Be an Urban Shaman


Secrets of Highly Successful People

Discover the Common Thread in All Forms of Alchemy

Practice the Ancient Secrets of Great Healers & Shaman

Learn How to Facilitate Anything with Intentional Magic

Use Invisible Methods to Clear Any Path of Obstructions

Master How to Work Miracles in any Relationship

The focus of this Magicshop is on discerning and mastering the underlying dynamics that contribute to all miraculous shifts, openings and breakthroughs.

There is a common thread of skill and awareness that runs through all feats of transformation. Each magician has her or his own special, signature techniques which work naturally and well for that individual. Yet there is a similarity of essence behind the diversity of appearance of personal forms. All practitioners use a central, underlying approach that “moves the energy of a situation.” They all play with influencing the “flow of life force” within relationships and events.

At the core of all methods, lie basic truths of how life and energy move, react and transform in all forms and conditions. It’s these fundamental, universal ways of magic and movement that truly choreograph our lives. Playing consciously with this background orchestration is what you practice and master in this workshop. You learn to creatively navigate the “river that runs through it all.” Along the flow, you uncover your own unique ways of initiating intended results.

Employ the Magic of

  • Invisibility to move past the controlling scan of the Mind Monitors of the Matrix
  • Time Travel to play beyond the prison of time by condensing & stretching time
  • Synchronicity and Serendipity to steer through the landmines of the world
  • Dialogue with Ascended Masters to open to the guidance of spiritual mentors
  • Surrendering to the Moment to access the magic of the unexpected

This “Behind the Scenes” workshop is the demonstration of the underlying dynamics at work in all transformation. This Wizardshop is the sharing of my own personal exploration and mastering of the alchemical power that is available to each of us… the common operating mechanisms behind miraculous facilitation of human events.

I present, and you practice, the pragmatic skills culled from my spiritual mentors… shaman, medicine women/men, Eastern masters, native healers, children, animals, trees, rocks and a few wise, old people. With my varied professions as an acupuncturist, Reiki healer, rebirther, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, businessman, restaurateur, landscaper, beachcomber, author, filmmaker, radio show host and vision quest guide, I’ve had diverse opportunities to apply and validate these approaches to directing human energy.

In this Playshop you experientially explore the systematic core of Wizardry, as well as the spontaneous heart of Magic. Once you develop your expertise in the methodical approach to transformation, your journey organically blossoms into the exciting realm of the artistic, creative and inspirational. At a natural point, you surrender and abandon yourself to the realm of pure intuition, miracle and grace.

Master the Use of

  • Adapting the World to You, instead of you adapting to the world
  • Improvisation to master the power of spontaneity, surprise & play
  • Stopping the World to give yourself the time to shift the course of events
  • Humor to shake loose rigid realities and open the door to new possibility
  • Letting Your Heart Speak for you without monitoring, censoring or editing
  • The Voice to command your universe to align with Higher and Inner intention
  • Music & Sound to evoke movement, release & harmony with groups of people
  • Reading Body Signals to navigate through any interaction or creative process

This Wizard Miracleshop emphasizes the practical, experiential demonstration of how to effect extraordinary outcomes, rather than theoretical understanding. You learn how to do, not explain! Along the way, you begin to appreciate the power of aligning your intentions with Universal Design.

Reclaim the Power of

  • Accessibility to Power to recharge your batteries anywhere you find yourself
  • The Double Reverse to fool the Mind & sneak truth past the Guard of the Ego
  • Guiding Weather during an event to make an environment more supportive
  • Authentic Sharing of yourself to shift the scene back to Realness
  • Using the 7 Second Delay before you speak or act  to check in with intuition
  • Building Your Magnetic Energy Field to attract what you need, when you need it
  • Group Aura Cleansing to transmute the stagnant energy of a situation 
  • Completion, Acknowledgement and Celebration to anchor your success

The basics of this Energy Alchemy workshop are as easily applied to success in the computer room and bedroom, as they are to effectiveness in the healing room. These ancient tools assist you to create what you want in the realm of finances, love, sex, health, family, community and spirit. “Behind-the-Scenes” is an interactive, participatory workshop that demystifies the dynamics of how to direct every aspect of your life to become fun, free-flowing and fulfilling. There is no limit to the power and scope of Intentional Magic.


Behind the Scenes Wizardry

How to Work Magic in Any Situation

Secret Skills to Create the Love and Job You Want

Align with the Universe to Activate Invisible Assistance

Ancient Ways to Grease the Works in All Areas of Life

“What did they just do?” I’ve found myself asking most of my life as I witnessed the marvels of powerful teachers, shaman and healers. “How did they do that?”

I watched in amazement as Medicine Cloud, my Hopi medicine buddy, conjured up a drenching thunderstorm out of a totally blue sky to wash away the mud from the sacred red clay ritual he had just performed on me. “Where did the pain and rash go so quickly, so completely? How could I feel so peaceful so fast when I was just so upset and depressed for a week?”

“How did St. Germain physically appear at the foot of my bed when the doors to my house and bedroom were locked tight?”  I had to touch his robe every tenth visit to make sure the Ascended Master standing there was solid and real. “How did he know my deepest, most secret thoughts that I had never expressed to anyone?” I felt so vulnerable, yet safe; so naked, yet open—when he directed his eternal, yet personal wisdom to me. “Why did I feel so calm, clear and courageous in his presence?” The profound feeling of absolute connection and aliveness has remained with me ever since his visits. “How was he able to communicate with me without his mouth moving?  How did he project scenes of my life on the wall?”

“What was Mr. Rogers’ secret?” He seemed so quiet, retiring, passive—and yet events always went his way at the television station where he produced “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” In his presence, rambunctious kids, wild animals and novice adult guests always seemed to know what to do and say without a script or rehearsal. At the station, the conservative Board of Directors, reluctant management and stubborn studio crew all miraculously went against character to go along with whatever bold, visionary schemes Mr. Rogers put forth. “How did he disarm people’s opposition and bring out the play and adventurousness in rigid parents, teachers, staff and city officials?”

The esteemed American actress Helen Hayes could convey with vivid clarity to her student audience and me seven very diverse characters she was portraying on stage without any discernable difference in the way she dressed, gestured or carried herself. “What were her hidden devices? What keys to successful communication had she mastered?”

My macrobiotic mentor, Michio Kushi, could take a very intellectual, spiritually challenged audience on a profoundly electric journey of personal visions, physical healing and visceral ecstasy. “How did he change lead into gold? What was he doing behind-the-scenes to catalyze such remarkably strong, experiential catharsis in each of the normally unfeeling, unresponsive students?”

“Why did my friends and I instinctively trust this mysterious Eastern teacher with our souls?” Muktananda was just some dark-skinned man from India we’d never heard of before this day. Our fears melted and our hearts opened to the Heavens with the sound of his laughter. Our inner beauty blossomed with the touch of his finger to our foreheads.

Jewish by birth, New Yorkish by nature, Lester Levenson looked like a cross between a mischievous 100-year-old leprechaun and a noble Native American Indian chief. He could charm the needles off a porcupine. And he would bring out more excitement, strength and insight from me in one day than I had encountered up to that time in my life. “What was his magic?”

What are the underlying dynamics at work?

“How did all the shamans, acupuncturists, rebirthers, Reiki masters and other healers I’ve known pull off their miraculous cures?” In the aura and influence of powerful facilitators, I have witnessed many remarkable turnarounds in peoples’ physical conditions, mental attitudes and spiritual abilities. My whole life, I have asked Spirit the question,


When I observed my very first extraordinary phenomenon, I decided to find out what was behind this and other wondrous occurrences. I felt the only way for me to ever really know what was going on was to open to the same level of magic in my own life. This workshop is my sharing of 40 years of intensive, personal exploration and mastering of the alchemical power that is available to all of us. After some misses and many marvels, I can now articulate  what I understand as the common operating mechanisms behind the successful facilitation of human events.

Since we all have our own unique belief filters and terminology, the workshop will focus primarily on the experiential demonstration of how to influence extraordinary outcomes. Everyone will be encouraged to share and demonstrate her or his own personal, direct experience and expertise in Intentional Magic.

Keith’s Contribution

I share from my personal experiments in influencing reality and the insights I’ve gained about how extraordinary events can be intentionally catalyzed. So far, I’ve been able to:

Send & receive information, energy & compassion telepathically and vibrationally

Survive a 600-foot fall down a vertical cliff by surrendering myself to the situation

Enjoy vivid, physical re-experiencing of other lifetimes, past and future

Experience in detail significant events that will be occurring in my future

Grow healthy vegetables and crops in the desert without the use of rain or watering

Know the whole of my soul’s purpose since I left the Oneness

Heal a small child’s burned finger in a few moments by laying of hands

Seal my own deep cut finger on the spot with no trace of injury afterwards

Participate in the complete restoration of a broken wrist with bones sticking out

Converse with Ascended Masters, angels and nature devas

Endure being possessed by a disincarnate spirit in order to help that soul

See and counsel hundreds of Revolutionary War ghosts to let go and move on

Condense and expand time by conscious design

Assist my brother to own his power to heal himself of terminal cancer

Become invisible at will to ordinary humans

Create weather conducive to our seminar work consistently for 40 years

On the workshop, we won’t be focused on creating any of these specific phenomena per se. I list these examples to demonstrate the diversity of application for Energy Alchemy. We’ll zero in on discerning and mastering the underlying dynamics that contribute to all miraculous shifts, openings and breakthroughs. 

Facilitating life in the direction you would like it to unfold is both a science and an art. We examine the systematic aspect of Miraclemaking. Then we expand our methodical approach to transformation until we embrace the realm of the spontaneous and spiritual. Here we open ourselves to the dominion of pure knowing and divine grace. Along the way, we begin to fully appreciate the power of aligning our intentions with Universal Design.