Unleash Your Creative Power

An Outdoor-Indoor Adventure of Decision & Destiny

Renew creativity and find your life purpose

Discover your true calling and how to reach your potential

Receive personal messages from Spirit through animals, water, wind, sun and trees

Learn the secrets of native traditions that create lasting harmony and abundance 

Let Nature show you how to attract:

  • Flowing wealth
  • Loving, fun relationships
  • More grace and alchemy
  • Radiant health
  • Renewed personal creativity

Double your chances of getting the message from Spirit by reading the OUTER signs coming from your INNER guidance

Keith Varnum shares easy and effective ways to apply Earth’s wisdom to bring more prosperity, meaning and balance to your life.

Employ the physical universe as an accurate, liberating reflection of your own consciousness. Transform lessons absorbed in wild spaces into concrete results in the urban canyons back home.

Learning by doing … Practice not Theory!

Use Nature to:

  • Discover your heart path
  • Live with passion, purpose and power
  • Make a living doing what excites you
  • Move gracefully through life transitions

The Pragmatic Power of Nature

The Call of the Wild soothes the soul. Nature provides “medicine” for the spirit. Nature provides direction and comfort for people who are temporarily out of touch with their own intuition—their direct knowing. As a living guidance system, Nature does more than illuminate your way through life. Nature models how to best proceed on your life journey with step-by-step suggestions. And, as you open to Nature’s gifts, you naturally reconnect to your intuition.

Let Nature demonstrate how to:

  • Energize your body
  • Attract your soulmate
  • Master the game of life
  • Live in Universal Supply

Nature’s compassionate messages provide us with direction, comfort, warnings, inspiration, guidance and encouragement. Nature’s messengers will always tell you the most harmonious and efficient way to succeed. 

Take helpful lessons from Nature into your urban world:

  • Awaken the courage to be yourself
  • Recover the enthusiam you had as a child
  • Free yourself from karma, trauma and drama
  • Open the door to more magic, meaning & money in your world

Traditionally, indigenous people embark on a vision quest to reconnect to their spirit and intuition. Aborigines in Australia go on a vision quest-like “walkabout” that can last a day, a week or years. Many modern folks use a Nature Adventure to receive clarity about their life purpose. Others open to guidance concerning the next step on their life path. Still others seek to break free of old habits and patterns that aren’t bringing them true health and happiness. Like the native peoples, our courageous group is tapping into the raw vitality of Nature for counsel about moving through life’s challenges.

Ancient techniques to re-spirit Your Earth Adventure from Hopi wisdom, Huna ceremony and Samauri skills:

  • Transform conflict into harmony
  • Shift illness into wellness
  • Recover your hidden natural talents
  • Maximize the love in your life

Why Do People Look to Nature?

Because the dynamics of Nature naturally break you out of habitual mental ruts to generate fresh, imaginative approaches and make new, inspired life choices. In the quiet, empty, ageless spaces of remote spaces, many people get clearer answers to their spiritual or practical questions than through traditional, sitting meditation. For thousands of years, people have used the vision quest as an active, moving meditation through which the soul gives guidance using the mirror of the external, physical world.

Nature is a wise and relevant teacher of how to prosper in life:

  • Clouds show you how to shift positions to greater advantage
  • Water demonstrates how to get into the flow of abundance
  • Hummingbirds tell how to raise vibration & touch the world lightly
  • Flies show you what’s really bugging you in your life
  • The hawk is telling you how to be lifted up effortlessly

Seeing Through Nature’s Eyes

You will be led through a series of wake-up exercises, with the beauty and peace of nature as a backdrop. Experience an inner and outer peace when walking through a landscape in silence and expanded vision. Learn to more fully utilize and trust your non-visual senses. Your reclaim your innate wisdom, inner strength, and natural aliveness to make lasting life improvements.

What You Will Enjoy:

Stalking Power Spots

Power Spots play a very potent role in the quest for one’s Self. A Power Place is anywhere you feel centered, grounded and connected with Primal Life Force. Power Spots can be geographical locations, a positioning in a room full of people, or a precise moment in time when it is most advantageous to act. Designating a certain place and time as a focus of strength is ultimately a subjective, individual act of empowerment. Power Spots in Nature have unique energetic characteristics and qualities to assist people in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development—and thereby enable them to fulfill their life purpose.

Boosting Your Aliveness

Being grounded and connected makes us feel more safe and centered. The safer we feel, the more courageous, able and willing we are to perceive the truth of what is so. The more accurately we perceive the world around us, the better we deal with things in our life. The better we handle our world, the more fun it is to be present. The more consciously we show up, the more alive we feel. The more vibrant we feel, the more awake we want to be. The more awake we are, the more accurately we see what’s really going on, the better we deal with life, the more exciting and exhilarating it is to be conscious. This spontaneous process quickly snowballs in a wonderful direction of waking up fully to our natural wisdom.

Uncovering Your Essential Self

Nature offers a safe, nurturing environment for deep introspection and soul retrieval. Clear intention to awaken—combined with the isolation and solitude of a place of timeless harmony and tranquility—stimulates a dynamic alchemical odyssey. When you delve deeply into your relationship with the Earth and your God, you let the Land teach you greater intimacy, clarity and personal integrity. 

Connecting with the Underlying Magic

You can use the natural physical world to reveal the true workings going on underneath the surface appearance of all form. In Nature the deceit of Illusion is exposed, and you glimpse the core reality within the outer physical shell. The inter-dimensional veils between the visible and invisible worlds are gossamer-thin in the silent, timeless spaces of Wildness, permitting easy access to other dimensions of life.

Re-Visioning Your Journey

Free from the confining shackles of the modern world, you uncover a new vision of your life. You learn to trust the physical universe to fully support you as you follow your own unique path. You find your way back to your heart and soul, and reclaim the strength and clarity to stand in your personal truth.

“Seeing” the Real Dance of Life

“Seeing” life reveals its secrets. When you “see” beneath the surface appearance of events—instead of simply “looking” at the outer presentation, you tap into the realm of true wisdom. You see the same patterns of ebb and flow, catalyst and change, destruction and transformation, in the sphere of sexuality and spirituality, science and emotion, thunderstorms and human arguments. As you begin to perceive the similar recurring patterns of energy flowing through all life behind-the-scenes, you begin to experience “the river running through it all.” One who has mastered life is one who has mastered the way life flows. Nature is our best teacher of the way life plays.

Walking the Way of the Warrior 

The Nature Warrior walks the path that matters most, the path of spiritual purpose—the journey that leads us Home. Spirit Warriors live their passion, speak the divine truth, create love with heart, and build karmic freedom portals with each footstep. The Wildness pilgrimage is a cosmic journey into your own soul, into the depths of your own knowing through its natural reflection in the world around you. In Nature you tap unexpected new sources of strength, joy and ecstasy.

Re-Awakening Your Senses

This playshop is a wakeup call to your five physical senses and to your spiritual vision and hearing. You will be led through a series of wake-up exercises, with the beauty and peace of nature as a backdrop. Experience an inner and outer peace when walking through a landscape in silence and expanded vision. Learn to more fully utilize and trust your non-visual senses.

Return to Your World with Power and Clarity

With Nature as a mirror, Your Story is returned to you with clarity and wisdom, empowering you to go forward on your life’s path with more success and exhilaration.

You return to everyday reality powerfully moved by having lived close to the healing power of nature and to your own living spirit. The gift is to re-enter your life bringing your unique talents and opened heart back to family, friends and community. The reward is a time of great joy, celebrating the natural wisdom and wholeness that you have found.

You might say that the world is attempting to dream awake its evolution through us. The energy of the Wildness has flowed into us as healing, and from us enters the world.

This workshop will be conducted half outside and half inside.

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