Who is Keith Varnum?

For 40 years, Keith Varnum has focused his unique spirit on helping people explore, enjoy and embrace the adventure of life. From the wisdom of native tribal cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith shares his distillation of the underlying principles of all healing and transformation.

After curing himself of blindness, he has applied his approach to human dynamics in a practical way as a Matrix Energetics Coach, Vision Quest Nature Adventure guide, international seminar leader, author, acupuncturist, filmmaker, gardener, radio talk show host, owner-chef of two gourmet natural foods restaurants and vice president of the country’s largest natural food company.

When not exploring consciousness in the canyons of Arizona with the Sedona Nature Adventures, Keith travels around the world assisting people to open to life’s wonders and surprises in his Dream Workshops (see www.TheDream.com)

And now Keith offers Life Coaching with Matrix Energetics!

Meet Keith on video

Click titles below for the story of Keith’s journey Home.

My Road Home

The Message of the Wild Stallion

We Are the Fail-safe Seeds

Return to Sovereignty

Tapping Primal Life Force


1 Min Video of Keith’s Sedona Vision Quests

I attended and provided music for Keith’s Playshops for many years. And in the years since, I’ve never run across another presenter / teacher that even comes close to Keith’s clarity, charisma, charm or creative approach to making advanced spiritual and consciousness wisdom available to all. I feel great gratitude and humbled to have had the opportunity to work and study with him. For me, his way of sharing is hands down, the best approach and the most influential and coherent ever. I would believe Keith has changed more lives for the better than anyone else I know. Endless Kudos are due to him.

– Allen Smith, Musician, philosopher, teacher, explorer.