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Set of 6 CDs: Magic, Miracles & Healing

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Tools to Build Your Dream

Keith Varnum: Tools to Build Your Dream

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Keith Varnum, founder and facilitator of The Dream Workshops leads you through five extremely effective, experiential guided meditative processes from The Dream Workshops that empower you to connect with your intuitive core self, remove limiting blocks and create your heart’s desires.

You can also use these processes to open to your soul purpose, own your sovereignty and develop your special spiritual gifts and talents.  53 minutes

The CD assists you to

  • Connect with your soul
  • Reclaim your worth
  • Energize your body
  • Maximize your money
  • Master your mind
  • Dissolve your fears
  • Free your shadow
  • Awaken your heart
  • Embrace your emotions
  • Celebrate your sexuality

You Can Talk to Spirit Guides

Keith Varnum: You Can Talk to Spirit Guides

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Free yourself to speak with the many beings in so-called “other dimensions” that are around you all the time! They’re always present to surround you with loving and supportive vibration, or to direct your attention in a useful direction with a feeling or a glow. They’re the “Silent Helpers,” our best friends, advisors, coaches and consolers who often remain consciously unacknowledged and under-utilized. Yes, we cut ourselves off from the dynamic, rich universe of spiritual guidance. But the good news is that since we shut the door to this wondrous celestial world, we can now re-open it. And the really good news is that since it’s time to reconnect with our spirit playmates, it’s now easier than ever before to bridge the gap between the visible and the invisible.

Become fully aware of the communication and communion you are actually already having with these marvelous and wise beings on another level of your consciousness. Foster a conscious relationship and dialogue with these aspects of your Greater Self. Open to connecting with these friends whose greatest happiness is to be of service to you—if you will only allow it. Using powerful and direct tools, re-establish the ancient eternal kinship of humans with the elemental and divine realm. Experience the magic, wisdom and inner peace of learning to communicate with your “Multi-dimensional Self.” See, hear and feel the spirit in all things. Discover the power, excitement and healing of a conscious mutual relationship with the angelic realm, nature devas and spiritual guides. Seraphs, fairies, elves, gnomes and Ascended Masters make great playmates.  60 minutes

Awaken Your Abundance!

Keith Varnum: Awaken Your Abundance

 CD $9.95 Click here:

You deserve to be rich—in material abundance, spiritual prosperity and social fulfillment. It is your natural state. Universal Supply is having what you choose (want and need) when you choose to have it. Money is the earthly vehicle for Cosmic Support. When you’re aligned with your true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flow automatically with no effort or doingness. Master your ability to keep your creating attention focused solely on this plan, not on the distractions, obstacles and illusions of life. When attention flows only to your real heart’s desire, your life design unfolds in a profoundly simple, playful and bountiful way.

Make a great living celebrating your special gifts and skills. Learn how to crack open the vault of Divinity, not only in your financial universe, but also in your world of health, happiness and love. Move into a new arena of personal creativity and self-expression. Master easy, effective tools to let in the natural treasure of life’s bounty. Open to your birthright of ease, joy and magnificence!  76 minutes

Attract Your Soulmate

Keith Varnum: Attract Your Soulmate

CD $9.95 Click here:

Find the perfect partner for passion, play or profession! Discover how to profit from knowing that you are always “dating yourself.” Turn intimate connection into the ultimate aphrodisiac. Go from “filling the hole” to “fulfilling the whole.” Apply the joy of love-making to soul-making. Relationships become a fun, fulfilling, spiritual path mirroring your own relationship to the Infinite. Heaven is where relationships are made. Earth is where they’re played.  80 minutes

On the CD:

  1. Looking for Love in All the Right Places
  2. Myths of Personal Magnetism
  3. Dispel Fallacies of Falling in Love
  4. 7 Steps to Real Love
  5. Secret Strategies of the Heart
  6. Soulmate Street Smarts
  7. Master the 7 Stages of True Romance
  8. Guided Process to Attract Your Soulmate

Get the Job Your Soul Want

Keith Varnum: Get the Job Your Soul Wants

CD $9.95 Click here

Your spirit has great plans for you this lifetime! Want to know what they are? From this interactive CD, you learn easy and effective ways to access your soul purpose and passion—and how to make a good living doing it! You uncover your hidden natural assets. You attract a livelihood that supports you financially and spiritually. You awaken to fresh choices, options and solutions you never saw before. You reclaim the power and the skill to attract the perfect means for your heart’s expression. You restore your natural ability to recognize the people, opportunities, resources and activities that will lead to a soul-satisfying job. You move into new arenas of personal creativity and self-expression. You open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world. You create your life as a joyous adventure. You make money doing what excites you!  80 minutes