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Keith Varnum

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What people say about this free CD:

I listened carefully to your Prosperity CD and want to say that I feel it’s absolutely brilliant! The writing, composition, your voice and manner, the combination of lecture and experience—everything. In my view, it absolutely could not be better!

– Jake H, Cleveland OH

I very much enjoyed listening to the free CD . I’m especially impressed with the “realness” of you. I know that you speak from experience because while listening to you on tape, I felt you speaking to my soul, and truly understanding what was in my heart. You have a truly amazing ability of both reaching out—and reaching in and touching the heart and soul. You have my admiration. I do want you to know how much I value the work that you are doing and to thank you so much for your Prosperity CD. It is a gift that I treasure. Thank you and God bless!

– Vicky B, Cranford NJ

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