Your Perfect Weight:
What’s Love Got to Do with It?

By Keith Varnum

Weight has nothing to do with diet, exercise, genes or how much we eat! Maintaining our perfect body weight has everything to do with the free flow of love in our lives.

Physical bodies run on energy. You can get that energy from food. And you can get that energy from love. Food is one source of our fuel supply. Love is a more potent one.

Remember what you feel like when you’re “in the flow” at work? Or totally engrossed in a hobby? Or open and playful with someone you enjoy? You feel happy, full, complete, satisfied, whole—and energized! What happens to your appetite? Often, you don’t have any—you don’t get hungry. Why not? Because when you love what you’re doing and who you’re with, your body is being fed by an alternate fuel source—love.

The Missing Ingredient for Perfect Body Weight: Love

When you’re open to love (universal life force, chi, ki, prana) flowing freely and abundantly through your life and body, you naturally maintain your ideal body weight. When you’re allowing love (creative life expression) to flow freely through your life and body, your body is being naturally balanced and harmonized, resulting in the perfect size, shape and weight. Your body feels good.

And, when you’re in the flow, you’re awake, aware and present in your body and soul—and in your personal power. Being fully present in your personal power, you’re creating everything in your world consciously—including your body weight.

Beliefs That Weigh Us Down

On the other hand, when love isn’t flowing freely through your life and body, your weight is determined by your beliefs about diet, exercise, genes or how much you eat.

When love (the River of Life) isn’t surging abundantly through your life and body, your body doesn’t naturally maintain its ideal weight. When you’re not allowing the natural flow of vitality (love) to cruise freely through your life and body, your body isn’t being naturally balanced and harmonized—resulting in a body weight that isn’t natural and perfect. The movement of energy in your body is stagnant so your body feels uncomfortable, heavy, stuck, sluggish or tight.

In other words, when you’re not letting primal life force rush freely through your body, you aren’t present in your body and personal power. You’re not home to run the show. Your creations go on automatic. When you’re not fully present to consciously choose what is being created in your world, everything in your universe is created by your unconscious conditioned mind—including your body weight. Your weight gets determined by your default setting—that is, by your cultural beliefs and emotional programming about weight.

Weighing In on The Love Scale

How much are you currently allowing love to flow freely in your life? The size, shape and weight of your body reveal the answer.

Choosing to jump wholeheartedly into the flow of life is the secret to having perfect body weight. The more you cultivate love and excitement with every activity and person you encounter, the more your body will naturally balance at its ideal weight.