Does Water Talk to Us?

by Keith Varnum

Yes! Water is alive and intelligent—and is carrying on a continual, vibrant dialogue with anyone who will pay attention! Water responds to our thoughts. Water shapeshifts when it hears our music. Water is listening to us—and talking back to us. But are we listening?

If our conscious awareness is not communicating with water, our physical body is. The water making up 70% of our human body gets the message. The water in our cells is constantly responding to the vibrations of the words and behavior around us. The water comprising 70% of the planet’s surface gets the message. The Earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers reflect the thoughts and actions of the humans living on its skin.

“Wake Up, Gang!”

Nature speaks to us by reflecting our current human condition in the natural condition of the planet. Global warming, dying frogs and suicide whales are Nature’s way of saying “Wake up and pay attention!” Unfortunately, most natural warnings of human disharmony and imbalance take years to stick out enough to get our attention. Water, on the other hand, provides us immediate and accurate feedback if we know where to look for it.

Water speaks to us by reflecting the current human condition in the condition of its crystalline structure. Through the health of its crystals, water gives us valuable feedback that is immediate and on going. We don’t have to wait years, or decades, before we get the message that some aspect of our lives is out of whack.

What is water telling us about our human condition? How are the vibrations that surround us affecting our health and happiness? What is it time to see and know? Let’s dive in and take a look.

It’s Crystal Clear

Water in the form of snow has been showering the earth for a few million years. Each snow crystal has a different, unique shape and structure. In the same respect, frozen water forms crystals that have a different, unique shape and structure. If you freeze water and take a picture of the crystals that form, you can learn valuable information from the water.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Seeking a way to evaluate the quality and purity of water, a creative and visionary Japanese, Masaru Emoto, took over 10,000 photographs of frozen crystals of water. He discovered that the crystalline structure of water varies according to the water source and other environmental conditions.

Pure Water = Perfect Form

Water from clear, pure mountain springs and streams has an exquisitely formed geometric design in its crystals. Water from polluted industrial areas and stagnant tap water from storage dams and pipes have distorted, ill-formed crystalline structures. Which water do you want to take into your body?

Can Music Break Your Heart?

The water crystal pictures also provide startling physical evidence that the vibration of music and words dramatically affect the crystal structure and health of water. Water exposed to the music of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven has a beautiful, balanced delicate crystal structure. When Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” is played to water, the crystals are clearly split in two.

Words to Live, or Die, By

The crystals in water labeled with the words (and the vibrational human thought form) “Beauty,” “Angel,” “Mother Teresa” and “I Love You” are intricately and gracefully formed.

Water samples labeled with “Dirty,” “Demon,” “Adolph Hitler” and “I Hate You” do not even form crystalline shapes and are chaotic in structure. Revealingly, the scattered and fragmented uncrystalized structure of water labeled with the sentiment “You Fool” closely matches the unformed-crystal pictures of the water exposed to heavy metal music, which is full of harsh condemnations.

Water Responds to Flowers

Emotos’s book provides further fascinating examples of water’s intelligent responsiveness to other forms of life. The shape of the crystals of water infused with specific flower aroma oils closely resembles the shape of the flower from which the oil comes.

Say a Little Prayer for Me

Water is especially responsive to prayer. When a Buddhist priest prayed for an hour over the polluted water in a lake behind a dam in Japan, the crystalline structure of the water changed from malformed and distorted to one of immense beauty and power. A distinctly visible aura appears around the water crystal in the photos.

The distorted structure of water right after the devastating Kobe, Japan, earthquake transformed into beautiful, perfectly-formed crystals three months later—after helping hands and sympathy from all over the world were given to the people of Kobe.

The highly sensitive and exacting nature of water’s intelligence is born out in another startling experiment. Natural water crystals have a hexagonal, six-sided core structure basic to all water crystals. However, after a Buddhist monk chanted a very specific ancient prayer over water, the resulting crystalline water structure changed to heptagonal—seven-sided. The prayer he recited invoked the “Seven Goddesses of Fortune!”

Our Intimate Connection with Water

These groundbreaking water photos indicate that our human words, intentions and actions can transform the water we consume into being more clean, healthy and harmonious to our well being. What about the 70% that’s bubbling through your cells? What inner water structure—and quality of life—are you creating through the vibrations that surround you?

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