How to Live Your Dream

The Deam Workshops assist you to live with clarity, power and freedom:

Live Clearly…Know Your Purpose

  • Know what you came here to express, explore and embrace
  • Awaken to fresh choices, options, possibilities and solutions
  • Weave a life from your dreams, not from those of your parents or culture
  • The clearer you are about your passion, the faster it will actualize in your life
  • With clarity comes excitement, the energy needed to realize your heart’s deepest aspirations

Live Powerfully…Generate Your Own Energy

  • Recover the creative energy tied up in regret about the past and worry about the future
  • Reconnect to Universal Life Force to activate your natural vitality and personal power
  • With inner strength flows the courage to see life accurately, aligning you with your soul plan
  • When you are consciously in sync with your life blueprint, you manifest solid, lasting creations
  • In this universe what is congruent gets the energy…inner alignment creates outer harmony

Live Freely…Release All Limits

  • Liberate yourself from patterns that block love, money, health and happiness
  • Activate the synchronicities and connections that will unfold your soul’s intent with ease
  • Use your regained power, compassion and wisdom to replace the automatic patterns
  • As you protect your body and soul consciously, the unconscious limits dissolve naturally
  • Realize that the power of your personal intent is now greater than the pull of your programming

If you know the quickening has begun and you’re ready to play, please join us.