Who Do You Think You Are? 

By Keith Varnum

In our knowing we’re all aware that we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience—rather than physical beings having a spiritual experience. We’re energy beings—the densest part of our energy body appearing as physical matter, our physical body. We’re omnipotent souls pretending to be limited personalities. We’re loving hearts sometimes fooled by a fearful ego!

So, what is your True Self up to behind-the-scenes this lifetime?

And how is the Real You guiding the You-in-Disguise?

How is the Wise You leading the Undercover You through the maya maze of matrix and mayhem?

Crack the Code

One fun way to crack your personal Soul Code is to retrieve and decipher the everyday phrases that were repeatedly spoken to you during your childhood!

Of course, our parents—or whoever raised you—were the main perpetrators of this premeditated ploy.

Check it out! It’s no accident the words our parents, relatives and teachers spoke to us daily as we grew up. This was our souls’ way of steering us in the direction we want our lives to go!

Like all secret codes, this tactic was largely unconscious—below the radar of society—to avoid detection and interference. Because if we and our parents had been consciously aware of this hidden spiritual guidance, the gig would have been up! Our whole collective cosmic game of Hide and Seek would have been blown wide open.

Can’t have that happen! Oh, no? Well, no, not until the time arrives that we plan to have the game end!

Like now maybe?

The Endgame

So, in the spirit of waking up to our true potential—of owning our true power, let’s explore the hints of the truth that have been dropped along our childhood path.

My Examples

Perhaps some instances from my upbringing will trigger some recall of examples from your youth:

1. My mother always proclaimed authoritatively, “It doesn’t really matter!”

Every time my dad, my brother or I faced a life challenge, she’d pipe in with “You know, it doesn’t really matter!”

Buried then in our own delusions of victimhood, we’d get angry and resist her wisdom. Now the liberating truth of her words seems almost obvious:

“It (the problem) really (in reality) doesn’t (isn’t) matter.” In truth, it’s really energy—not matter at all.

In other words, the seemingly solid, rigid, dense, serious problem wasn’t as intractable (heavy, unmovable) as it might appear at first on the surface. All matter is truly only dense energy appearing as a solid object or situation. In reality, the “solid matter” is a fluid, flexible (therefore easily changeable) condition.

2. My father always barked, “You’ll find out!

Every time I left the house as a teenager in torn blue jeans and an old T-shirt, he’d shout after me as I slammed the door, “You’ll find out! (that your ways of dressing and dealing with life don’t work).”

Well, he was right: those youthful ways of mine didn’t work to create a world similar to the world my father unhappily inhabited!

But my approach did help me create a world in which I can now breathe and create free and content! This I did find out!

3. A Humorous, Prophetic Example:

Both my parents always said to me as a child, “If you don’t behave, we’ll send you back to the Indians!”

This warning was meant as a threat, intended to scare me into compliance. This admonition was considered so obviously fearsome to my folks that they never noticed that it didn’t frighten me into obedience.

Guess what I do for a living now? I take people on Vision Quests on sacred Indian land to enjoy Native American ceremonies! What a punishment! How prophetic my parents were!

Your Journey

What are some examples of Underground Soul Guidance from your life?

1. Did your folks ever shout rhetorically at you when they disapproved of your behavior:

“Who do you think you are?”

Hmmmm, have you answered that helpful question yet?

2. Did your parents, siblings or relatives ever lay on you:

“You’ll never amount to anything”?

Take a closer look at exactly what they were declaring with these words:

“You’ll never amount to any thing!”

Did you ever want to become a “thing?” … Or, as an eternal soul, would you be more likely to be interested in becoming an “energy” … a “be-ing” … rather than a separate thing or object

3. Take a breath, relax and allow yourself to open to recalling the often-repeated phrases and admonitions of your parents and relatives.

If you look and feel beneath the surface of the words, can you now find new meaning in those words? Can you decode the hidden messages of your own Soul Guidance System as spoken through your parents?

Keep Listening

If you keep listening to voices of the past—and present—inside your head, you might be delightfully surprised at the cosmic double meaning of our mind talk!

The Message Is Not Always Veiled

Some of the repetitious guidance of our elders was more direct and easy to discern. For instance, my father always said:

“There’s always a way.”

Every time my mother, brother or I faced a challenging life situation, he’d chime in with, “There’s always a way.” (always a way out, always a way to resolve the predicament)

Caught up with the drama and emotions of the situation, we usually felt like killing him when he said it!

But, over the years, I came to realize that he was accurate! There has always turned out to be a way to shift the seemingly impossible situations in my life and move forward!

What easy, clear guidance did your folks oft repeat in your childhood?