Sedona Magical Adventures

Soul Vacations with Heart and Purpose! Adventures that will change your life. Explore the secrets of the most beautiful place on earth! Fun. Unique. Waterfalls, cool streams, sacred springs. Indian ruins, rock art, ceremony and music. Swim. Play. Hike.

We take you to off-the-beaten-track sites—where you have more privacy and fun. That’s where enchantment happens! We customize each adventure to your special interests.

People come from all over the world to Sedona to experience the profound Power Spot vortexes of earth’s magnetic might. Embrace the magic. Stir a sense of wonder. Awaken to new potentials and creativity. It’s the only destination that matters—the healthiest, happiest you!

A Taste of the Desert

Delight your senses sampling cactus honey, prickly pear jam, sweet mesquite pod cookies and natural veggie bites made from native desert plants. You’ll discover which plants can be used for medicine, clothing and tools—as well as meals. You won’t believe how many ways you can use one plant!

All the Sedona Adventures can be designed by you as customized tours for 1-50 people.

You choose the activities!

You choose the dates or Join a scheduled group!

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Native Traditions of Sedona

An ancient way for joy today! Time-proven tools to attract love, vitality and wealth. Embark on a rewarding journey that merges myth, mirth, meditation, native medicine, and Mother Earth. Recharge your spirit with Native American ceremony, song, flute and drum. Explore the mystery of Indian ruins, Medicine Wheel, shamanic journey and power animals.

Sedona Nature Adventure

Transform lessons absorbed in wild spaces into concrete results in the urban canyons back home in order to enrich your work, relationships, body and finances. Learn to use Nature to create the love your heart longs for, a job with passion, recharged aliveness, renewed personal creativity, and the clarity to make wise life choices.

Ancient & Magical Sedona

Personalized mystical explorations.

Create your own dates to fit your visit. Tailor ceremonies to suit your interests.

These rewarding Sedona Adventures are for everyone:

Short easy walks along tree-shaded trails

Gentle approach for people of all ages

Not physically strenuous

Refreshing waterfalls and swimming holes

Rejuvenating sacred spring-fed pools

No outdoor experience necessary

Free time to enjoy all that Sedona offers

Corporate Adventure Training

The Corporate Adventure Training is an effective, experiential training that combines modern business science with time-tested indigenous techniques of native and ancient peoples. The primary mission of the Adventure Training is to install lasting improvements in Individual Performance and the company Bottom Line.

Who benefits:

Anyone wanting an exotic, extraordinary one-of-a-kind vacation

Anyone wanting more fun, love and meaning in their life

Anyone looking for tools and skills to help others and themselves

Anyone wanting to access deeper levels of awareness and move forward on their spiritual path

Gains you take home:

Greater abundance

Exhilarating vitality

The courage to find life purpose

Openness to new options

Solve the challenges in your life

Practical solutions for career, money and relationships


Sweat lodge

Reiki treatment

Learn to play a drum

Learn to play a Native American flute

Sound Healing to activate chakras to attract more health & abundance

Personal Power Animal Message for guidance and support for your next step in life


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Stay in low cost hotel, camp for free or at campground. Transportation to/from airport not included. But if schedules match, we can provide free rides to/from Sedona & Phoenix. No need to rent a car.

Multi-day backpack camping trips are also available. Please inquire.


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Sedona Vortexes Made Simple

Also offered:

Sedona Eco Tours

Exciting, informative eco vacations in magnificent, remote, pristine Sedona canyons. Learn native, traditional ecology in a fun and adventurous way. Streams, waterfalls, sacred springs. Learn how indigenous peoples lived in flowing harmony and balance with their surroundings. Contact Keith for more info.

Sedona Hiking or Walking Treks

Hike or walk and explore secret, magnificent canyons, Red Rock cliffs, mesas, arches, streams, waterfalls, sacred springs, lush meadows. and energy vortexes in the hidden, remote parts of Sedona. Swimming.

We are still talking about what a wonderful time we had with you on the Vision Quest. It was fabulous bonding with you and with each other and with Nature. – Karen and Rob

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