The Practical Benefits of The Dream Workshops

The Dream Workshops assist you to regain the power and wisdom to choose to be more present, clear and accurate in your life. The personal advantages of being more conscious and honest are immediate, profound and very practical:

You discover what you came here to do.

The life purpose you’ve come here to express is already organized in your consciousness. To access that design all you need to do is become fully conscious. As you show up, you experience directly who you are and why you are here. The clearer you are about your purpose, the faster it will actualize. With clarity comes excitement… the energy needed to create your dreams.

Your life design manifests naturally with ease.

As you stay present, all of the synchronicities and connections take place that are necessary for your entire life purpose to unfold. Your specific, detailed life plan lies woven within your own unique vibration. The design and the vibration are one and the same. When you’re present, you’re in your own unique vibration and thus, your blueprint is automatically being funded. When you show up for your dream, your dream will show up in the world.

You learn to generate your own energy.

You recover the ability to tap into your own creative life force in a very tangible and sustainable way. You’re charged with the raw, wild, primal universal force that creates all of life. You’re no longer reacting to circumstances that are outside of you. You’re generating your own realities that emanate from you. Living from your Presence shifts your power base from who is in power out there… to empowerment of self… self-realization, self-actualization, self-generation. The energy of your personal intent becomes greater than the pull of your programming.

You regain enormous personal power.

By aligning yourself accurately with what is real, you retrieve all of the life force you’ve invested in holding together situations and relationships that are no longer right for you. Arrangements and agreements which are not congruent with your true feelings and knowing require tremendous amounts of energy to hold in place and maintain against the tide of truth. The more alignment there is between what you acknowledge is so and what actually is so, the more personal power you have available to pour into what actually exists, and thus, the more you can create exactly what you choose in life. When you become internally integrated, your external world harmonizes.

You live in your natural state in a lasting way.

You gain a prolonged enough personal experience of real love, well-being, power, orgasmic energy, saftey, freedom, happiness, and knowing for these qualities to become a permanent personal reality.

You can share yourself with others in a solid, authentic way.

You can’t give to someone else what you don’t possess yourself. The Dream Workshops are about giving to yourself first what you want to give to others. When compassion, clarity, strength and wisdom are your genuine reality, your Presence alone automatically radiates and shares these energies all the time with whomever is open and receptive.

You create exciting, genuine relationships.

Authentically living as you truly are, you naturally attract and encounter people who are already living in a way that is mutual and alive for you. When you aren’t accurate about where you truly do hang out… what you really feel, know and desire, you don’t attract the people who are harmonious with you. They can’t find you because you’re not really where you say you are.

You can get where you want to go.

Only when you’re honest about your starting point, can you successfully navigate the course of your life. When you aren’t accurate about where you’re really at when you start out, you’re not able to take the appropriate actions to reach your destination… to realize your intention. If you want to go from Texas to California, you need to start in Texas. But if you’re fooling yourself and you’re actually in Vermont, you can’t get from Texas to California.

I used to be Snow White,
but then I drifted.

-Mae West