What People Say about Sedona Adventures

I followed my passion on the Sedona Adventure like the hummingbird without judgment or thought–and the consciousness of life met me. The world shifted from being an outside reflection and became a direct soul communication. The veil of separation dissolved and an experience of the circle of giving and receiving without end emerged.

– Audrey Smith, Tucson

The experience was phenomenal for me. I hiked down the trails clothed in my fears–and scampered out naked and free! Sharing with others and expanding my personal horizons in such grandeur and majesty was truly powerful.

– Margaret Mears, Phoenix

I realized how hostile I had believed “wilderness” to be. But when I stayed present, “she” became nurturing and I was able to receive “her” gifts! There is so much to learn from Nature. I now know, in my heart of hearts, I could never be alone and lost in Nature. I have a whole fresh reality to explore and play in. Thanks, Keith!

– Ellen Hicks, Tallahassee



The adventure gave me an unrivaled opportunity to examine my own heart and follow its pull regardless of expectations or norms. I felt oneness with the lush beauty of natural springs,  shaded forest paths, protective guardian Red Rocks and blooming desert splendor. The weekend was an unforgettable experience which I shall hold close to my heart for all time.

– Linda Costello, Boston

I experienced a shift from viewing Nature with distrust to experiencing Nature as a source of support and inspiration. Keith does a great job of “setting the stage” for each person to experience whatever they’re ready to open up to. This retreat is a good time and a great place to play with new possibilities and powers!

– Rick Gridley, Miami

There was magic for me in each canyon–joy and peaceful strength in the Indian ruins; profound healing in the springs; animals, insects and lizards bringing love; and connecting with others having deep openings.

– Leroy Malouf, New Hampshire


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