Why Work with Energy?

Everything is energy and has an electromagnetic field—including the human body. Verified by scientific instruments and specialized photography, this field of energy can be physically felt and seen. Just by living our everyday lives, our energy fields develop blockages which reflect in our current states of physical, mental and emotional health.

In becoming aware of our surrounding environmental influences and working to clear the blockages to this flow of energy, we can directly determine the outcome of every aspect of our lives.

The ‘Matrix’ of the Matrix Energetics process is a universal grid or frequency of divine intelligent awareness and information that is easily accessible and manageable by anyone.

Based on the studies of quantum physics, Matrix Energetics is a simple, intuitive, consciousness technology. This technology brings together the practitioner and client to access the Matrix together, playfully engaging with information and accessing multiple states of possibility.

The Matrix Energetics approach enables us to ask powerful questions and allows answers to appear in their own unique way.

Interacting with the Matrix in this child-like, yet sacred way—and by letting go of any attachments to a specific outcome—allows us to relax, making it easier for what we think of as miracles to occur. With this approach, we don’t need to know why a client has a particular issue, what the “problem” is, or what needs to happen. Nor do we need to force changes to occur.

We are all made of light, sound and vibration. Matrix Energetics works at a quantum level of light and information and overcomes the need to “heal” anything.

Invite Rather than Control

By working at the quantum level, we observe without doing, and invite rather than control. Interacting with the world at this level is like updating the operating system on our computer and allows us to reboot our systems naturally.

By asking powerful questions like ‘How is this useful?’ or ‘What am I noticing?’ the practitioner leads you effortlessly to often dramatic results.

Each person experiences a Matrix Energetics session differently each time. Sessions can start with a particular focus or it can unfold in any of a multitude of ways. Some people report a blissful experience of the Matrix that enables the deep internal changes to occur, while another’s experience may be more subtle, either way, the results are just as profound.

Working at the quantum level can bring about substantial changes. We don’t need to know what is changing, or even how it is happening. Changes take place at a sub-conscious level and allows changes to occur even though we are not consciously aware of them or cannot put them into words.

Matrix Energetics Is Different

It’s human nature for us to make assumptions about new experiences by comparing them to encounters with information or activities that seem in some way similar to us. Traditionally we build new skills by making adaptations from previous actions and thoughts. However, the Matrix Energetics consciousness technology is fresh and different. It’s an entirely new paradigm.

Matrix Energetics is a new idea that is supported by modern science and physics. In order to really understand the magnitude of what is possible with this system, you must experience it for yourself. This system provides a new approach and shift in thinking that can apply to anything that you want to accomplish.

Like many things that are founded on feelings and sensations, it’s generally much easier to experience Matrix Energetics than to try to understand it.

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