Why The Dream Workshops are Exciting and Different

Creative attention is focused on what you desire, not on what’s in the way of what you desire.

Transformation occurs from the inside out… instead of from the outside in, as in “peeling the onion,” trying to strip off limiting beliefs and stuck emotions, layer by layer, to uncover the real you. You go directly home, to core essence. You manifest what you desire by re-connecting with times when you were in the vibration you prefer. You create by achieving vibrational harmony with the object of your desire.

Attention is focused solely on what you know for sure, from personal, direct experience.

Relying on other people’s life experiences and conclusions leads to confusion, conflict and complication. Listening to your own personal, direct knowing brings simplicity, harmony and clarity.

Technique is designed to dissolve into natural ability.

What at first appears to be “technique” soon reveals itself as your own re-found innate skill. You quickly transform the “tools” of The Dream Workshops into a personal unfolding of you waking up in your way, in your own words, at your own pace, when and how it feels right for you to do it.

We proceed with absolute respect for the intuitive timing of each person.

The way home is personal and individual. Only your heart knows your way. This respect for each person’s unique path and pace creates a profound safety, which engenders deep trust and relaxation, which leads to release and liberation. In the authentic safety of total appreciation and allowing, people’s unconscious, programmed veils of protection and camouflage dissolve automatically.

The Dream Workshops go beyond words, ideas and technology.

You play directly with the transformative power of alive, real vibration. The workshops go beyond concepts, beliefs, methods and formulas. All of the most potent spiritual ideas and principles in the world are not as powerful as one personal direct soul experience. The approach to awakening we use in The Dream Workshops is so simple and direct that it eludes description… which means that it also eludes the mind! You play on a level, on a wavelength, in which the mind does not exist, and, therefore, it cannot interfere. As you allow yourself to vibrate at your own unique, natural frequency, this ever-increasing vibrant energy flows right through and past old limits and patterns.

Each Dream Workshop is unique each time it happens.

Because each Dream Workshop is directed by the spirit of every participant, each coming together reflects the current individual and collective awareness of the group at the moment and evolves with the timing of the Awakening of each person. There is no set agenda or plan. Every Dream Workshop builds on the last one, picking up where it left off and developing further with the accelerating consciousness of new participants and of the planet. Each get-together explores consciousness in a fresh, spontaneous, organic way and develops into something very new and timely for the particular people present.

Each Dream Workshop is deliberately designed to be a bridge between the present and the future.

Each get-together is a gentle, conscious transition from the current collective paradigm to the next step in the creative expansion of humankind. During the four days, the usual “leader/follower” format intuitively and gracefully transforms into a dance of emerging equal beings. As people unveil their forgetfulness, the flow of the Dream Workshops evolves from the typical facilitator/participant framework into an exciting expression of the new playground… conscious equals openly sharing and living the Real Dream, whatever that is for each person.

It’s no accident who shows up.

The journey home is primarily an individual one, but we come together now to assist each other on the adventure by each being offering her or his personal piece of the ancient puzzle. Every person radiates a special, signature spirit… a unique aspect, vibration, ray, gift, essence of the Oneness. By your own pre-arranged conscious design, old soulmates deliver messages to you that trigger timely awareness, alchemy and awakening. The dynamism, gentleness and safety of kindred souls uniting in the pursuit of truth and freedom is very profound.

We don’t ask you to believe anything we say.

Instead, we assist you to create your own personal, direct, tangible, solid, repeatable experiential evidence that is natural and real for you.

You are free to share everything from The Dream Workshops.

You are encouraged to share any content or technique you choose from The Dream Workshops with whomever you choose in whatever way you choose, privately, publicly or professionally. There are no proprietary rights or confidentiality, secrecy restrictions.

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.