Your Heroic Journey
Your Extraordinary Life Awaits You

By Keith Varnum

Does your life have heart?

Does your life have soul?

“Heart and soul I fell in love with you!” as the old song goes.

Your Heroic Journey is something you can fall in love with!

If you want to truly have a good time this round on earth, then discover the Epic Journey you are actually already living this lifetime. Reveal the extraordinary quest that lies right beneath the surface of your ordinary life. Uncover the most excellent adventure behind the scenes of your everyday survival.

Seeing your life as the Heroic Journey it is helps you attract more love, money, vitality and meaning into your earth adventure.

A Sacred Voyage

From the Hero’s perspective, you see all of your life experiences as part of an epic journey, a grand voyage. When you don’t perceive your journey as sacred you become mired at the level of the ego and its complicated analysis of the world.

You Are the Dreamer; God is the Doer

You set your intentions. You decide your goals. You infuse them with your spirit, your excitement, enthusiasm, juice. Then, by the Law of Attraction the dreams are fulfilled.

The glory of your destiny depends on the magnitude of your dreaming. The breadth and depth of your life adventure depends on the breadth and depth of your conscious dreaming.

The universe always mirrors back to you the conditions of your dreaming.

Just as you often don’t remember dreaming during the night, you have also forgotten that you are consciously visualizing while you are awake—conscious dreaming.

Quantum physicists and spiritual teachers both know that the world is dreaming itself into being.

However, it takes courage and practice to shift into this high level of perception and stay there.

To be a seer is to walk softly on the earth and deliberately dream your destiny. What you see and experience is the world you’re dreaming into being. If you don’t like it, you can close your eyes, become conscious, and create something different.

Dream Bigger

Dream bigger! Discard old limits, boundaries and obstacles that keep you from dreaming an Epic Dream.

To be a Hero or Heroine means to be an author of your own story. If you perceive with the eyes of the Hero, you see that when you step into the fullness of your power, you can dream your world into being just as you wish it to be. If you stay on the lower levels, you’ll miss your opportunity to grow your Spirit wings.

It’s Your Story

Your life is your story to compose as you wish.

If you no longer enjoy an aspect of your life, you can forge a new story—a Heroic Epic that is empowering instead of deadening.

Heal Your Story

The best reason to shed your stories is because you can never heal yourself within your story. If you’re going to spin yarns about your life journey, you might as well make them grand, ennobling ones. See yourself as a brave traveler.

None of your stories are true. They’re not your life. They’re just scripts you created to try to explain what happened to you. They are merely trail maps.

Every story is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can tell your tale in such a way that you reclaim your nobility and power. This is the hero’s journey.

You’re on a Soul Sojourn

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are on a soul sojourn

At the soul level, solutions to problems that you can’t solve from the ego level suddenly become evident.

At the level of your soul, you listen below the surface of conversations and hear their hidden messages. You understand illness to be the warning light that tells you that something’s going on that needs your attention and you go beyond just treating the symptoms alone. At this level you sense that you’re on a journey of growth and healing making a trek back to where you were born to be in a condition of divine well-being.

If you experience a headache, you ask yourselves “what kind of healing is this headache calling me to?” You fix the headache by mending the soul and your lives. You see actions and paths that will lead you back to health and you undertake a healing journey

Transform Your Life Vibrationally

When you get stuck on the ego level, you spend a lot of time struggling with problems. When you let your ego rule and insist that you must control events, you end up in a constant struggle against the universe.

When you shift your perception to a higher level, you can transform the myriad of challenges you’re facing in your emotional and physical world. You don’t work physically on the body or psychologically on the mind. Instead you work on the level of vibration and energy changing the matrix of your energy field.

At the level of Hero or Heroine, you turn your wounds into a source of power. The traumas you have experienced can actually help you find your strength, compassion and wisdom.

You accomplish this by shedding the stories of your past just as a snake sheds her skin. In the process you will cease being a victim of what happened to you and instead become empowered to write your own valiant tale of strength, beauty and healing.

You Are Not Your Story

The Hero knows that you have merely created characters and stories to explain what has happened to you in your life. Just yarns you have spun.

But they are not you! Suffering occurs when you believe the stories to be true … when you confuse your stories for reality. Freedom and joy comes when you see the truth.

You cling to your tales because you derive some benefit from them, even when they also cause you suffering. Often the benefit of clinging to your stories is because they give you a false sense of security and purpose. In actuality, your story becomes a death sentence for the Hero Within because it demands denying what doesn’t fit into its narrowly defined roles.

The Hero Sees Only Beauty

To be a Hero or Heroine means that when you look around you, you perceive only beauty. Everything you experience is a projection of your own inner landscape or dream. Since you’re the author of each event in your life, nothing ever happens to you, and no one ever does anything to you. So you never need to fix anything in the outer world.

If you want to change some circumstance that appears to be outside of yourself, you simply need to transform yourself within.

The Hero Within

At the Hero or Spirit level your power to effect reality is at its greatest. Spirit has the ability to see the entire picture and a teeny piece of the picture at the same time.

When you face a difficulty, the closer that you get to the level of Hero or Spirit, the less energy you need to effect change.

Moving to Hero you begin to see the big picture. You understand that what you perceive as a problem in one sphere is actually an opportunity at the level above it. The loss of a job or relationship becomes an invitation to reinvent yourself. While an illness offers you a chance to make deep changes in your life.

In retelling your stories, you uncover the positive, empowering legacy that you have been given.

You become the actor instead of the reactor. You bring the sacred to each moment and render your experiences epic.

At Hero you can prevent sickness by learning the lesson that the illness came to teach you. Going even higher in Spirit understanding, you can clear the imprints in your energy field that predispose you to this condition.

Hero or victim.

Epic or mundane.

Bold or boring.

It’s your choice.

You can be your own Lancelot.

You can be your own Lady Guinevere of Camelot.