Transform Your Akashic Records

Many people are finding that even when they get what they “think” they want—riches, comfort, safety, and “great” relationships and jobs—their lives lack a depth of satisfaction and meaning. The primary reason for this unhappiness is being out of alignment with their soul.

The soul is very real and tangible, and, as our workshop participants find, very loving. Join us to explore the wisdom of each individual soul and to remember each person’s unique role in “giving birth to a new world.”

The Akashic Records are the repository of all human experience—past, present and future, a record of all events within the universe. They are a universal filing system that records every thought, word, feeling and action that has ever occurred or will occur. This Sanskrit word akasha— meaning energetic field, ether, space, spirit—is conceived to be the primary element of nature from which the other four natural elements—fire, air, earth, and water—are created.

The Akashic Records are the “Book of Life,” the collective consciousness of humanity—a shared storehouse of knowledge that is written into the fabric of reality, encoded in Light language. Each soul has its own Akashic record, and there is a communal record of all souls.
In this soulshop, Keith gently assists you to access and transform your Akashic Records.

Then live the life you were born to live!

Change Your Soul Agreement

Not only can each of us become aware of our unique Soul Plan, we can change that Akashic agreement any time we choose!

We can re-negotiate our Soul Contract.

We don’t have to be victims of fate, destiny, karma or even our own Life Design.

No matter what oaths, vows, decisions or personal laws we’ve committed to in the past, we can re-draw our Soul Blueprint in the present.

In this holographic universe we can access the space where we created all Akashic agreements—and re-make them!”

Upgrade your plan for love, prosperity and health

Keith shares powerful, effective tools for re-writing your Life Script in an immediate and lasting way.

“We all come into this life with a Soul Agreement,” declares Keith. “Each of us is guided by a Spirit Contract that our soul made before we were born. This Contract covers a wide range of agreements comprising everything that we are intended to encounter, explore and embrace in this lifetime. This script concerns not only what kind of livelihood we pursue, but also our key relationships with the people who are here to help us have the specific experiences we desire this time around. Our blueprint determines the amount and ease of the money we make, the depth and duration of our love relations, and the ups and downs of our body’s condition. And, most importantly, our Soul Design regulates when and how we connect to Spirit.”

Keith emphasizes that having a Soul Agreement doesn’t mean that free will plays no role in your life: “On the contrary, the ‘good news’ is that you can change the content and timing of your Life Plan at any moment. And there is no ‘bad news!’ We are always—all ways—in charge.”

“What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

Each soul has a distinct purpose and timing. Find your natural path to awakening by revealing the secrets of the world’s most compassionate spiritual teachers.

Body secrets revealed

  • What it feels like to be a soul-centered human being
  • Why your body is the greatest mystical teacher
  • The number one cause of every disease
  • How your body reflects the lessons of your life
  • Inner healing techniques you won’t learn from any traditional therapist

Prosperity power

  • Where to find the gateway to abundance
  • 7 steps that can change your spiritual and financial life
  • 3 behaviors that sabotage inner and outer prosperity

Living fully

  • The recipe for living fully and fearlessly
  • 4 elements essential to your spiritual progress
  • Your greatest gift to others and how to share it
  • What kind of career you need and how to create it
  • How to be totally present and authentic—at work, at home and in relationships

Word wise

  • The 8 words that will change your life
  • How to turn every thought into a powerful prayer
  • Ancient mystical teaching in clear modern language

Soul alignment

  • How to overcome the biggest block to your intuition
  • The difference between blind faith and inner knowing
  • 6 keys to the deepest inner transformation

Blocks along the way

  • 5 hindrances to happiness
  • Common traps on the path and how to avoid them
  • Gate of intimacy: 2 fears that stop you from entering

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.
Someone fills the cup in front of us. We taste only sacredness.”
– Rumi  

Let your own spirit guide you on a journey of appreciation for everything that’s ever happened to you and for everything that you’ve ever done.

Your soul does have a sacred plan for you! You can discover how magnificent life really is when you become aware of your personal Akashic agreement and what your true spiritual destiny is.

What is your spirit up to this lifetime?

Learn to have fun with your natural spiritual abilities. You can:

  • transform anger and sadness into compassion
  • uncover authentic practices for awakening mystical experiences
  • find out where protecting angels come from and how to attract them
  • meet your spiritual ancestors—allies waiting to help you achieve your goal

St. Germain

“St. Germain frequently reminds me to mention to people that when we all contemplated being born into a body on earth, we each had over six billion choices as to the bodies, personalities, parents, culture and traits we could have this lifetime,” says Keith. “The Ascended Master states that there were six billion aspects of Spirit that wanted to express in Form—people—at this time on the planet. The universe doesn’t care which people express what divine qualities and truths—only that all these divine aspects of the Oneness get expressed by someone in form at his time. So, we each got to freely choose which pieces of the divine puzzle we wanted to embody and personify this time around. When a person does have a detailed direct experience of their own freely-chosen Soul Agreement, they break out into great joy!”

Choose Fresh

The purpose of this dynamic workshop is to take you to a “choice point”—a “Power Spot” in time and space—where you can re-choose, re-decide, your Fate, your Destiny this lifetime.

You journey to the level of consciousness where your Akashic Agreement was made. At that level of awareness, you have the natural power to re-make all decisions and personal laws about how your life and personality work.

This liberating seminar uses the breath to release stuck energy in the body and chakras.

Sound vibrations breaks-up old patterns of thinking and feeling.

You access Akashic Records to free up your attachment to the past.

Shammanic intuitive journeys retrieve your soul’s natural aliveness and synchronicity to guide you to the easiest, most harmonious path to your dreams.

And, it’s a lot of fun!

Akashic Freedom!

The effectiveness of the seminar’s guided processes are due to the spiritual principle that if you work something out—experience it fully—on the level of pure consciousness, you don’t have to play it out in the thick, heavy physical realm.

It is much easier and more enjoyable to “learn a life lesson” on the emotional and awareness levels, instead of having to have the lesson manifest physically on the material plane—that is, as an accident, illness, divorce, crisis, bankruptcy or other solid worldly problem.

Also, using the workshop’s intuitive journeys, you can release and resolve light years of karma—without the drama—in a matter of hours, instead of lifetimes!

When you have a direct knowing that the events of your life happened because you agreed to them, then what formerly seemed like arbitrary, absurd or even cruel situations can be seen in a much better—and more accurate—light.

Each event, each person whom you encounter, has an agreed-upon role in your learning life adventure. The sooner you see the truth of this perspective in each life situation, the quicker the understanding, healing, release and transformation of the situation can take place.

“We co-create our Soul Agreement with divine guidance,” Keith reminds us. “Each person is in our life because we made a mutual deal with them before this lifetime to support each other’s spiritual growth. Every relationship and experience is an opportunity for us to grow and transform our life. And in every situation we have to choose how to exercise our own power.

“Choice is our highest asset, our most important virtue. In a very real sense, it is an even greater quality than love, because we must first choose to be a loving being in order for love to be at the center of our life. Love is our very essence. Yet we must choose to recognize—and live—that truth.

“Take charge of your own life adventure and re-negotiate your Soul Agreement to bring more vitality, prosperity, and heart into your life. Master yourself in the present—and you master your life for the future.”