Jump Start Your Life!

By Keith Varnum

1.  Be crystal clear about your own life passion.

When you’re in touch with what brings you joy in life, you can choose wisely where to direct your creating attention. You then attract people and activities that do, in fact, make you happy and fulfilled. And, as you share your joy in the world, you naturally give expression to the core soul message that you are here in this life to impart.

2.  Have an outrageous vision.

The bigger and bolder the vision, the more it will propel you forward. Focus on the experience and qualities you want to create, not on the exact physical form—which is too limiting. Outrageous visions are contagious!

3.  Tolerate no delay.

Set up supports and systems around you to instantly translate your ideas into action. Don’t wait on others before you act. Invite people to join you at your speed. You’re setting the pace for transformation.

4.  Experiment, Experiment, Experiment.

Have many small, inexpensive experiments running simultaneously. The more experiments, the larger the number of successes. If an experiment fails, take it in stride, and look at what you can do differently next time.

5.  Be lovingly ruthless about clearing up your life.

Simplify your life to make enough room for the energy, money and time to flow through. Create the space in which powerful change can happen. “If you build it (the space), they will come.”

6.  Listen, Listen, Listen.

Ask for input from others. Listen to what the real question is. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of limiting circumstances. Open to every alternative perspective on the subject. Anything is possible when you play with the energy dynamics of a situation.

7.  Jump on every opportunity.

Keep the momentum going in your life. Respond to every opening that is in line with your purpose and vision. Be ready to bail out as soon as you see that an opportunity is ineffective or non-aligned with your goals. Remember to honor others who are involved in the opportunity. Keep your door open to future creative partnerships. Don’t burn bridges.

8.  Be visible and available.

Radiate an authentic, attractive profile for yourself so that people are magnetized to you—rather than you having to “sell” your idea, or yourself, to others or to the universe. Write, speak, interact and express your creative visions with every opportunity you get. If there is an author, speaker or musician you like, drop them a line and start a dialogue. The more networked and available you are, the more impact your visions create.

9.  Give and you shall attract.

Be overgenerous of your time, energy and attention to others, in alignment with your purpose and your vision. People will respond in amazingly supportive ways when you least expect it!

10.  Invest energy in the people and things you love.

Dynamic, meaningful creations are nurtured with care and attention just as flowers are in a garden. Authentic appreciation attracts more of the same to you. “If you love them, they will come.”