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I have gotten a great deal from reading your articles. It is the place I go when I need to be uplifted. Thanks for your messages.  – Colleen H.

NEW  Eye to Eye with a Whale

            A Crack in the World

            Magic and the Art of Trust

            10 Reasons to Know Where You Come From!

            Get in Trouble on Purpose

            Are You Pretending to Be Asleep?

            What the Heck Is the Matrix?

           12 Ways to Come Alive

           The Power of the Words You Use

           Hot Tubbing with Angels

           How to Find Your Passion

           When Have You Decided to Die?

           Who Do You Think You Are?

           Which Way to God? 

           A Child a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

           How to Cultivate Miracles 

          You Have a Right to Be Happy

          How One Shaman Chooses His Students 

          7 Secrets of Magic

          Your Life Is a Work of Art

          What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? 

          How to Unlock Your Source Code

          Ride Your Elephant!

          So Certain Are You? 

          Wisdom of the Real People

          Saved by Neptune

          Life is Rigged in Your Favor!

          What God Asks You in Heaven

          Hide and Seek with Nonphysical Guides


Awaken Your Natural Abundance!
Be a Money Shaman
Be a Change Master
Drop Your Bucket Right Where You Are
11 Questions to Kickstart Your Dream
Enjoy the Magic of Prosperity
Fun and Fortune
Grab Your Rainbow
How to be a Miracle Maker
How to Ride the Winds of Change
Joy Is the Juice
Keith’s Adventures with the Matrix Energetics Approach
9 Steps to Abundance
Open the 7 Portals of Prosperity
Prosperity Can Be Easy and Fun
Unlock Your Soul Code
Riding the Energy of Ease
Supercharge Your Dreams
Surf the Wave of Abundance
Switch to a Better Channel
Fun Shui of Money
Joy of Living in the Zone
Physics of Gratitude
Think and Grow Rich
3 Keys to Create Outside the Box


As a Man Thinketh
Awaken the Power to Soar
Birth of a Dream
Free at Last!
Go for the Flow
How to Feel Better Fast
If I Couldn’t Fail
It’s Too Good to Be True!
Play Outside the Box
7 Secrets to Finding Joy
Stop, Look and Listen
Art of Relating
Tell a Better Story about Yourself
10 Tips to Make Life More Fun
Who’s in Charge Here?
Your Heroic Journey


Choosing Innocence
Conjuring Up Sid Caesar
It’s Never Too Late to Say I Love You
Love Magic
Your Perfect Weight


Native Tribe Communicates through Heart Sounds
How the Hopi Create Their World
It’s a Great Day to Die
The Practical Power of the Shaman
The Secret of the Dream Catcher


Are You Part of the Wake Up Crew
Crop Circles
Dolphins and Whales
Plants Have Souls
Rocks that Talk
Source Your Abundance from Nature
Talking Rocks
Tapping Primal Life Force
Gifts of Nature
Plant Fairy Speaks
12 Vitality Secrets Right Outside Your Door


Law of Attraction in Action
New Year: a Fresh Start
Can You Copy Success
Freedom Now
Get Your Power Back
Goodness Breeds Goodies
Guns and Gurus
Indiana Jones and the Volcano
Jump Start Your Life
Just the Facts, Ma’am
Live Your Passion
Make Your Dream Real
Once-a-Day Prescriptions for Joy
Reading the Signs Life Gives Us
Relaxing the Grip
Rush Home to Rapture
Speaking Your Truth
Survival Guide for the Holidays
Advantages of Living Out Loud
Man Who Tastes Shapes
Power of Fun
Secret Teachings of Helen Hayes
Tao of Positive Expectation
3 Pillars of Personal Power
Times They Are a’Changin’
What’s on Your Shift List
Who’s Running Your Life


Behind the Scenes in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
Connect with Source
Feel Better Now
How’d They Do That

How to Unlock Your Source Code
Your Hidden Portal to Peace
Recipe for Alchemy
Mind Creates Its Worst Fear
Traveling Out of Body


Activate Your Ascension Now
Stopping Time
Super Psychic Kids
Great Remembering
What’s It Like Being a Spiritual Person?
What Web Are You Weaving


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