Sedona Nature Adventure

Explore Your True Nature in Natur

Double your chances of getting the message from Spirit
by reading the outer signs from your inner guidance

Everything you need to know about life you can learn from streams & clouds.                                                 –

  • – Medicine Cloud, Hopi medicine man

After years of training with Medicine Cloud, Keith Varnum shares easy and effective ways to apply Earth’s wisdom to bring more prosperity, meaning and balance to your life.

  • Clouds show you how to shift positions to greater advantage

  • Water demonstrates how to get into the flow of abundance

  • Spiders teach how to weave new patterns of webs to catch new dreams

Listen to the language of Nature, supporting you in every aspect of life

Connect with animals, plants & natural elements to give you practical guidance

Use the physical universe as an accurate reflection of your own consciousness

Transform lessons absorbed in the wild into concrete results in the urban canyons back home

Use Nature to create

The love your heart longs for

A job with soul and passion

Recharged vitality and health

The courage of life purpose

Renewed personal creativity

The clarity to make wise choices

A Journey of Self-discovery

One of the most ancient forms of spiritual practice is to go into Nature to mark the changes in our life journey, clarify a situation, seek healing or reclaim our true place in the natural order of things. With the aid of self-generated ceremony and intentional transformation, you leave behind the old ways of the limited self and enter into the initiatory realm, which leads to insight, revelation and rebirth as a new being.

A Taste of the Desert

Delight your senses sampling cactus honey, prickly pear jam, sweet mesquite pod cookies and natural veggie bites made from native desert plants. You’ll discover which plants can be used for medicine, clothing and tools—as well as meals. You won’t believe how many ways you can use one plant

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For everyone:

Gentle, easy approach

For people of all ages 

Walking along tree-shaded streams

Refreshing waterfalls and swimming holes

No previous outdoor experience necessary

Not a physically strenuous adventure

Nature is safer than the average urban environment

All the Sedona Adventures can be designed by you as customized tours for 1-50 people

You choose the dates

You choose the activites

Affordable Cost:

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Secret Sedona video

Other exciting Sedona Adventures:

Native Traditions of Sedona

An ancient way for joy today! Time-proven tools to attract love, vitality and wealth. Embark on a rewarding journey that merges myth, mirth, meditation, native medicine, and Mother Earth. Recharge your spirit with Native American ceremony, song, flute and drum. Explore the mystery of Indian ruins, Medicine Wheel, shamanic journey and power animals.

Ancient & Magical Sedona

Personalized mystical explorations.

Create your own dates to fit your visit. Tailor ceremonies to suit your interests.

These rewarding Sedona Adventures are for everyone:

  • Short easy walks along tree-shaded trails
  • Gentle approach for people of all ages
  • Refreshing waterfalls and swimming holes
  • Rejuvenating sacred spring-fed pools
  • Free time to enjoy all that Sedona offers

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