The Secret of the Dream Catcher

By Keith Varnum

A Dream Catcher is a hoop—a circle of life—on which is woven a web. Adorning the hoop are feathers, bones, crystals and other sacred items that represent your dreams. The web acts as a filter. Good dreams are captured in the web, sliding down the feathers and into your life. Nightmares pass through the web.

A Dream Catcher can be a unique wall hanging. A good luck charm. … Or an effective manifestation tool!

Using a Dream Catcher as a tool can bring you what you want in life.

The difference in the power of your Dream Catcher lies in knowing the secret.

The Secret

The secret of the Dream Catcher is like all profound spiritual truths—it’s not really a secret at all!

Metaphysical truth is truth that’s beyond (meta) physical. It’s hidden from sight—that is, hidden from ordinary physical sight. Not concealed deliberately, but effectively.

Hidden by what? By the perceptual filters of our social upbringing. Our cultural programming. The beliefs passed on to us through parents, schooling and mainstream media.

The Good News

The Good News is that since all spiritual truth is only truth hidden from ordinary view, all you have to do is change your ordinary point of view to find it!

If you alter your perspective on the journey of life, you can easily discover all the “secret” truths that will make your life happy, healthy and abundant. A change in your perspective changes your perception.

That is, if you vary what you’re looking for—and therefore, how or where you’re looking for it—you’re more likely to find it.

For example, if you’ve been told that the secret to life is out there somewhere, you’ll look out there for it. If you’ve been taught that the power you seek is in a thing, or another human being, or organization, or belief—you’ll be searching for it in an object, person, group or concept.

Switch Your Viewpoint

You may or may not have found what you are looking for. If you haven’t, try modifying the perspective of your search.

For example, if you switch your viewpoint to seeking the secret within yourself, you may quickly find the gold you’ve been longing for.

Where Is the Dream Catcher?

Where is the Dream Catcher? … in the hoop and string of the spider’s web you have woven? … or in the weaver?

Who (what) is the Dream Catcher? … is it the physical Dream Catcher  … or the maker of the physical Dream Catcher?

You Are the Dream Catcher

You are the Dream Catcher! You are the One you have been waiting for. You are the One you’ve been searching for.

Yes, I know, you’ve heard this before. You’ve read it countless times. You totally believe it. I understand.

Go Beyond Just Believing

It’s one thing to believe this. Yet, it’s another to experience it.

This is where making a physical Dream Catcher enters in. This is where the “secret” of the true Dream Catcher comes to the rescue!

When you construct a traditional Native American Dream Catcher out of reed, yarn, leather and feathers, you’re actually only creating a physical representation of the metaphysical Dream Catcher—you!

Here’s the Magic

With the right conditions and attitude, the physical Dream Catcher becomes you-the-metaphysical Dream Catcher. The result is that all your dreams show up in your life … on earth … in this “Dimension of Manifestation.”

When you build a physical Dream Catcher with the viewpoint that you are revealing the actual Dream Catcher, you then experience becoming the powerful Catcher of Dreams that you truly are.

When you make a Dream Catcher with the perspective of uncovering the hidden power in the Universe, you discover the truth—you are the source of the power behind the holy object, behind the group leader, behind the trappings of tradition, behind the sacred belief. You are the Holy Grail!

Go for the Proof

It’s one thing to know this. It’s another to do it. It’s still another to create the personal direct evidence of the enormous creative power of being the Dream Catcher in a real and tangible, provable way.

What’s the proof of this approach? … the love, prosperity, health and peace you’ll attract immediately into your life!

When you realize (make real) that you are the true Dream Catcher, you can re-dream your financial life. Love life. Body. Age. Relationships. Livelihood. … anything you want! Your life immediately changes in front of your eyes.

Don’t Take My Word for It

Make a Dream Catcher yourself. Make your self into a Dream Catcher!

Catch Your Dreams

Create your own unique Dream Catcher—a power object that will help you “catch” your dreams

It’s easy:

Make a hoop (circle of life) out of a flexible tree branch or thick vine. Weave string into a web (of life) within the hoop.

For pointers, watch a spider spin its web. Go on a Vision Quest outside to find natural objects that represent the dreams you intent to attract with your personal power. Weave these symbols into your dream-catching web with love, intention and appreciation. Voila! Within minutes or days, your heartful wishes will come to you.

Dream, design and construct your Dream Catcher with the intention of “catching” what you really want in your life.

As you catch “Bright Energies”—love, health, happiness, peace, joy, wealth—you’ll weave these Energies into your personal Dream Catcher … and your everyday life.

Each person’s Dream Catcher will be unique to each person’s unique desires and intentions.

Native Magic

In Native American lore, the spirit medicine of the spider is to remind us that we are the source of our life adventures. The spider’s message is that we are the weavers of our own web of life experiences. We are the creator of our own reality—the authors of our own karma.

If we want to change the life experiences that we’re attracting, we need to change the web of thoughts, feelings and actions that we’re sending out into our world. By the Law of Attraction, the vibration at which we’re vibrating will attract people and events vibrating at that same vibrational frequency. This is the magic of you being the Dream Catcher.

Heaven Is a Here&Now Vibration

The vibration of your Dream Catcher creates the reality of your dreams. The energy you’re in when you make the Dream Catcher attracts your dreams into manifestation.

Catch a Native American

Catch a Native American (or a student of one) to show you how to create the physical and metaphysical Dream Catcher. … Or catch the knack from your own Higher Knowing!

Learn how to weave a web that brings all your heart’s desires—and catches your life purpose and passion.

Catch Up with Your Destiny!

Grab an opportunity. Release the patterns that attract people and situations you don’t prefer.

Catch a Glimpse!

Catch a glimpse of how bountiful your life can be! Seize the day. Catch true love, a heartful livelihood, lasting health and wealth.

Catch a Ride!

Catch a ride on your own Magical Mystery Tour! Discover the revitalizing force of “Bright Energies.”

Catch Your Youth!

Grab another chance. Seize the moment. Feel, look and be young and vital again.

Catch the Past!

You’ve lived here many times. Retrieve the value from those lifetimes … the wisdom, clarity, hints, tools, discoveries. awareness, learning, knowing. Mine the treasures of your past to update your awareness, learning and knowing in this lifetime.

Catch Your Future!

You’re the one who creates your dreams coming true. It’s your energy! The vibration that you generate from inside yourself. Your energy is a magnet. The high quality of energy you’re putting out attracts quality people, situations and a physical experience to match.

Catch the dreams that will make your heart and soul soar. Dream Catching is playful, practical and powerful! It works!

Weave a New Web of Joy

Spiders build new webs at dawn to catch the dew that catches the early morning sunlight.

You build a Dream Catcher at the dawn of your new awareness to catch the Spirit that catches the “Bright Energies” of joy, compassion, peace, delight, innocence and passion.

As with the spider’s web, your Dream Catcher captures the Bright Energies of life and filters out the Dark Energies of doom and gloom.

As the first rays of sunlight hit the dew in the web, the “bad” dreams dissolve. As the first rays of Your True Spirit hit the Bright Energies of your Dream Catcher, the nightmares of life dissolve.

Make a Dream Catcher

This Manifestation Magnet will remind you how to continue to Catch Your Dreams! Use this ancient tool of transformation. Live your life to the fullest. Share your beauty, compassion and inner talents to transforms the world.
As the Song Goes…

Catch a falling star  (light, a piece of heaven)
Put it in your pocket  (embody it, become it)
Never let it fade away  (don’t allow it to diminish)
For love may come an’ tap you on the shoulder
Some star-less night!
Just in case you feel you wanna’ hold her 
(the joy)
You’ll have a pocketful of starlight!

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