. The Hopi, Mayans, Egyptians, Tibetans—they all know of this Second Coming of Spirit. Their sacred ancient prophesies speak of this Return to Oneness.

Frankly, from where I looked out at our society as a youth, I didn’t believe it possible in my lifetime—or in a hundred lifetimes. Luckily, it doesn’t matter what we believe. Only Spirit matters. Only what we know in our Hearts will prevail and outlast the fearful controllers—the rootless developers, heartless politicians, narrow-sighted bankers and the out-of-touch professors of the Mind.

Reap the Harvest

I cry “Rejoice!” The time of Harvest is upon us. It is the season to receive, to let in, to relish the fruits of the Heart. All the love each of us has sent out to people, animals and all other living beings over all of our years is now coming Home to its Source—us. The signs are everywhere—if you look with your Heart. If you feel with your Soul.

Radio Revolution

I’ve personally noticed the spiritual shift in our culture through all the “mainstream” radio show interviews I’ve been doing across the country sharing my book, “Inner Coach: Outer Power.” I’ve done radio talk shows for 40 years, and I’ve never before experienced such a profound openness and heartfelt interest in “being real” than I’m finding today on the airwaves.

My first interview for my book was on a country western music station out of Kansas City. I suspected the show’s host and producers may not have actually read the book before the interview—or perhaps they just didn’t notice the references to “extraterrestrials” and “levitation” on the book cover! Yet, I was on the air and the first question from the host was “Does everyone have an Inner Coach?” She was asking for her listeners—and, more importantly, for herself, ”Do I have an Inner Coach?” … “Do I have a direct line to Spirit?”

The first query from the host on Fox Sports Radio Network was “How can people deliberately access their intuition—be “in-the-zone” as he put it—and not have to wait for the few times a year when we accidentally hit that zone? On ABC Radio the jock-car-salesman-turned-radio-host broke down and cried on the air when I answered a question about his marriage with the truth from my Heart. He then chose to tell his audience that he was “choking up” when he could have covered up his emotional response by going to a commercial break to preserve his “macho” cover.

Yes, the times they are a’changin’. And if you don’t jump on board, you’re gunna miss the train goin’ back Home.