10 Reasons to Know Where You Come From!

 Why Learn the True Human History of Earth?

By Keith Varnum

Who cares about history? Old, boring stories about dead people! Who needs it!

That’s what I felt until I stumbled upon a husband-wife team of professors at the University of Michigan in my college daze. These brave explorers would spend half their year living with the most remote tribes on the planet—and the other half of the year teaching the timeless wisdom they learned from these native people!

Indigenous peoples live by, for and from their natural environment. Completely dependent on nature—relatively untouched by modern technology—these folks are very down-to-earth practical in the way they view and manage their human existence.

From these “primitive” societies, I discovered many valuable secrets to not only surviving, but thriving here on Planet Earth.

These two free-thinking teachers also taught a series of courses called “World Geography.” You’ve got to be kidding me! Geography relevant? Geography valuable? Geography fascinating? Yes, as flows from the adventurous hearts of these two mentors.

From living with native peoples, my professors learned that all pre-industrial world civilizations were also very tied to the ways and whims of nature: Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, as well as ancient China and India. And because these civilizations grew naturally, organically, from their deep roots in the land, they also developed practical, workable and ingenious ways to create a rich and bountiful existence on this planet.

From these ancient societies, I learned even more invaluable strategies to making a good life on Planet Earth.

Most of this very useful, pragmatic knowledge from pre-industrial cultures is not taught in our schools. History is taught as events and dates. Geography is places and names. We’re not told why people lived where they lived. We didn’t explore the values they lived for: what they cared about and what they felt life is really about. The real-life, practical reasons people lived the ways they did is missing. The rich depth of life knowledge behind-the-scenes is left out. The wisdom is omitted. The spirit is absent. Thus, the power is lost.

Until now! With the present availability of wide and deep information through the internet and inexpensive books and videos, the ancient practical secrets of our ancestors can be found. With a little creative digging, you can mine the depths of the wisdom and helpful life strategies of the people who came before us.

Modern Western society at 500 years of age is very young in comparison to many ancient cultures that lasted thousands of years. There have been many civilizations on earth that were much more advanced technologically, socially and spiritually than today’s Western society.

Knowing the useful ways of previous cultures can help you today to:

1. Make More Money

Becoming aware of the many different ways people used to prosper on earth reveals new options and possibilities to making a good living in a fulfilling way.

2. Build Lasting Creations

A more accurate understanding of how humanity created getting where we are now allows you to create more solid, permanent achievements in your life.

3. Reclaim Spiritual Skills

Re-connecting with your true past automatically re-connects you with your natural spiritual skills because people more openly expressed their spiritual abilities in many ancient and indigenous cultures.

4. Use Your Ancestral Support System

You can draw upon the support, energy and life skills of your ancestors through technical knowledge and spiritual connection.

5. Tap Advanced Knowledge

You can tap into the vast wealth of life strategy information accumulated by the spiritually and socially advanced societies that have preceded us.

6. Boost Your Effectiveness

Being aware of the whole picture, you can more effectively assist yourself and others in this time of radical planetary transformation. You’ll be aware of so many more options and alternatives to the standard modern Western ways.

7. Gain Sharper Perception

As you awaken to each untruth we have been fed by modern Western society, you’re in a clearer place to explore and experience how life could be. You’ll be better able to create what you want in your life.

8. Increase Your Vitality

True vitality erupts with the excitement that flows from discovering how your unique gifts play an integral role in the evolution of humanity on the planet.

9. Heighten Your Creativity

You can tap directly into the muses who have inspired artists and inventors since time began. You’ll be aware of so many more choices in life.

10. Deepen Your Serenity

Experiencing directly that there is a Grand Design—and accepting your unique role in the cosmic scheme—brings a very deep sense of purpose, peace and fulfillment to your life.