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Life Coaching with Matrix Energetics

Money Coaching
Health Coaching
Career Coaching
Relationship Coaching

Keith Varnum distills the tools and wisdom he has developed over forty years.

Together with Keith, you develop the plans, strategies and approaches to increase your personal power and joy in everyday life.

As a personal coach, Keith is a powerful ally in your life journey.

Your life can be as big, bold, and brilliant as you wish it to be!

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As a personal catalyst

Keith helps you define your goals and strategies in life and supports you in applying your action plans.

With cutting-edge techniques like Matrix Energetics, Keith facilitates the discovery of hidden potentials, strengthens confidence and resolve, and helps anchor and celebrate successes.

As a soul consultant

Keith holds a vision of who you can be and aligns with your deepest dreams.

He recognizes your true destiny, encourages natural creativity and tailors his style to your needs to champions your soul blueprint.

As a life strategist

Keith helps you to discover your worth, disarm fears, master money, deepen intimacy and refresh your spirit.

Keith assists you to hear and follow your intuition, and to express your unique calling by clarifying personal vision, focusing power, unleashing creativity and developing hidden talents.

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Keith consults in person in Arizona and by phone and Skype worldwide.

Contact Keith for a Free Consultation

800.736.7367 or [email protected]

Career Coaching:

Your High School Guidance Counselor Lied!

You CAN get well paid doing what you love

A dose of alternative strategies for working your way to a healthy life.

Keith will expose the most popular myths about work

It’s not true that

  • You need experience or certification to get a good job
  • Experts know what they are talking about
  • Great careers require sacrifice or compromise
  • You have to accept job conditions as they are
  • Only a few lucky or talented people get to have a fun job
  • You can copy other people’s road to success
  • What you’re good at is what you’re supposed to do your whole life

You will learn

  • What to do if no work is appealing
  • 4 steps to boost your financial future
  • 6 common traps in choosing a job
  • Why healing your career issues improves your health and love life
  • How a good career is better than Viagra for your sex life

Keith Varnum, unorthodox career magician, helps people find work that does more than just pay the bills.

Keith’s warmth and depth of experience have inspired the hearts of people around the world to make lasting, intuitive career changes that inevitably result in happier, more honest personal relationships.

Cures for the Common Career

  • Custom-tailor your career, rather than take one “off the rack”
  • Create a job that fits your personality
  • Read the critical “vital signs” of their current job
  • Discover when to bend the rules and when to break them

As a therapist, Keith discovered when people chose heart-healthy careers, they healed their bodies—of cancer, blindness, addictions, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, allergies and more!

Symptoms of Career “Dis-ease”

  • Hot Flashes – brief periods of inspiration with no follow through
  • VD (Vacant Dreams) – your great career dreams don’t come true
  • Allergies – you’re itching to use more of your natural abilities
  • Chronic Fatigue – too tired to do what you really don’t want to do
  • Pill Popping – swallowing your passion instead of living it

With playful humor and intuitive wisdom, Keith reveals how unfulfilling work slowly undermines health and relationships. He provides you with proven ways to create an exciting job that supports you well. This author and international seminar leader offers uniquely innovative, no-nonsense, practical career solutions for chaotic times. After 30 successful years of expressing his unique talents and changing the way businesses operate, he shares from his experiences as a VP of a multi-million dollar business, radio talk show host, acupuncturist, therapist, yoga teacher, filmmaker, restaurateur, gourmet chef, and Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

Keith consults in person in Arizona, by phone nationwide and via Skype worldwide.

Contact Keith Varnum

Phone 602.861.2631
Email [email protected]
Mail 11248 N. 11th St, Phoenix AZ 85020


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