Unlock Your Soul Code

Awaken the Power to Soar!

Why isn’t adult life as fun and easy as childhood? … or as exciting as the fairy tales we were read as children? What’s up with that? Maybe your life is out of harmony with your Soul Code.

As international seminar leader Keith Varnum shares, “You can change how you’re experiencing life on Planet Earth this time around!” His revolutionary workshop, Unlock Your Soul Code, shows you how to create the life you always wanted and never believed you could have.

Keith has personally helped thousands of people to breakthrough limiting beliefs about money, health, love, sex, security and spirituality. This renowned visionary invites you “to join me to go for the gusto! and enjoy the life as it is meant to be!”

From Lonely to Loving

Why do we sometimes feel lonely, disconnected, alienated, lost? Because we are. Alone. Disconnected from the Oneness. Alienated form Source. Lost in a sea of personality. But we don’t have to hang out here.

Go Through the Soul Portal

A very effective portal to Oneness is deciphering your Soul Code. Your Soul Code embodies the deepest aspirations of your real self. You are one of a kind, with unique talents and expressions to offer the world.

Knowing your Soul Code activates the purpose and passion that makes life not only worthwhile, but deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Knowing your Soul Code gives you answers to your heart’s most burning questions: Who am I? What am I here to do? How can I make my life more exhilarating and rewarding?

Connect with Your True Calling

Guided by legendary mystics and luminaries from many traditions, you learn in this playshop how to hear and respond to your particular Soul Call. You realign your life with your divine mission to move from loneliness to loving.

When You Know Your Soul Code, You Can:

  • Be Yourself
  • Spark romance
  • Maximize your money
  • Uncover hidden talents
  • Dissolve your body’s pain
  • Get answers to your prayers
  • Awaken your spiritual abilities
  • Open to miracles, magic and grace
  • Get well-paid doing what you enjoy doing
  • Break free of the emotional rollercoaster

See Through God’s Eyes

Knowing your Soul Code is to see life through God’s eyes, feel life through God’s heart. To see with God’s eyes means to see yourself at your highest. To feel life through God’s heart is to feel yourself at your deepest. You move from the drama of your fearful personality to the grace of your heroic soul.

Re-Spirit Your Life

Your soul is in charge of your life. Your soul has been running the show from behind the stage curtain since the beginning of time. Tap into your soul’s point of view and find out what your spirit’s been up to since the moment you were born. Your life so far might feel like an eternal struggle to your personality, but it is a fun exploration for your soul.

Benefits of Knowing Your Soul Code:

  • Deepen intimacy
  • See fresh choices
  • Ignite personal creativity
  • Release karma and trauma
  • Discover hidden potentials
  • Anchor and celebrate success
  • Tap into your Counsel of Elders
  • Realize your heart’s fondest dreams

 What Am I Doing Here?

This workshop helps you to break free of the cultural spell of Forgetfulness. We unmask the bandit that has stolen our personal power and collective joy. We help each other to re-connect with our Original Vision, the game plan we originally designed for soul’s expression as a human on earth. We craft a fresh narrative of courage, fulfillment and unfolding potential. Together we energize our new, freely-created personal stories—and, thereby, reality. 

Lift the Veils of Forgetfulness

Keith presents new, breakthrough techniques for walking out of our limited world into infinite possibilities. Effective, easy tools are offered to assist you to release the grip of the old, automatic, arbitrary personality programming—and free yourself to invent anew and unfettered.

Get Direct Answers to:

  • What are my special talents?
  • Why did I choose to take on my unique assignment?
  • What specific actions can I take to lead me to happiness?
  • What is the core belief that governs how big I let myself play?
  • What did I agree to co-create with other members of my soul group?

Master Your Fate

Being the “master of your own fate” is having a real choice about what beliefs—therefore what realities—we create in our world regarding prosperity, relationships, safety, vitality and fun.

Proven techniques are presented to help you withdraw your energy from the unconscious personal and cultural agreements that have become outdated and no longer serve your happiness and growth. When you take back your power from old vows, oaths and agreements, you can create and evolve in any way at any rate you choose. Master your past and you master your future!

You envision fresh, different ways of making an abundant living and a journey of health and happiness. Old conflicts resolve. Relationships soar. Your bank account mushrooms. And you just plain have more fun!

Live with Purpose, Passion and Power

Personal passion fuels a vision. Our greatest vision is our Original Vision, our Soul Code. Remembering your Soul Dream unleashes tremendous strength and elation.

Dive into the thrill and exhilaration of knowing your Soul Design. Where your excitement flows, so flows your dream. The bigger and bolder the vision, the more the vision will propel you forward.

Awareness Attracts Abundance

The more conscious and clear you are about your Soul Code, the faster your plan will actualize in your life. With awareness and clarity comes excitement, the energy needed to actualize your Soul Code. With this excitement the strength of your personal power becomes greater than the pull of your programming. You begin to manifest your dreams with ease and delight.

Sync with Your Soul Code 

Once you know your Soul Dream, you can align your personality’s actions and attitudes with your Soul Purpose. In this universe what is congruent gets the energy to manifest. So when you are consciously living in sync with your Life Blueprint, you effortlessly manifest solid, lasting creations.

When you’re aware and aligned with your true intentions in being on Earth this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort.

It’s Time to Know Who You Are

For many of us now is the time to claim our rightful inheritance—to know our Soul Code. Humanity needs our unique gifts. The planet needs our wisdom.

Unlocking our individual Soul Codes also unlocks ancient tools and ancestral wisdom to assist us to reclaim the vitality of our society and dear planet. It’s time to awaken and consciously own our Dream—personally and collectively. And it’s now time to openly share what we know with others.

Join us for a profound adventure of opening to the real you—the you that knows how to fly. You master effective tools to free yourself from patterns that block love, money, health and joy.


To awaken it helps to see the Difference between Soul & Personality

The soul plays in the visible and invisible worlds.

The personality confines itself to sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

The soul looks for similarity, connection and synchronicity.

The personality looks for difference, division and coincidence.

The soul focuses on unity, compassion and joy.

The personality focuses on separation, fear and regret.

The goals of the soul are harmony, cooperation and understanding.

The personality’s agenda is conflict, competition and chaos.

The soul is into joy, ease and freedom.

The personality thrives on drama, trauma and karma.

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