How to Unlock Your Source Code


By Keith Varnum


Your Source Code is the way you manifest your intentions from Creation Consciousness when you do, in fact, successfully manifest your dreams in life.


Each person’s Source Code is unique. There are similarities between different people’s Source Codes, but the secret to success is to discover the key characteristics of your own individual Source Code.


These characteristics of your Source Code show up in the energetic patterns behind-the-scenes of your everyday life. You see, by definition and function, the Source Code is a coded device—hidden within the fabric of your everyday existence. As with any code, it needs to be deciphered to be consciously used. You have to identify the key elements of the Code in order to work creatively with the power of your Code.


It’s helpful to realize that your Source Code is a “hidden code” only because of the way most of us are raised in our Western culture. We were taught to only observe the surface appearance of objects, people and the events of life. We weren’t guided in the art of seeing the energy patterns within each object, person and event. We weren’t shown how to perceive the vibrational nature of all seemingly solid forms of life.

Crack Your Code

There are many ways to uncover your Source Code. You could say that the ultimate purpose of all meditative and spiritual practices is to help you crack your Source Code. The objective of all good spiritual mentors is to help you to identify the unique way that you create.


A great benefit of my “Uncover the Source Code” workshop is the discovery of your own personal knack of creation. Once you become aware of your knack, you can use it to successfully make your dreams come true.

Where to Look

If you know where to look for your Source Code, you’ll find it. If you don’t know where to look for it, you’ll miss it altogether.


The place to look is at the level of the energetic patterns behind-the-scenes of everyday surface events. That’s where the real action is. That’s where conscious creation actually occurs. When you learn to perceive the background vibrational grid of superficial life events, you unlock the secret of how you can successfully attract your dreams.


Your Source Code is woven within the tapestry of your life story. It’s buried beneath the surface events of your everyday life.

What to Look for

Your Source Code will reveal itself to you in forms that you can recognize and understand. Your soul will make every effort to communicate your Code in whatever manner it can. Your Creation Code may show up through an idea, symbol, image, feeling, color, memory, persona, vision, dream or archetypal shape. You might all of a sudden just know how you create!


For example, in a meditative state on a workshop, I opened my eyes after a deep inner journey to see out the window brilliant shafts of sunlight illuminating only the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges in San Francisco Bay. Everything else was shrouded in dark fog. That image—and the energetic feeling that went with it—awoke within me a clear knowing of my life path, purpose, passion and the next steps I needed to take to allow my soul plan to unfold. All this information was encoded in that image. Years later I still draw specific guidance from the knowing state triggered by that image.

How to Look

If you know how to look for your Source Code, you’ll find it. If you don’t know how to look for it, you’ll miss it altogether.


The way to look is on the experiential level. Your Source Code has to be felt by the energy field of the sacred heart. The sacred heart is the essence of your true being, your soul, your real self, your Higher Self.


In order to discern the energetic patterns behind-the-scenes of everyday surface events, you have to be experiencing yourself as an energetic pattern or being. The secrets of your vibrational Source Code will only be revealed to you when you are experientially merged with your Source Code, The secrets of your vibrational Source Code will only be revealed to you when you are authentically experiencing yourself as a vibration!


In order to consciously know your Source Code you have to consciously become your Source Code—if only for an eternal second of time. When you fully merge with your Source Code, you download the key energetic patterns of the Code. The blueprint of your Code then becomes integrated within your personal vibration. You are then able to naturally utilize your own unique creative genius to create the life you prefer.

An Experiential Revelation

A good spiritual teacher or practice will guide you to learning where and how to look for your unique Source Code. This is by necessity an experiential process. Because the Source Code is an energetic pattern existing beyond the confines of time and space, it cannot be comprehended fully by the logical mind, which is limited to time and space. As people say, “I can’t wrap my mind around it!” The essence of your Source Code is energetic—therefore, experiential.


For example, you can’t explain to a child how to stay balanced riding a bike or skiing down a hill. You can give the youngster some pointers. But it’s in the experience of riding the bike or skiing down the hill that the child absorbs how to ride a bike or ski. Likewise, it’s in the experience of discovering the unique aspects of your Source Code that you absorb how to successfully manifest your dreams.

Play Is the Way

A great way to get to know your Source Code is to enter into the world of play. Approach your divine quest with a sense of lighthearted adventure. Then you can embody your Unique Creative Style well enough to use it consciously to attract what you want.


This is why native, tribal, indigenous cultures use joyous song and dance to weave a new web of new outcomes in their lives. This is why ancient spiritual traditions use uplifting music and movement to mold a new model of living.


Imagine yourself skiing down a steep slope in serious state of mind! How would it go?

The Game

With a heartfelt smile, a Zen teacher of mine once told our group of new candidates eager to become his students, “You go into the ocean, you study with me. You no go into the ocean, you no study with me.” Chuckling with delight, he plunged into the frigid, winter waters of the Pacific Ocean. The invitation was so outrageous, I spontaneously laughed with shock and amusement. I threw all caution to the wind and dove in. To my surprise, the water wasn’t even cold! It was the best life choice I ever made.

The Invitation

The way to unlock your Source Code is not hard. In fact, it’s very easy.


The Universe is simply saying to us:


“You play, you find the way. You no play, you no find the way.”